M1,4add/Mohn stack with M5aa????

  1. M1,4add/Mohn stack with M5aa????

    Has anyone used Mohn with M1,4add and M5aa preworkout??? I am currently in week 2 of 12mgs Mohn/day with 20mgs M5 preworkout only. I am going for solid lean gains with this. It started out as more of a cutter cycle but I am considering adding in the M1,4. Has anyone else done this?? What were your results???

    I am: 178 lbs, 6', about 12% bf.

  2. Personally, I would stick with your original plan, then go for a different cycle the next time.

    As for stacking three methyls at once?...It's your liver, it's your future health. Not meaning this in a rude way but, I think it's foolish.

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