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  1. Day 34
    August 27, 2004

    Bodyweight: 203
    Food: 4200
    Sleep: 9 hours


    DB OH Press
    60x9, 70x7, 70x2x8(failure, both)*
    *had problems completing the sixth rep on both sets. Very weird. Focused better and got the last two solidly though. 4th set was really taxing.
    Incline Bench
    175x3x5(+1 rep since 8/11/04)
    HS Decline
    160x9, 160x9(failure)
    35x2x11(to failure on both)
    DB Laterals
    35x9, 40x5(ugly, someone was using the 35's)
    75x2x11(+2 reps solid)


    Several things I want to mention. About this workout...One thing I wanted to test was carryover from greatly increasing overhead pressing strength to my regular benching. No chest cramping today, so I could do that. Incline went up some as expected. Probably could have squeezed out another rep if I hadn't trained OH Pressing just before doing the exercise. I guess I am seeing what one would expect. Shoulders felt really solid under the weight with 175 on the bar. Wasn't getting much extra help from chest though.

    Toward the end of the workout, I felt a second wind of sorts. I dosed the M5AA a bit awkwardly due to my class schedule today so that may be the cause. Good feeling though and gave me a lot more tricep strength and lateral strength than I expected to have.

    Also, should have made note of this earlier. Up until the time b/w weeks 3 and 4, I had much stronger libido than normal at all times. Now it has slowly but steadily tapered down to a normal level. This might be a sign of some shutdown as I am closing in on the sixth week. Not sure what to make of it. No noticeable shrinkage to report thusfar, so I am not too concerned.

    I have made note that my bodyweight is far more stable than normal. I usually experience major flucuations and had figured the Nolva, M5AA and 1-T were the cause. Looking at my diet though, I realize that I have used quite a few polyols that I believe are not metabolised quite like other cho. Just a note for the record. That might be another little confounding variable for why I seem to be able to push 4500 cals sometimes and not end up that much heavier. The polyols are great concerning regularity (and hence keep food bloat down in mornings) and are not as easily stored as glycogen from what I understand.

  2. Day 35
    August 28, 2004

    Bodyweight: 203
    Food: 4200
    Sleep: 8.5 hours


    HS Isolateral Pulldowns
    250x5, 260x2x5, 245x6, 245x5
    Alternating Front DB High Pulls*
    70'sx11, 80'sx2x6, 80'sx7
    55x9(no change)
    Calves (leg press)
    630x5xvarious reps
    6 sets, upper/lower**

    *I am really growing to like this exercise. It seems to put an equal emphasis on biceps, traps, shoulders and a bit of lats. I don't get too much fatigue in any one muscle and it feels really good on joints.
    **I can finally train abs again without pain/cramping. Felt good.


    Motor learning on the pulldowns is definitely at a standstill. In fact, I wasn't noticeably stronger on any of the lifts I trained. It doesn't worry me too much though. I felt a good sort of soreness throughout my body/joints. My whole back was still sore from deadlifting and my upperbody is feeling it from yesterday. Tomorrow will be a much needed day off. No problems sleeping lately as I have been hitting a good 8 hours+ a night now for a while.

    Based on how my body responds over the course of the next week, I will finalize plans for pct. I am still planning on experimenting with the clen and will also add in creatine. If I get any cramping from the clen, I will likely forgoe its further use. Three weeks+ of cramping is more than enough for me on any cycle!

  3. Day 37
    August 30, 2004

    Sleep: 9 hours
    Food: 4500+


    215x4, 240x5, 240x3x4, 185x2x9
    Leg Press
    450x10, 470x7, 480x2x6
    275x10, 315x2x7, 335x5, 315x2x5


    Those three exercises are about all I need to train legs. Felt good training today, but strength increase was nominal at best. I am stalling out on most all the lifts I am training. That usually means it is a diet or sleep problem, not a training issue. But this time I know I am ingesting far too many cals as is. I haven't used any nicotine the last couple of days and my appetite really took off. If it is a training issue, I plan to handle it by keeping volume as high as feasible until the end of my cycle, then dropping down a bit to kick off pct.

    Within the next few days, I want to get a consistent and accurate weight measurement. I would actually be quite pleased if it turns out to be a kcal issue b/c that would mean I could really overeat on this stack and not see fat gain. Wishful thinking, I know...

