1. New Cycle NEED ADVISE PLEASE!!!!

    I'm looking to start a new cycle Test-E for 10 weeks, but I had gyno symptoms and been taking letro but Its all finished, so I'm using some left over clomid that I have and the lumps are very small now and arent near as sensitive or big as they were before..

    Feels as though another few days and they could be completely gone but my letro is all finished.

    My question is, should I order more letro until the lumps are completely gone? Or can I start this new cycle and start taking Arimidex or Aromasin on cylcle? Thx

  2. BUMP***

  3. But yeah i started my cycle (methadrol xtreme) in January and finished the same month.. i have a little bit of gyno left but it went down from 100% to 15% in the last 2 weeks. i started taking letro but i started with 2.5 mg to 5mg within the during the last week of it. i wanna take arimidex during my cycle or even before i start, so my question is, will it help my occuring gyno?

  4. Bump What do u guys think

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