just got a bottle of ultradrol

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  1. just got a bottle of ultradrol

    I see a couple logs poplling up so not sure how many we need i'll be running ultradrol t3/clen little background got back to the gym in may at 167 had a fight on july 15th that I am 140lbs even out about approx 149-151 lbs. ideal fighting weight is 125-127. Would like to walk around cut at 135lbs in the avitar i'm approx 145lbs this is not sponsored so if ran you'll get an honest opinion. I don't go into that much detail but will not weight and major lifts etc . I am working with a a fractured rib so weight isn't too high all though I did fight with a fractured rib too and have been going up in weight consistently since they fight on all lifts. So if people want another log on this new compound chime in. Ive been doing this juice thing for alot of years so got a a good base of substances to compare to.

  2. sure, i'd like to see it.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    sure, i'd like to see it.
    want to give a little info on what my schedule looks like

    Mon-Wed work out 2-2.5 hours after work

    1 hours of strength and conditioning, medicine balls, kettle balls partner exercises etc
    1 hour of muay thai shadow boxing, mitt and padd work light sparring
    dedepnding on who is there sparring or rolling takedowns subs etc.


    can be weights, muay thai, wrestling, or grappling

    Friday when I'm healed is sparring. This is HARD sparring the kind where I get a fractured rib lol thus the healing

    Sat and Sunday some type of cardio and weights.

    I have been doing high rep high sets weights for the last month to get my body ready. From May 2-July 15th I did no specific weight workout totally concentrated on getting my striking back and my weight down. Now that I have got my first fight back out of the way and coach and I have a better idea of what's going to be good we can start the real work.

    I like the high reps 12-15 I used to go strictly low reps heavy weight but with the punches kicking chockes etc it's not as good for my joints so now 12-15 sometimes higher.

    I do pretty basic weights incline, flat press. pulldowns rows pullups. leg press deadlifts military press nothing fancy just alot of reps and sets good pump get used to time under tension .

    If anybody has any questions go ahead and ask now or during they cycle.

  4. will be following, did some research on ultra drol. depending on my own gains on methadrol or all these new ultra drol logs i could end up stocking up on one or the other!

  5. nice, lets get this party started!

  6. You got before pics taken? Would love to see some before and after shots, you sould get absolutely ripped up on this. Have you thought of going to 3 caps/day?

  7. took 1 or 2 last week i think I can get the cell phone and take a quick pic today. i'm going to start at 2 caps a day see how it works might go to 3 but my weigh is pretty low so may not need it.

  8. in for the ride

  9. Ok here we go
    6am 150.6 I weigh same time of day with scale in exact same place same as I do when cutting weight for a fight.

    Utltradrol 8mg 4am/4pm
    T3 100mcg
    Clen 50mcg

    Did Biceps just to see and DAMN the pump not sure if placebo but I had a good pump from first set. sticking with the high rep scheme especially on smaller groups.

    Will Do Chest or Back tomorrow to see how the pump feels on a larger muscle group

  10. Ok something is acting like a diuretic either that or the combo I'm on is just simply amazing because I weighed in at 149 even this morning and last night I had Sushi, Salmon, white rice and soda. going go hit back or chest in an hour or so and report back.

  11. day 2
    UD 8mg
    T3 100mcg
    clen 50mcg

    Didn't get to workout as hard as I would like woke up late and had to pick up my son so workout was short. I was Heavier in Incline HS and Pec Deck flyes. Pump was ok not as good as arms last night arms still sore. Hope to really get a good workout in on Tuesday Back day will check weight in morning to see if yesterdays loss was out of the ordinary'

  12. I've been having these same problems waking up late, getting called into work, etc etc and having to cut workouts short lately. I'm going to try and make sure I have a good uninterrupted hour or two everyday this week so I can maximize all my workouts during this cycle

  13. Ok I didn't think I worked out that hard yesterday but today my chest is real sore.

    Weight was at 150 even up 1 lb since yesterday but overal down .6lbs from the morning I started the UD.

