Real Power Can't Be Given

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  1. Day 45
    September 7, 2004


    206x9, 206x2x7
    Low Rows
    220x12, 240x10, 260x10, 280x6(cheating on all)
    DB High Pulls
    90x4, 80x2x9(+1 rep)


    Got the worst ab cramp I have ever had after my first set of ab work. I stood up and went to grab another weight plate to put under the machine to elevate it and every muscle in my abdomen completely cramped up. I just stood there in shock about a minute, then remembered to start massaging the area. Glad I thought of that otherwise I would probably still be standing there motionless. People must have thought I was crazy rubbing on myself for like 5 minutes. For the first time in my life I definitely felt what rock hard abs feel like. Finally what ended it was when I leaned really far back and extended the stomach muscles out. Now I know what real muscle cramps can do to a person. I would not enjoy one like that in my quad!

    I have been using very large amounts of K+ and Mg+, along with 1-2 gallons/day water/fluid intake. Cramps in my chest, shoulders and quads are gone as a result. No problems training bench as I did on M1T. This one really took me by surprise and seems to be precipitated only by that one set. I don't plan on training direct abs for a while.

  2. Day 47
    September 9, 2004

    Leg Day

    135x8, 185x4, 215x4, 230x1, 250x1 = warmups
    265x1,1,1 (5lb PR), 225x2x6, 225x5, 185x8
    Partial Deads
    315x5, 295x9, 285x10, 295x9
    Leg Press
    410x8, 410x9, 410x8
    630x3 sets

    No complaints about this workout. Health permitting, I am going to train singles first in the squat for a while hoping to drive limit strength up a bit using single progression by increasing sets then bumping weight. Idea taken straight from Ditillo's Development of Physical Strength. 265 felt good. Depth was fine. 225 was the goal weight I wanted to be able to train with comgortably, and I am in that range now. Feels good. I included warmups to track how I build up to the near max singles.

  3. Calves
    630x3 sets


  4. Day 48
    September 10, 2004

    Bodyweight: 195 (this has been steady due to nolva)


    Incline Bench
    190x5(+5), 200x3, 185x5, 135x12
    Decline Bench
    200x6, 196x6, 195x4
    DB OH Press
    70x5, 65x7, 60x10, 65x6
    40'sx6, 40'sx4 (trying to move up from the 35's)
    80x8, 80x2x7
    35x9, 30x13

    September 11, 2004

    270x1 (+20 lb PR)


    Stronger. Inclines are treating me well. Finally got around to doing a little max effort work on chins at home. Got the 270 solid. I'll add that to my updated lifts as I feel all that strength gain was on cycle. Goal is to hit a 300 lb chin-up. Plan is to see if I can add another 10-20 lbs by years end. I'll start training pullups weighted if I can remember to bring my dip belt with me from time to time. 20 lb gain isn't too bad considering I never trained reps lower than 5 on the pullups.

    I haven't noticed a need to decrease training volume yet. Main adjustments include switching which lifts I focus on and training for strength early in the workout. Volume/higher rep stuff done at the end. Pretty typical.

    Chest cramped up on the declines. I may not train that lift anymore for awhile. Don't want to tear a pec. I might put something wimpy like flies in its place. I don't want to start training dips again just yet. Need longer break on those.

    630x3 sets

    Waiting on a seated calf machine that is supposed to appear in my gym at some point. When I am not too lazy I load up the leg press. Haven't really found a better way to train calves yet. So I just use fairly loose form and high weight/reps on leg press

  5. Looking good Card!!! After the water dripped off you've been holding very steady and keeping strength. Awesome job!!

  6. Yep. I am definitely happy with the weight. I don't think I would drop below about 190 carb restricted based on waist measurements (I know I didn't lose fat on cycle, had to gain some).

  7. Day 50,
    September 12, 2004


    Backpack Pullups
    216x6, 226x3
    231x3 (3RM)
    226x3, 216x5, 199x6, 199x2x5
    HS Isolateral Pulldowns
    230x7, 230x6, 230x2x5
    HS High Rows
    200x6, 180x8, 180x7, 180x6
    50'sx7, 50'sx6, 45'sx6
    HS Low Rows
    200x10, 200x9


    Felt pretty good today, so I did a bit more volume than normal. Noticed that the Hammer Strength machines felt great on my joints as I progressed through the workout. I have done a lot of weighted chins, but I think this is the first time I have really trained weighted pullups.