  4. Day 38
    August 31, 2004

    Bodyweight: 204
    Food: 4000+
    Sleep: 9 hours


    DB OH Press
    Incline Bench
    180x3x5(+5 lbs)
    Decline Bench
    175x9, 185x7
    DB Laterals
    35x2x9(no change)
    80x9, 80x2x8
    45x13, 45x12

    Finished w/10 minutes incline walking


    Still not a bit of strength increase in overhead pressing. Same goes for laterals and tricep work as well. As expected, inclines got a bit easier and I could do almost as much on incline as flat bench. Very typical for me. I find it fairly interesting that there isn't noticeable carryover from strengthening both triceps and delts quite a bit on this cycle.
    I am still racking my brain to try and figure out what has caused this temporary stall. I don't think reducing 4AD amounts to 200mg ed would have done it, but it could have contributed.

    Just gotta reiterate what an awesome workout deadlifting is. The whole back side of my body from neck to toe is sore in a good way from yesterday's work. 6 sets of deads feels like more work than all sets of rows, pullups, curls, high pull etc combined. Maybe that is what is taxing my recovery lol.

  5. Day 39
    September 1, 2004

    Food: 4900
    Sleep: 9 hours
    Training: Off*

    *Decided to take an extra day off to recover better from deadlifting before doing my usual pulling workout.

    Day 40
    September 2, 2004


    207x9(+3 reps since 8-12), 207x8, 207x6
    HS Isolateral Pulldowns
    55x8(-1 rep)
    DB High Pulls
    80x2x8(+1 rep), 90x4
    4 sets reverse crunches


    My cycle is coming to a close in 3 days. I plan to use those days to dry out a bit and see what kind of progress I have made thus far in terms of body comp changes. The way I look at it, this will be my only chance to take accurate measurements before the end of pct. I have decided against using clen to kick off pct. It is too likely to induce cramping imo and I can try it out any other time effectively. Instead, I will be adding creatine at around 5g/day. I haven't used it in a long time so I should see some results from it.

    I ate far more than usual these last few days and am curious if I put on any fat. My guess is I probably did! Strength was still pretty stagnant today, though the day off definitely helped. My joints were a bit sore though coming into the workout. Overall, it has been a good cycle. I'll write more conclusions/notes when I get time.
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  6. Day 42
    September 4, 2004

    Morning Bodyweight: 195
    Food: Protein
    Sleep: 7 hours


    Lots of depletion work

    240x3x4, 185x12, 185x10
    Partial Deads
    295x8, 275x2x11
    Leg Press
    360x15, 360x2x10
    Leg Extensions
    150x17, 150x14, 150x12
    Leg Curls (new machine)
    90x20, 90x15, 90x15
    Calves & Abs
    3x40, 1 set abs


    As noted, did a bit of depletion work today. I'll record tomorrow how low my weight drops after 3 days cho depletion and take some measurements then. I felt pretty toasted after this workout without much food. Got what felt like a bit of endorphin rush though, kind of like a runner's high which is nice. The last 2 depletion days were not so pleasant. Kind of a shock going so low cal after so long bulking. Used plenty of E HCL and Nicotine along with my usual fiber shakes to keep some satiety and avoid going crazy.

  7. Since I have a little time on my hands, I figured I might write a few quick notes/conclusions regarding my cycle which is essentially done now. First post, I'll address strength gains...

    Strength Increases:

    195x7 (7-28-04)
    207x9 (9-2-04)
    +10-15 pounds

    270x1 (9-11-04)
    20 pound PR

    205x4 (7-30-04)
    240x4 (9-4-04)
    +35 pounds

    265x3x1 (9-9-04)
    All-time PR

    DB OH Press
    60'sx6 (7-30-04)
    70'sx8 (8-31-04)
    +20-25 pounds total

    HS Leg Curls
    75'sx2x7 (7-26-04)
    100'sx8 (8-26-04)
    +50 lbs total

    Deads - A bit stronger but not much
    Flat Bench - No noticeable strength increases

    HS Dips
    250x10 (7-30-04)
    285x10 (8-23-04)
    +35 pounds

    50'sx6 (7-28-04)
    55'sx8 (9-2-04)
    +10-15 lbs total

    I'll add a few more lifts into this as I get a chance to test them for strength capacity. I picked the dates I did to try and get an accurate assesment of progress, keeping as many variables the same as I could.
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  8. Now, some notes on the different compounds I used...