    Biceps still feel pumped from 2 days ago I am liking this part of UD. I think the next 2 days will really tell on how the weight goes.

  14. Ok I don't know about everyone else but this **** feels like i'm shooting FINA. the one signifigant difference is the muscle soreness i'm not sure if this is more of a pump or doms but my biceps still feel tight from the workout on saturday and this almost never happens 3 days later.

    Weight this morning was 149.6 down 1lb overall despite eating crazy I upped the carbs even.
    Vascularity up, Muscle Hardness starting to see seperation in my delts and definitely feeling ON. Going go hit up Back after work.

  15. I'm feeling the same thing. I don't know if my workouts are getting that much crazier or something about the Ultradrol is targeting those muscles a few days later, but I am sooo sore for days after a workout now in places I usually don't get any DOMS

  16. did shoulders and tricep yesterday amazingly not to much soreness yesterday I did have the endurance LMD was talking about and I felt like I good keep going so I was throwing in extra sets thought I would have extra soreness but not today. I even through in about 4 sets of wg pullups. I am feeling swole but not sore.

    side effect 5th day on and the only side effect I have to report really is that there is more shedding of hair and skin more oily.

    I am confident in this product to be able to hold the muscle while i'm on t3 and will probablly be upping my dose of t3 and clen

  17. Well Day 6:

    I swear you just feel like your on swole it's like your muscles are constantly expanding and stay stretched it's very good i've never really experienced any thing like this where i can still feel by muscles 3 and 4 days after a workout.

    I'm thinking of going to 12mg on saturday along with 150mcg of t3 and 100mcg of clen. Ther real cut is beginning next monday. When I say real cut I mean the make weight cut. Tentative fight on Oct 9th which will be a 6week cut.

    If anybody has any thoughts or ideas please chime in I love feedback or questions.

  18. Day 7 weight 148.4 -2.2lbs

    Vascularity getting even better and muscle soreness not as prominent.

    Yesterday dosages
    ultradrol 12mgs
    t3 150mcg
    clen 100mcg

  19. This is some cut you're on. I know you talked about "ideal weight" in the first post, but what is your actual goal for this cycle?

  20. Dollar glad your here not to many people following this cycle judging from the views i get LOL

    Anyway I would like to get under 135lbs so maybe another -15lbs in the next 6weeks

  21. ultradrol 12mg
    t3 120mcg
    clen 10mcg

    weight wil be given in morning.

    so far so good weight is coming down still feeling a real pump, vascularity getting better pretty close to fina although I am not getting the Huge strength gains I got from shooting fina. I did chest today and it's been 5 days since last Chest I was a little stronger but not like I expected. Not sure if this has to do with the ribs preventing me from lifting heavy without pain.

    Libido has been up, some oily skin and hair shedding but nothing else bad to report I do want to say I usually have hair shedding on any cycle >

    I wonder what UD and something like 600mgs of stanodrol would do???

  22. Quote Originally Posted by mixedup View Post
    Dollar glad your here not to many people following this cycle judging from the views i get LOL

    Anyway I would like to get under 135lbs so maybe another -15lbs in the next 6weeks
    I feel the same, my log seems to be moving pretty slowly too haha. And good luck on the cut, I might need to invest in some T3 hmmm
    Quote Originally Posted by mixedup View Post
    I wonder what UD and something like 600mgs of stanodrol would do???
    There is a log going on I believe he is on 8mg Ultra and 600mg Stano.. a little further in than our cycles and iirc good strength increases and good weight can also

  23. day 8 148.2 (-2.4lbs)
    Cardio Day

    Just got word event is happening and I am six weeks out need to lose 13.2lbs min over the next 6 weeks. Cario will be upped heavily during these next 6 weeks as diet will get very strict also.

  24. I know you can do it.time to kill that **** bro


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