1st clen cutting cycle

  1. 1st clen cutting cycle

    Im 27 years old and have been into fitness and bodybuilding since i was 15.Ive always been a fat kid so i started lifting weights when i was 15 and lost a lot of fat and changed my body.But never could get that 6 pack.I just purchased some clen a few days ago and started my cycle.Im on day 3 and i can definatly feel the clen working.Im doing the two weeks on then the third week using benedryl up to a 6 or 8 week cycle.Im supplementing with taurine cause i read using clen depletes your bodys taurine.I started my cut phase in feb.Since then ive lost 30 pounds and drop my bf% from 21% to 12%.Starting to plateau so decided to try a clen cycle and aiming to get my bf in the single digits before i go to a bulking phase in october.Wondering if anyone ever used a clen only cycle and got any good results.
    before cutting

    current stats
    182lbs in the morning

    I eat around 6 meals a day and carb cycle.Ive lost a bit of strength but im the leanest ive ever been in my life!Almost got that 6 pack showing!

  2. Im also supplementing with a multi,fish oil, glucosomine and animal cuts.Also use a preworkout in the morning and protein shake b4 bed.I do my weight training first thing in the morning on empty stomach besides the preworkout supp.And then do cardio 3 to 4 days a week from stationary bike sprints, running, and HIT sprints.Could you guys give me any advice on what you might think would help me reach my goal of an all time leanest body?

  3. congratulations man, thats a lot to be proud of. Id further read into some diet plans. carb cycling can work great though. have you ever written out all the calories you take in each day and compare them with how many you burn each day? find your maintanance calories and go from there.

  4. i ttried calorie counting years ago and just got frustrated keeping count.i listen to my body and the way i feel these days. if i have little energy during my workout in the morning or feel like crap one day ill add a few more carbs to my diet that day and have an awesome workout the following morning.this is the first time ive ever done carb cycling and it seems to be working very well.sometimes i wonder if its even possible for my endomorph-ass to get really peeled.lol.but i am determined to get my bf in single digits this time before i start bulking again.no matter how long it takes.gonna add some aas to my bulking cycle this go round.

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