Alright I just started this cycle on sunday:

    750mg test E week 1-12
    600mg masteron E week 1-12

    I might throw in some Anavar weeks 6-14 at 60mg/day..we will see

    cycle history:

    -test e 500mg with EQ

    -test e 750mg with tren e 400mg

    test e 750mg with anavar

    My diet is going to be a mild bulk with clean food (chicken, steak, eggwhites, pasta, PB.etc with some added cheat meals)

    My metabolism is pretty fast so i stay relativley lean all of right now im 22 y/o, 6 foot 1, weighing in at 209 (shirt and shorts) maybe around 10% b/f

    I have competed in bodybuilding a few times and won all my classes (not a newbie at working out)...hope alot of ppl follow me on this log!

    workout sched:
    sat:bi and tri

    stay tuned! its GYM TIME!!

  2. wow wow soooo jelly! 600mg mast/week for 12weeks, damn.....i would looovvee to run the cycle u are and clean bulk. results should be great. unfortunately i cant afford that much mast

  3. Yeah mast is pretty expensive. I got a pretty good deal on it!

  4. DAY 3:

    well not really much to report. it was a day off today so just tried to eat as much as i can.

    todays food:

    meal 1: 60g whey with 2 cups ground up oatmeal
    meal 2:chicken breast with 4 white potatoes
    meal 3:30g whey with protein bar and banana
    meal 4asta with chicken breast
    meal 5:chicken with cup of rice
    meal 6:60g whey
    im gonna try to squeeze one more meal in tonight before bed

    obviously no effects from the cycle...i dont notice enanthate esters until around week 3 ish

  5. i have never used masteron before...anyone notice masteron enth faster then other enanthates?

  6. pictures

    Interested in seeing some before and after pictures, you going to take any along the way? Would be great to see the body transformation that takes place.
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    In to follow. Looks like a fun cycle.
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  8. Yeah I might do some before and after pics.

    Cycle update: I'm going to do a mini kickstart with dbol at 25mg/day. I don't get bloated on dbol so it will work good. I will start this tonight. Half a tab in the morning snd the other half preworkout.

  9. I also have Adex on hand in case of any flare ups

  10. ok so i picked up some dbol. 25mg per pill. pressed tabs.
    im going to try and cut these in half to get 2 doses of 12.5mg.

    I will update in a couple of days. dbol kicks in very fast for me! cant wait


  11. day:5

    weight is up to 212lbs...prob no effect from the dbol, but maybe my diet. i have been eating like a horse!...but maybe some water weight from the bol lol.....

    trained shoulders tonight. no increase in strength. just had a good workout with a great pump.

    my workout:wont get into serious details (just top weights i did after warm up)

    dumbell press: 105's for 6 reps
    smith machine press: 225 for 6 reps
    dumbell laterals: (dont go that heavy on these, more reps and i like to feel the muscle) 40's for 12 reps
    pec deck rear delts: 125lbs for 10 reps
    dumbell shrugs: 105's for 12 reps (i like to not go that heavy on these as well, really squeeze the muscle and focus on the traps)

    post workout shake with 60g whey, 60g waxy maize, 10g glutamine, and 10g creatine

    tommorow will be a rest day. back and chest are pretty sore.

    legs from pinning are pretty sore as well. i took a year off of gear to give my body a break so my muscles have to get used to it again i guess! lol or this batch og gear has a high BA concentration, i dunno.

    will update on the weekend boys and girls!


  12. day 8: 214lbs +4lbs

    dbol had kicked in fairly well...only taking 25mg per day that i started on july 13th. feel more full and vascular during the day, as well as some good pumps at the gym.

    trained legs today and had a good workout went like this: (again wont go into major details)

    -sitting leg curls- 275lbs for 10 reps
    -warm up leg extensions- 100lbs for 20 reps
    -leg press-810lbs for 12 reps
    -walking lunges- 50's for 20 steps
    -squats- 135lbs for 20 reps

    all in all the leg workout was good. got a BIG pump in my quads after the leg press that i could barley push weight after. usually i go alot heavier on squats but i wanted to switch it up today.

    also, did my 3rd pin today in the left glute. went flawlessly.

    looking forward until the test and masteron kick in in about 3 weeks time!

  13. also, no strength increases i should note, just maybe a lil bit here and there.

  14. I ran a little Masteron once, loved it! This sounds like a great, clean cycle.
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by bad rad View Post
    I ran a little Masteron once, loved it! This sounds like a great, clean cycle.
    Yeah I was looking for a nice clean cycle that will give me a chance for some keepable gains. Looking forward to it

  16. Day 11- 216lbs...+6lbs

    Ahhh the good ol' dbol pumps! i love em!

    Just got back from training back and had a great workout.

    got some wicked pumps in my lats, biceps and lowerback.

    Back workout went something like this:

    -superwide overhand chin ups- 6 sets for 10 (getting alot harder due to increase bodyweight)
    -narrow corner chin ups- 3 sets of 10(bodyweight)
    -medium grip cable rows- 5 sets of 10-12 (max weight, full stack for 5)
    -hammerstrength pulldowns-4 sets of 10 (max weight 2 plates with 25 eachside for 10)
    -dumbell pullovers-3 sets for 12 (max weight 75lb dumbell, i usually got heavier but i wanted to get a really good stretch)

    It was a good workout, felt superfull before i even worked out.

    cycle notes:
    the day after i pin my legs or glutes, i get some pretty bad soreness in the injection spot. think just due to high BA content. not red or anything. Also getting some minor lowerback pumps while at work. obviously from the dbol.

    the cycle is going great. I just cant wait until the test and mast kick in! 230lbs? we will try!


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