  8. Day 51
    September 13, 2004


    Flat Bench
    175x9, 165x9, 155x7
    HS Decline
    160x6, 140x7
    HS Incline
    140x10, 140x9, 140x8
    DB OH
    60x10, 60x9, 60x7, 55x9
    HS Triceps
    100x2x10, 100x7
    HS Laterals
    25x12, 27.5x10


    Man I felt like a powerhouse on the bench, lol. Couldn't quite make the 10 reps with 175 as planned. Weakness. Goal for this workout was to just do a light workout with high reps and quite a bit of volume. Gym was packed but a lot of the hammerstrength equipment was open so that is what I went with. It was a nice change. For the type of training I am doing now I am finding I need at least 4-5 days for full recovery. Looking forward to leg day tomorrow, then some off time from training.

  9. Day 52
    September 14, 2004

    Squat Day

    270x2x1(5lb PR),
    195x8, 195x7, 185x7, 185x7
    Leg Press
    410x8, 390x8, 390x7, 380x7, 360x7
    255x10, 245x8


    Not a big jump on squats, but I felt stronger. First single with 270 went up without problems. Second, core strength gave out a little and my form started to waiver a bit, so I dropped back down to 265 and got the third single easily. I'd estimate maybe 2-3 lb increase in limit strength in 5 days. Gonna continue the plan of single progression using sets and hold at 265-270 until I can get at least 4-5 consecutive singles before bumping to 275. I would like to hit that number in 10-20 days if possible. Training natty does mean slower progression even when I feel I have things dialed in fairly well.

    Tried something a bit different on the leg press. I let my legs come all the way down and hit my chest for support. Back rounded a bit. It reduced the pressure on my knee joints which is a good thing and I felt it a bit more in my quads pushing through the larger range of motion.

    I am finally wising up a little and realizing that as it gets later in my workout and I am doing volume work, I need to reduce the weight lifted to about 70% of my 1RM. That is pretty much what I ended up with doing deads and leg presses today and it felt far safer. Same thing happened with my last pressing workout. Increasing volume and shortening rest breaks slightly takes some getting used to. I need to be strong enough mentally to drop the weight to where I know it needs to be to get in a safe workout.

  10. I have really enjoyed reading ur progression.... keep it up.... sounds good

  11. Thanks krazi! Even when I don't post I get more feedback here in a week than I do in a month on one other journal forum. lol.

    Day 55
    September 17, 2004

    I took two full days off from the gym to rest and recover and was pretty pumped coming into yesterday's workout. I purposefully repeated the exact workout I did on 9-12 with ludicrously high volume. It took a full five days before my biceps felt in condition to train again, lol. I lost no strength at all, but wasn't noticeably stronger either. I am not too discouraged about the lack of pullup progress b/c it really takes me a long time to add weight to that even while on. Noticed a bit of an increase in work capacity, that is all. I am going to continue with the high volume approach and give it plenty of time to see how it works for me. At worst I know when I do drop volume down strength gains should shoot up. Good old periodization.

    I dropped nolva dosage down to 20mg/day now as I am into the third week of PCT. Sleep has not been the best, but I have hit the 7 hour mark consistently. Diet has been on target. Probably about 3800 kcals/day. It has really helped eating every 1-1.5 hours. I have been making about 1.25 gallons oats to take with me to university each day along with all whole food protein sources (tuna and not much else). I have focused on eating around the clock. Even started an early morning meal when I naturally wake up. Protein totals have been near/over 400g/day for the last week. Tendency to binge is greatly reduced. I am using about 12-16mg Nicotine/day as well. No caffeine, E HCL or other stims. Here is the w/o, and I am off to study...


