reasearch products please help with input

  1. reasearch products please help with input

    cem , rui ? are thesse legit?? any that are? thank you all for any input

  2. delete your post you cant ask for sources..

  3. Hey if you need products for your research, don't you think that the ones advertised on the sites and forums that you trust and enjoy would be legitimate? For example, if they stole your money or gave you cough syrup and it did not have the proper effect on your test subjects, why would the trusted website continue to let them rent space there?

  4. i wouldnt bother with research chems no matter how many people say they are g2g. just my opinion

  5. ^ agreed i always use human grade chems(t3 clen, etc)
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie



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