    Ran this compound for 16 days total @ 5mg each day, taken in the morning. Most of the anabolism I experienced in this cycle came from the M1T as did a fair amount of my strength gains. I noticed almost all of the commonly reported side effects, but most were mild/moderate. The worst by far was cramping in all my pushing muscles, particularly chest. Unfortunately, I don't have bloodwork while on this compound, but I will get it done toward the end of pct to establish a baseline. I am going to give it quite a while before I use this compound again. Right now I am thinking, early January or late December. Next time I plan to run far higher K+ and Mg+ dosages to see if the cramping can be reduced. Though a very dangerous compound for many reasons, I have to conclude the gains were worth it so long as my bloodwork doesn't come back shot all to hell. Got a bit of gyno symptoms from the combo M1T/4AD. Easily controlled by Nolvadex. Appetite suppression was pleasant. I did find that exhorbitant amounts of food volume was not really a good idea while using this compound. The kickstart worked really well overall, and I didn't notice much shrinkage. Libido was reduced in weeks 5-6 (sans M1T), but still plenty strong.

    Final important note: M1T kicked in right at day six. No sooner, no later. That info might be particularly helpful to some as I imagine it will vary quite a bit from one person to the next. Next time, I may bump the dose to 7.5-10mg for the first few days to see if I can get it to kick in faster and then immediately drop back down to 5mg.

    One really cool thing, once M1T did kick in, I could pretty much expect some increase in strength on literally everything I trained almost irrespective of recovery time I gave it. So for people who are reading this and haven't run such a strong compound I would advice to figure out exactly what strength gains you want (which lifts/rep ranges etc) b/c you can probably expect to achieve what you set out to while on. For example, I was getting quite a bit stronger training coc grippers while on. M5AA/1-T/4AD didn't quite produce those results. And that is a pretty strength specific movement.

    Once again pleased with this compound. Kicked in about the start of the third week as is typical for everyone. As far as I can tell its reputation for lean gains is quite intact. I may bump the dosage to 300mg next bulk cycle or go with 1-Test cyp. Lethargy wasn't bad, onset within an hour of application.

    Again fairly typical results. Good for libido. Good for strength. Probably shouldn't have dropped from 400mg to 200mg as I fear it may be a small part of my strength stall-out the last 10 days or so. Got a lot of puffiness from it though. Had to take nolvadex quite a bit to keep it down. Next cycle I will likely keep 300-400 mg, but would consider running an AI with it or just doing nolva from the get-go.

    Pretty good results with this compound. Don't want to speculate too much, but I think it may have taken a while to kick in. Only negative side effect I noticed was some chest acne. Barely worth mentioning. This is definitely a pleasant addition. I like the 40mg 1-1.25 hours pre-workout and 80+ mg/day total dosing.

    I think that covers all the compounds I took pretty much, lol. I'll add more to this post as I reach further conclusions. A lot of the info is scattered throughout my log already.

    I am not sure what caused the big-time strength stall the last week or so. It wasn't lack of sleep, nor lack of calories/protein (polyols may have inhibited absorption though). Might have overtrained slightly there toward the end. I'll have more info as I fix the problem throughout pct.

    Overall, wouldn't mind running this cycle again. All compounds living up to their respective reputations.


  9. Ok, so my ability to take bodycomposition measurement is definitely subpar. It might help if I measured bodyparts other than just waist and arms. I need to work on this. Anyhow, here is what I am getting...

    Date Taken: July 22, 2004
    Minimum Depleted BW: 180 lbs
    Height: 6'2"
    Waist: 33.5"
    Arms: 14.6, 14.75" = L,R
    Days to Depletion: 5

    Date Taken: September 5, 2004
    Minimum Depleted BW: 195 (+15 lbs)
    Height: Still 6'2"
    Waist: 34.75 (+1.25")
    Arms: 15 7/8, 15 3/8 = L,R (+51/40", +5/8" = L,R)
    Days to deplete: 3 (depleted legs significantly)

    I am definitely happy with the weight gain, but I am not sure how accurate the numbers are. Specifically, not sure why my left bicep seems to have grown so much more than right. I also expected a drop in scale weight from yesterday to today, but that didn't so much happen. Waist was stagnant also. Makes me think I may be holding some food/water still.