    32 working sets + warmups

    221x4, 201x2 (warmups)
    231x3, 226x3x3(failure on last)
    201x6, 201x2x5(failure on last)
    HS Isolateral Pulldowns(5)
    230x7, 220x7, 210x7, 200x7, 180x8
    HS High Row(4)
    200x7, 180x8, 180x2x7
    110x11, 100x10, 90x3x10
    50x6, 45x7, 40x8
    HS Low Row(1)

  12. Day 56
    September 18, 2004


    Morning BW: 200 lbs
    Work sets: 23

    Incline Bench(7)
    190x3, 205x2(failed on third)
    185x5, 175x5, 165x5, 155x7, 145x7, 135x10
    DB OH Press(4)
    60x2x8, 55x9, 55x8
    HS Dips(3)
    250x2x9, 250x8
    35x9, 35x6

    Wanted the 205x3 on Incline pretty bad, but it just wasn't happening today. I felt shaky on the second rep and didn't come close on the third. Will try again next time. I was just going to train incline and oh pressing today but at the last minute decided to throw in tricep work as well. I did then all in straight sets as listed with less rest time than normal (2minutes).

    Traps are already fairly sore. Lats, biceps and forearms will follow shortly after yesterdays training. Gotta admit, I do like that feeling. It is a bit addictive. I'll go ahead and hit 4000 kcals over the next 2-3 days just to make sure I am getting enough for this much volume.

  13. Day 57
    September 19, 2004

    Training: Legs
    Work Sets: 16

    270x1, 265x1, 245x3, 225x6, 225x3x5
    Leg Press
    450x8, 450x7, 450x6
    630x4 sets
    HS Leg Curls
    100x8, 100x6


    270 felt quite heavy and I wasn't able to attempt multiple singles with it as planned. So I backed down. Also reduced volume on the squat and leg press from last session. The volume I did put in was more strength oriented. We'll see if it helps next go round.

    Bodyweight is still moving upward. I overate a bit yesterday, putting away close to 5000 kcals.
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  14. Day 59
    September 21, 2004

    Training: Pull
    Work Sets: 29

    HS Isolateral Pulldowns(3)
    265x5(+5lbs), 260x6(+1 rep), 260x5
    203x6, 203x4, 202x5
    110x11, 110x2x10
    HS High Rows(4)
    200x8, 180x9, 170x2x7
    HS Low Rows
    55x5, 45x9, 45x7
    245x6, 225x12, 245x2x10
    5 sets
    Extra Tricep work
    5 sets


    Things are going well. I have only been getting 6-7 hours sleep a night since this is an exam week. Strength was up on yesterdays workout on nearly every exercise compared to previous workout. With the higher volume work, I can tell right when DOMS kicks in. It hit roughly the 24 hour mark after training. Whole back half of body is sore. Bodyweight has been steadily rising. Calories not less than 4000/day. I think that has made the biggest difference. Protein intake over 400g/day at this point.

    Libido is now somewhat stronger than it was pre-cycle. Nolva has done its job (that and very high calories)! Looking forward to training oh pressing again tomorrow. I want to see if I can hit 205x3 on incline. Gonna eat up and try to get a good night's sleep in preparation.

    As a general note (not cycle related) I am still noticing some shedding of hair that started back in February. I think it may have been due to extended dieting but not sure. I am going to take a more proactive stance and hit up some minoxidil, and spiro/nizoral, finasteride. I'll probably use protectants of this sort on all future m1t/1-T cycles as a precautionary measure.

  15. Day 61
    September 23, 2004

    Training: Push
    Work Sets: 13

    DB OH Press
    70x5, 65x7, 60x10
    HS Dips
    35x11, 35x9


    Stronger than last time. I still had to have a bit of help to lockout the third rep w/205 on incline. Much better than last time though as the weight essentially was stapled to my chest. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. I am still hitting only 6 hours sleep a night. Need to correct this over the weekend. Nine days left on Nolva, then no more morning cough syrup =D

  16. Update

    I cut this log short rather abruptly when I made the decision to start a new training protocol based on Westside Principles almost three weeks ago. Since then my plan was to establish familiarity with the system and iron out enough problems to where I could effectively use it on my next bulking cycle. I wanted to make sure I could gain strength appreciably whether on or off cycle. I think I am pretty close to that point now and am making good progress box squatting and decent progress on pressing.


