New guy

  1. New guy

    hi , new to taking this stacks like this. I have lifted for awhile but am not seeing any more results. One of my buddies suggested stacking dermacrine liqa-vade with dianabol and anavar from hi-tech pharm. Just trying to get some input on how i should use these. thanks

  2. 165lbs is kind of light to not be seeing any more results. could just be that you need to change up your exercise routine.

  3. Could this be good stack? or not together?

  4. I'd be willing to bet your buddy has about as much experience with AAS knowledge as I did on physics when I was 10. You've given us NO diet or exercise routine. I see NO pct plan or dosage outline. How old are you even?

    Besides I think, as well as most people on this board, oral only cycles are nearly a waste.

    Anywho. Let us know.
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