    If I backsolve using 1/4" per lb bodyfat increase, I come up with roughly 10 lbs increase lbm. I think some of this is glycogen/water retention. If I had to venture a wild guess, I would say I netted maybe 6-7 lbs muscle or thereabouts. In any event I am happy with it. Just bugs me a little that I didn't use calipers and take a bit more accurate tape measurements.
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  10. Day 44, PCT Week 1
    September 6, 2004

    Well, this is day 2 of my PCT. It will look like this for the curious:

    Weeks 1-2: 60mg Tamoxifen Citrate (40mg Nolvadex)
    Weeks 3-4: 30mg Tamoxifen Citrate (20mg Nolvadex)
    Weeks 1-4: 1050 mg Milk thistle/ED

    I am going to run ~10g Creatine/ED, E/C and N for appetite suppression as needed. Right now I am thinking 3500 calories/day, protein 1.5-2 g/lb lbm. I am going to try something a bit different diet-wise, aimed mainly at overcoming my tendency to binge. Basically, I am going to set a calorie limit/meal and not exceed it. Right now I will start with 350/meal and go with 10 meals/day. Each will have 150 cals of protein and whatever else I want, mainly carbs. If I have to combine two meals at the end of the day, that won't be a problem.

    Also, based on my training notes for the past few sessions, I am going to make a couple of alterations that I think will break my strength gaining stall. Plan is to train the lifts I am stuck on at maintenance while working on increasing strength on similar movements. Basic exercise variation. We'll see how it works out. I know to expect much slower strength accretion now. Gotta get used to that for a little while, lol. Here is today's training.


    DB OH Press
    70x8(failure), 70x5
    Incline Bench
    Decline Bench
    190x2x8(+5 lbs)
    35x2x8(-1 rep)
    35x13(+2 reps), 35x12(+1)
    45x15, 50x11

    I am going to keep updating this through the end of pct, at the very least recording workouts so I have a soft copy of them and can compare what happens to strength etc. So you guys get to put up with me for a while longer in this thread. I'll make pertinent notes as needed.


  11. Day 45
    September 7, 2004


    206x9, 206x2x7
    Low Rows
    220x12, 240x10, 260x10, 280x6(cheating on all)
    DB High Pulls
    90x4, 80x2x9(+1 rep)


    Got the worst ab cramp I have ever had after my first set of ab work. I stood up and went to grab another weight plate to put under the machine to elevate it and every muscle in my abdomen completely cramped up. I just stood there in shock about a minute, then remembered to start massaging the area. Glad I thought of that otherwise I would probably still be standing there motionless. People must have thought I was crazy rubbing on myself for like 5 minutes. For the first time in my life I definitely felt what rock hard abs feel like. Finally what ended it was when I leaned really far back and extended the stomach muscles out. Now I know what real muscle cramps can do to a person. I would not enjoy one like that in my quad!

    I have been using very large amounts of K+ and Mg+, along with 1-2 gallons/day water/fluid intake. Cramps in my chest, shoulders and quads are gone as a result. No problems training bench as I did on M1T. This one really took me by surprise and seems to be precipitated only by that one set. I don't plan on training direct abs for a while.

  12. Day 47
    September 9, 2004

    Leg Day

    135x8, 185x4, 215x4, 230x1, 250x1 = warmups
    265x1,1,1 (5lb PR), 225x2x6, 225x5, 185x8
    Partial Deads
    315x5, 295x9, 285x10, 295x9
    Leg Press
    410x8, 410x9, 410x8
    630x3 sets

    No complaints about this workout. Health permitting, I am going to train singles first in the squat for a while hoping to drive limit strength up a bit using single progression by increasing sets then bumping weight. Idea taken straight from Ditillo's Development of Physical Strength. 265 felt good. Depth was fine. 225 was the goal weight I wanted to be able to train with comgortably, and I am in that range now. Feels good. I included warmups to track how I build up to the near max singles.

  13. Calves
    630x3 sets


  14. Day 48
    September 10, 2004

    Bodyweight: 195 (this has been steady due to nolva)


    Incline Bench
    190x5(+5), 200x3, 185x5, 135x12
    Decline Bench
    200x6, 196x6, 195x4
    DB OH Press
    70x5, 65x7, 60x10, 65x6
    40'sx6, 40'sx4 (trying to move up from the 35's)
    80x8, 80x2x7
    35x9, 30x13

    September 11, 2004

    270x1 (+20 lb PR)


    Stronger. Inclines are treating me well. Finally got around to doing a little max effort work on chins at home. Got the 270 solid. I'll add that to my updated lifts as I feel all that strength gain was on cycle. Goal is to hit a 300 lb chin-up. Plan is to see if I can add another 10-20 lbs by years end. I'll start training pullups weighted if I can remember to bring my dip belt with me from time to time. 20 lb gain isn't too bad considering I never trained reps lower than 5 on the pullups.

    I haven't noticed a need to decrease training volume yet. Main adjustments include switching which lifts I focus on and training for strength early in the workout. Volume/higher rep stuff done at the end. Pretty typical.