    My six weeks of post cycle are pretty well over. I think this is day 82 of the total 84 days 6on/6off. As far as I can tell, I maintained all of my strength and lean body mass gains from the previous cycle. I used a super high volume approach for the first four weeks of PCT. It resulted in an increase in endurance strength but little improvement in limit strength. The last two weeks I spent alternating days roughly at maintenance with a little dieting thrown in. Just enough to get me back to my setpoint roughly. Enthusiasm for cutting wasn't so high.

    I am going to continue this log rather than starting a new one. I believe it will be nice to see the results of two back to back cycle and make comparisons easier. I'll outline my current plan in the next post. For continuity, all of my workouts, thoughts, ramblings along with a brief stint using bromocriptine can be found in the journals at ironmagazine. The link follows.

    Real Power Can't Be Given

  17. Planned Cycle:

    Week 1-4:
    10mg M1T ED (2 divided doses 5mg morning and night)
    300mg 4-AD Transdermal (T-Gel) ED
    10mg Nolvadex ED

    Week 5-8:
    Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

    Waiting on Baseline Result Drawn 10-8-04
    Hoping to get another draw done 2nd-3rd week on M1T
    Will include Lipid Profile and Metabolic Panel

    Other Supplements
    NOW Multivitamin/Multimineral
    Extra B, C, E, Zn
    KCl (3.5g/day minimum), Mg+(400mg), Ca+
    Taurine 5g/ED
    Nicotine (until I run out)
    Hawthorne Berry Throughout (already started this)
    Milk Thistle, 1050mg ED = 7 NOW brand pills
    Other additions will be noted appropriately (NAC, R-ALA etc)

    Hair Care:
    The shedding I experience during PCT has all but stopped at this point. I think the minoxidil may have been a temporary culprit. For this coming cycle, I will be running

    Spiro(CNW), Minoxidil(Equate), and Nizoral(generic 1%)

    I have onhand finasteride and am considering dosing it at 2-3mg/ED but will hold off as I believe if any hair loss was caused from the androgens it was likely due to my use of 1-T and most especially M5AA at high dosages.

    Personal Statistics
    Age: 24
    Height: 6'2"
    Minimum Depleted BW: 190.5 lbs
    Waist: 34.25"
    Date Taken: October 9, 2004
    Lifts: Current 1RM can be found here in this log or at Ironmag


    Minimum Protein Intake: 2g/lb, primarily whole food sources.
    Minimum Caloric Intake: 3800 Calories
    Other: Low to moderate carbs, low to moderate fat

    Notes For This Cycle

    1) Keep a handle on Na+ intake
    2) Keep a handle on total food volume
    3) Planning to do what is possible to reduce risk of injury
    4) Gonna be careful as all **** dealing with cramps
    5) Watching closely for high BP and other crappy M1T sides
    6) Will adjust training according to response to androgens
    7) Will adjust androgen dosages or compounds used on an as needed basis. I have at my disposal M5AA, 1-T, 4AD and M1T. No pain free orals used this particular cycle.

    Current training split and training goals to come...
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  18. In all fairness, I have yet to start doing any DE work and also have included an extra day on Friday to train ME pullups. My DE days are more or less light days and ME days are heavy. In addition to heavy/light days alternated, I am also alternating horizontal/vertical push/pull to some extent as well. It is possible, I may split the workouts up into AM/PM work from time to time to maximize strength potential by limiting fatigue. I am not planning on including special workouts at this point but am going to stick with the basics and the equipment I have access to.

    Adapted Westside Barbell Template

    ME Squat/DL
    Box Squat
    Quad Work
    Calf Work

    DE Bench
    CGBP/JM Press
    HS Dips
    Pulldown Abs, Rainbows, Leg Raises
    Other Horizontal Pressing

    DE Box Squat
    High Box Squat/Pause Squat etc
    Timed Holds

    ME Overhead Press
    Military Press/Push Press/Side Press/ DB OH etc
    Front/Side Laterals
    Horizontal Press/Flies
    Pulldown Abs, Rainbows, Leg Raises

    ME Pullup/Chinup
    Forearm work/ Grip Work/COC Grippers



    Increase Box Squat, Overhead Pressing, and limit strength on pullups/chins


    Goal is to step on scale and hit max bodyweight of 220 lbs. Current max bodyweight is 210. I want my minimum depleted bodyweight to be no less than 200 lbs. So shooting for an overall gain of 10 lbs, hopefully well partitioned.

    I am going to increase frequency of bodyparts trained before adding volume. Weight will be added cautiously but consistently to the bar throughout the cycle. No strength plateau this time around!

    Anyone see any glaring inconsistencies in this or anything I might have forgotten to record/make note of? Unfortunately, we are short on time for being able to legally run a cycle like this and I am looking to provide the most accurate feedback possible, taking precautionary measures as advised.

  19. Day 1
    October 14, 2004

    Bodyweight Taken While at gym: 200.5 lbs
    Blood Pressure Post Workout: 108/63

    Haven't seen a reading that low on blood pressure in quite awhile.

    ME Incline
    *Stalled about 4 inches off chest
    Incline Bench
    DB Overhead Press
    DB Bench
    JM Presses
    135x9 (-1 rep)
    135x7 (-1 rep)
    Pulldown Abs
    Hip Flexors/Groin started hurting again, so I switched to crunches
    3 sets (2 w/25lb plate)


    Started the 4AD yesterday and M1T today. Nolva taken at the 10mg/day dosing. Already I felt much more stable under the weight and was able to squeeze out an extra repetition here and there. Pump was good. Stronger on all movements but JM Presses compared to last week's nearly identical workout. Long rest breaks were taken between sets to maximize strength potential. I plan to continue using that approach.

    Nice not having to apply transdermal 1-Test this time around. No burning now. Loving the T-Gel as always and I just put in an order for more PowerGel .

    It is kind of neat having a little cycle experience under my belt. I know ahead of time the feeling I will get in the gym and how best to take advantage of it. On M1T, whatever movements I train I will likely make strength gains in so I have spent quite a bit of time these last few days making sure I pick what I most want in that category. I know that when I start feeling more stable under the weight some big gains are just around the corner if I do things right.

    Unfortunately, already I am noticing increased groin muscle pain. Had the same problem last cycle and noticed it a bit during pct as well. I think it is due to the ab work. Stretching seems to help. No noticeable cramping yet though! I am really boatloading the K+, Mg+, and Taurine and crossing my fingers that it doesn't start too quick. Puts a damper on working out to some extent when I cramp up. Gotta keep cellular hydration maximal.

    Mood was excellent. Mentally I am raring to go with this bulk. Probably helped that I bumped calories up several days ahead of starting my cycle this time. Starting at 4000 calories instead of 3500 or so should help a bit as well. Protein intake has been substantial (well over 400 spread evenly throughout day, all whole foods). I will be using casein as my primary powder source this time around as I believe the whey was causing me to have a dangerous hypoglycemic response and somewhat abnormal heart rhtym/arrythmia. Since I switched to whole foods that seems to have improved 100%.

  20. Could you elaborate more on your problems with whey? If I missed that somewhere previously in the log please just tell me.

  21. Absolutely. I posted this at DC's message board to see if any others experience the same problem. Just recopying it here...probably way more info that wanted. Within the last few weeks I put two and two together and am fairly certain the type of protein ingested also affects the problem. Powders, specifically whey are worse....

    When I ingest too much protein in one sitting or too much in a set time frame (like over several hours), I experience a heart arrhythmia. Soon after eating a large quantity of protein, I feel jittery. When I bend over for instance, my body might twitch imperceptively. As the post-prandial hypoglycemia sets in, I first get tired and lay down to rest. Right before falling to sleep, my heart beats once really strongly and my body jumps a little. In bad cases this would happen several times over and over again. I am then wide awake and no longer have the hypoglycemia. Doesn't happen again until bedtime no matter what I ingest afterwards. Rather, I feel like it is buffered after that incident.