    Chest cramped up on the declines. I may not train that lift anymore for awhile. Don't want to tear a pec. I might put something wimpy like flies in its place. I don't want to start training dips again just yet. Need longer break on those.

    630x3 sets

    Waiting on a seated calf machine that is supposed to appear in my gym at some point. When I am not too lazy I load up the leg press. Haven't really found a better way to train calves yet. So I just use fairly loose form and high weight/reps on leg press

  15. Looking good Card!!! After the water dripped off you've been holding very steady and keeping strength. Awesome job!!

  16. Yep. I am definitely happy with the weight. I don't think I would drop below about 190 carb restricted based on waist measurements (I know I didn't lose fat on cycle, had to gain some).

  17. Day 50,
    September 12, 2004


    Backpack Pullups
    216x6, 226x3
    231x3 (3RM)
    226x3, 216x5, 199x6, 199x2x5
    HS Isolateral Pulldowns
    230x7, 230x6, 230x2x5
    HS High Rows
    200x6, 180x8, 180x7, 180x6
    50'sx7, 50'sx6, 45'sx6
    HS Low Rows
    200x10, 200x9


    Felt pretty good today, so I did a bit more volume than normal. Noticed that the Hammer Strength machines felt great on my joints as I progressed through the workout. I have done a lot of weighted chins, but I think this is the first time I have really trained weighted pullups.

  18. Day 51
    September 13, 2004


    Flat Bench
    175x9, 165x9, 155x7
    HS Decline
    160x6, 140x7
    HS Incline
    140x10, 140x9, 140x8
    DB OH
    60x10, 60x9, 60x7, 55x9
    HS Triceps
    100x2x10, 100x7
    HS Laterals
    25x12, 27.5x10


    Man I felt like a powerhouse on the bench, lol. Couldn't quite make the 10 reps with 175 as planned. Weakness. Goal for this workout was to just do a light workout with high reps and quite a bit of volume. Gym was packed but a lot of the hammerstrength equipment was open so that is what I went with. It was a nice change. For the type of training I am doing now I am finding I need at least 4-5 days for full recovery. Looking forward to leg day tomorrow, then some off time from training.

  19. Day 52
    September 14, 2004

    Squat Day

    270x2x1(5lb PR),
    195x8, 195x7, 185x7, 185x7
    Leg Press
    410x8, 390x8, 390x7, 380x7, 360x7
    255x10, 245x8


    Not a big jump on squats, but I felt stronger. First single with 270 went up without problems. Second, core strength gave out a little and my form started to waiver a bit, so I dropped back down to 265 and got the third single easily. I'd estimate maybe 2-3 lb increase in limit strength in 5 days. Gonna continue the plan of single progression using sets and hold at 265-270 until I can get at least 4-5 consecutive singles before bumping to 275. I would like to hit that number in 10-20 days if possible. Training natty does mean slower progression even when I feel I have things dialed in fairly well.

    Tried something a bit different on the leg press. I let my legs come all the way down and hit my chest for support. Back rounded a bit. It reduced the pressure on my knee joints which is a good thing and I felt it a bit more in my quads pushing through the larger range of motion.

    I am finally wising up a little and realizing that as it gets later in my workout and I am doing volume work, I need to reduce the weight lifted to about 70% of my 1RM. That is pretty much what I ended up with doing deads and leg presses today and it felt far safer. Same thing happened with my last pressing workout. Increasing volume and shortening rest breaks slightly takes some getting used to. I need to be strong enough mentally to drop the weight to where I know it needs to be to get in a safe workout.

  20. I have really enjoyed reading ur progression.... keep it up.... sounds good

  21. Thanks krazi! Even when I don't post I get more feedback here in a week than I do in a month on one other journal forum. lol.

    Day 55
    September 17, 2004

    I took two full days off from the gym to rest and recover and was pretty pumped coming into yesterday's workout. I purposefully repeated the exact workout I did on 9-12 with ludicrously high volume. It took a full five days before my biceps felt in condition to train again, lol. I lost no strength at all, but wasn't noticeably stronger either. I am not too discouraged about the lack of pullup progress b/c it really takes me a long time to add weight to that even while on. Noticed a bit of an increase in work capacity, that is all. I am going to continue with the high volume approach and give it plenty of time to see how it works for me. At worst I know when I do drop volume down strength gains should shoot up. Good old periodization.