    Upon falling asleep, I have noticed it similarly. Sometimes they were very forceful arrhythmias, sometimes mild, almost imperceptible. Sort of just like a tiny pulse feeling at some varying location in my body.

    I never experienced this prior to starting bodybuilding in August/September of 2002. Nor did I ever continually ingest protein at in such high amounts. Until this past spring, I just figured it was a typical hypoglycemic response, accept that it had never happened before. So far as I can tell it depends on/is exascerbated by the following things:

    1) It improves with hypocaloric dieting and gets worse when hypercaloric
    2) At protein intakes below say 200g (I am guessing here) I pretty much notice no symptoms at all.
    3) Protein powders, specifically whey make the condition much, much worse (can't stress enough, severity of arrythmia is bad). I believe this is due to the fast digestion rate, too much protein in a short timeframe, but I am not 100% certain.

    To combat the problem:

    1) I don't eat more than about 30g protein at one setting and eat many tiny meals each day. This has nearly eliminated the hypoglycemic response as well as the arrythmia and jitters that I feel when ingesting more protein at one time.
    2) I am careful as evening approaches not to ingest that much protein total as it will trigger the response when I lay down to sleep. I go with even smaller servings spread out.
    3) Lately I have switched to all whole food proteins as a precautionary measure and I have had very little trouble at all (not even noticeable hardly).

  22. October 15, 2004

    Bodyweight: 201.5(+1lb)
    Blood Pressure PW/O: 123/65

    Max Effort HS Pulldown
    320x0 (couldn't finish w/right arm)
    290x2x2(failed on 3rd rep)
    Pullups/Neutral Chins
    HS Pulldowns
    8 sets
    COC Grippers
    3 sets, best effort 12 right hand, 10 left hand #1 gripper.

    Androgen Notes

    *Trained calves last night. Today felt dull sort of pump throughout lower leg. Heavy feeling in calves. Expected side effect of M1T.

    *Minor ab cramping already today. No pain, feels more like twitching muscles at the moment. Again expected, same as last time.

    *Libido increase noticed today, day 3 on 4AD

    *Minor increase in shedding of hair, but noticeable. Will now commence taking ~1.5mg Finasteride oral solution from IBE labs. Must be from the M1T.

    *Pump felt very good in the gym. Pump is already at full strength. M1T is definitely showing results and sides already at the 10mg dosing.

    *Appetite: Pleasantly in control after meals. No hypoglycemia at all.

    *Cycle going predictably as planned. Mood still great. Complete laundry list of M1T negative side effects not yet in full force. Still waiting on quite a few of them to hit.

  23. Day 3
    October 16, 2004

    Bodyweight: 205(+3.5lbs)
    Blood Pressure P W/O: 129/70

    ME Box Squat
    245x1 (bad form, had to use plates as a box)
    Back Extensions
    Calf Work
    To be done tonight


    *Side Effect to add: As I was going to sleep last night, I felt a mild pressure throughout my head. Perhaps slightly elevated blood pressure. Identical to last time. Cause: M1T

    *Felt insanely stable under the weight on squats today. I could control the negative better than usual, go deeper and probably could have nearly done those with rest pause. Imagine creatine scaled up about ten or a hundred notches.

    *Libido doubled again since yesterday. Appetite pretty much exploded today as well to match it. The two go hand in hand almost always for me. Indicates good test conversion from 4AD. Calories were too high today. That partly explains the weight jump. Holding a lot of water.

    *Waiting anxiously. T minus three days and counting until I expect to start noticing major strength gains.

  24. Day 4
    October 17, 2004

    Bodyweight: 211 (+6 lbs)
    Blood Pressure P W/O: 125/67*

    *Had some difficulty getting my arm down in the cuff. This will get interesting as I try it at heavier bodyweights. That damn thing says its made for 9-13 inch biceps.

    HS Dips
    290x3x8(felt solid)
    JM Press
    35x8(-2 off best)
    EZ Bar Triceps
    70x2x10(no change)
    DB Bench
    Pulldown Abs
    95x30 (+8 could have kept going)
    95x26 (easy, hip flexors gave out)
    Weighted Crunches


    *Water retention and bloat feels like it is maximal at this point. May have to adjust 4AD dosage at some point down the line. For now, I slightly increased nolvadex dosing as all the extra water made for a little puffiness.