    I dropped nolva dosage down to 20mg/day now as I am into the third week of PCT. Sleep has not been the best, but I have hit the 7 hour mark consistently. Diet has been on target. Probably about 3800 kcals/day. It has really helped eating every 1-1.5 hours. I have been making about 1.25 gallons oats to take with me to university each day along with all whole food protein sources (tuna and not much else). I have focused on eating around the clock. Even started an early morning meal when I naturally wake up. Protein totals have been near/over 400g/day for the last week. Tendency to binge is greatly reduced. I am using about 12-16mg Nicotine/day as well. No caffeine, E HCL or other stims. Here is the w/o, and I am off to study...


    32 working sets + warmups

    221x4, 201x2 (warmups)
    231x3, 226x3x3(failure on last)
    201x6, 201x2x5(failure on last)
    HS Isolateral Pulldowns(5)
    230x7, 220x7, 210x7, 200x7, 180x8
    HS High Row(4)
    200x7, 180x8, 180x2x7
    110x11, 100x10, 90x3x10
    50x6, 45x7, 40x8
    HS Low Row(1)

  22. Day 56
    September 18, 2004


    Morning BW: 200 lbs
    Work sets: 23

    Incline Bench(7)
    190x3, 205x2(failed on third)
    185x5, 175x5, 165x5, 155x7, 145x7, 135x10
    DB OH Press(4)
    60x2x8, 55x9, 55x8
    HS Dips(3)
    250x2x9, 250x8
    35x9, 35x6

    Wanted the 205x3 on Incline pretty bad, but it just wasn't happening today. I felt shaky on the second rep and didn't come close on the third. Will try again next time. I was just going to train incline and oh pressing today but at the last minute decided to throw in tricep work as well. I did then all in straight sets as listed with less rest time than normal (2minutes).

    Traps are already fairly sore. Lats, biceps and forearms will follow shortly after yesterdays training. Gotta admit, I do like that feeling. It is a bit addictive. I'll go ahead and hit 4000 kcals over the next 2-3 days just to make sure I am getting enough for this much volume.

  23. Day 57
    September 19, 2004

    Training: Legs
    Work Sets: 16

    270x1, 265x1, 245x3, 225x6, 225x3x5
    Leg Press
    450x8, 450x7, 450x6
    630x4 sets
    HS Leg Curls
    100x8, 100x6


    270 felt quite heavy and I wasn't able to attempt multiple singles with it as planned. So I backed down. Also reduced volume on the squat and leg press from last session. The volume I did put in was more strength oriented. We'll see if it helps next go round.

    Bodyweight is still moving upward. I overate a bit yesterday, putting away close to 5000 kcals.
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  24. Day 59
    September 21, 2004

    Training: Pull
    Work Sets: 29

    HS Isolateral Pulldowns(3)
    265x5(+5lbs), 260x6(+1 rep), 260x5
    203x6, 203x4, 202x5
    110x11, 110x2x10
    HS High Rows(4)
    200x8, 180x9, 170x2x7
    HS Low Rows
    55x5, 45x9, 45x7
    245x6, 225x12, 245x2x10
    5 sets
    Extra Tricep work
    5 sets


    Things are going well. I have only been getting 6-7 hours sleep a night since this is an exam week. Strength was up on yesterdays workout on nearly every exercise compared to previous workout. With the higher volume work, I can tell right when DOMS kicks in. It hit roughly the 24 hour mark after training. Whole back half of body is sore. Bodyweight has been steadily rising. Calories not less than 4000/day. I think that has made the biggest difference. Protein intake over 400g/day at this point.

    Libido is now somewhat stronger than it was pre-cycle. Nolva has done its job (that and very high calories)! Looking forward to training oh pressing again tomorrow. I want to see if I can hit 205x3 on incline. Gonna eat up and try to get a good night's sleep in preparation.

    As a general note (not cycle related) I am still noticing some shedding of hair that started back in February. I think it may have been due to extended dieting but not sure. I am going to take a more proactive stance and hit up some minoxidil, and spiro/nizoral, finasteride. I'll probably use protectants of this sort on all future m1t/1-T cycles as a precautionary measure.

  25. Day 61
    September 23, 2004

    Training: Push
    Work Sets: 13

    DB OH Press
    70x5, 65x7, 60x10
    HS Dips
    35x11, 35x9


    Stronger than last time. I still had to have a bit of help to lockout the third rep w/205 on incline. Much better than last time though as the weight essentially was stapled to my chest. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. I am still hitting only 6 hours sleep a night. Need to correct this over the weekend. Nine days left on Nolva, then no more morning cough syrup =D


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