    *Chest cramped up on me today as I started to warm up for CGBP. From past experience I knew to move on to dips then come back for a few flat presses. The strategy worked and the cramps aren't yet as bad as they were last cycle. Still having odd stomach cramps, but again more under control. I was even able to continue training abs today.

    *Strength levels the same. Minor but not major strength increases yet. This is one way I know I am really just retaining water at this point. Strength hasn't shot up but bodyweight has.

  25. Nice log card. I was going to run somethign similar on my next cycle (just a little higher on androgen doses). I'll be 2-3 weeks behind you so I'll read along. Certainly, the M1T changed your BP pretty fast. How high has your BP gone on previous cycles?

    FYI....I use the wrist BP monitor. Costco has them for $60 and it matches my Docs pretty good. Gives you the convenience of not having to roll up a sleeve or buy a larger cuff.

  26. On average, I'd say I got measurements of about 117/65 which is par for me. On M1T, I got one reading that was 139/70, the rest of the time it hovered in the mid 120's/70.

    So it never even got past borderline high. I am interested to see if doubling the dose or running 4 weeks will change that this time around. I'll check into the wrist cuffs. My dad has a bp monitor as well, so I have several places I can get it checked while on now.

    Best of luck on your coming cycle. I figured there would be quite a few people running M1T bulkers this winters, especially giving the impending ban. I am really hoping I can get bloodwork done this time around. Haven't got my results back from my last test though, so I don't know yet.
  27. Bloodwork

    As promised here is my bloodwork taken fifth week post cycle (October 7, 2004), about a week or so after stopping nolvadex. I was using about 10g/day creatine at the time. Liver values slightly elevated. Check out the cholesterol numbers as well.

    A/G Ratio 1.4 1.1-2.5
    Albumin, Serum 4.2 3.5-5.5 g/dL
    Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum 78 25-150 IU/L

    ALT (SGPT) 43 0-40 IU/L
    AST (SGOT) 52 0-40 IU/L

    Bilirubin, Total 0.5 0.1-1.2 mg/dL
    BUN 30 5-26 mg/dL
    BUN/Creatinine Ratio 19 8-27

    Calcium, Serum 9.6 8.5-10.6 mg/dL
    Chloride, Serum 105 96-109 mmol/L

    Cholesterol, Total 95 100-199 mg/dL
    Creatinine, Serum1.6 0.5-1.5 mg/dL
    Estimated CHD Risk < 0.5 0.0-1.0 times avg.
    GGT 12 0-65 IU/L
    Globulin, Total 3.0 1.5-4.5 g/dL
    Glucose, Serum 75 65-99 mg/dL

    HDL Cholesterol 52 40-59 mg/dL
    Iron, Serum 141 40-155 ug/dL
    LDH 191 100-250 IU/L

    LDL Cholesterol Calc 37 0-99 mg/dL

    Phosphorus, Serum 3.4 2.5-4.5 mg/dL
    Potassium, Serum 5.1 3.5-5.5 mmol/L
    Protein, Total, Serum 7.2 6.0-8.5 g/dL
    Sodium, Serum 136 135-148 mmol/L

    T. Chol/HDL Ratio 1.8 0.0-5.0 ratio units
    Triglycerides 31 0-149 mg/dL

    Uric Acid, Serum 4.0 2.4-8.2 mg/dL
    VLDL Cholesterol Cal 6 5-40 mg/dL
    Last edited by Cardinal; 10-19-2004 at 11:43 AM.

  28. Did you make sure that you didn't gobble a protein shake prior to this? Did you fast?

  29. I fasted about 7 hours. Had it drawn first thing in the morning. I used

  30. That is crazy with the protein & your heart. Given that you are a man and we men tend to die of heart problems, I might visit a cardiologist. (but also being a man means not going to the doctor, funny how that works out).

    Thanks for giving us all the updates.


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