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  1. Absolutely. I posted this at DC's message board to see if any others experience the same problem. Just recopying it here...probably way more info that wanted. Within the last few weeks I put two and two together and am fairly certain the type of protein ingested also affects the problem. Powders, specifically whey are worse....

    When I ingest too much protein in one sitting or too much in a set time frame (like over several hours), I experience a heart arrhythmia. Soon after eating a large quantity of protein, I feel jittery. When I bend over for instance, my body might twitch imperceptively. As the post-prandial hypoglycemia sets in, I first get tired and lay down to rest. Right before falling to sleep, my heart beats once really strongly and my body jumps a little. In bad cases this would happen several times over and over again. I am then wide awake and no longer have the hypoglycemia. Doesn't happen again until bedtime no matter what I ingest afterwards. Rather, I feel like it is buffered after that incident.

    Upon falling asleep, I have noticed it similarly. Sometimes they were very forceful arrhythmias, sometimes mild, almost imperceptible. Sort of just like a tiny pulse feeling at some varying location in my body.

    I never experienced this prior to starting bodybuilding in August/September of 2002. Nor did I ever continually ingest protein at in such high amounts. Until this past spring, I just figured it was a typical hypoglycemic response, accept that it had never happened before. So far as I can tell it depends on/is exascerbated by the following things:

    1) It improves with hypocaloric dieting and gets worse when hypercaloric
    2) At protein intakes below say 200g (I am guessing here) I pretty much notice no symptoms at all.
    3) Protein powders, specifically whey make the condition much, much worse (can't stress enough, severity of arrythmia is bad). I believe this is due to the fast digestion rate, too much protein in a short timeframe, but I am not 100% certain.

    To combat the problem:

    1) I don't eat more than about 30g protein at one setting and eat many tiny meals each day. This has nearly eliminated the hypoglycemic response as well as the arrythmia and jitters that I feel when ingesting more protein at one time.
    2) I am careful as evening approaches not to ingest that much protein total as it will trigger the response when I lay down to sleep. I go with even smaller servings spread out.
    3) Lately I have switched to all whole food proteins as a precautionary measure and I have had very little trouble at all (not even noticeable hardly).

  2. October 15, 2004

    Bodyweight: 201.5(+1lb)
    Blood Pressure PW/O: 123/65

    Max Effort HS Pulldown
    320x0 (couldn't finish w/right arm)
    290x2x2(failed on 3rd rep)
    Pullups/Neutral Chins
    HS Pulldowns
    8 sets
    COC Grippers
    3 sets, best effort 12 right hand, 10 left hand #1 gripper.

    Androgen Notes

    *Trained calves last night. Today felt dull sort of pump throughout lower leg. Heavy feeling in calves. Expected side effect of M1T.

    *Minor ab cramping already today. No pain, feels more like twitching muscles at the moment. Again expected, same as last time.

    *Libido increase noticed today, day 3 on 4AD

    *Minor increase in shedding of hair, but noticeable. Will now commence taking ~1.5mg Finasteride oral solution from IBE labs. Must be from the M1T.

    *Pump felt very good in the gym. Pump is already at full strength. M1T is definitely showing results and sides already at the 10mg dosing.

    *Appetite: Pleasantly in control after meals. No hypoglycemia at all.

    *Cycle going predictably as planned. Mood still great. Complete laundry list of M1T negative side effects not yet in full force. Still waiting on quite a few of them to hit.

  3. Day 3
    October 16, 2004

    Bodyweight: 205(+3.5lbs)
    Blood Pressure P W/O: 129/70

    ME Box Squat
    245x1 (bad form, had to use plates as a box)
    Back Extensions
    Calf Work
    To be done tonight


    *Side Effect to add: As I was going to sleep last night, I felt a mild pressure throughout my head. Perhaps slightly elevated blood pressure. Identical to last time. Cause: M1T

    *Felt insanely stable under the weight on squats today. I could control the negative better than usual, go deeper and probably could have nearly done those with rest pause. Imagine creatine scaled up about ten or a hundred notches.

    *Libido doubled again since yesterday. Appetite pretty much exploded today as well to match it. The two go hand in hand almost always for me. Indicates good test conversion from 4AD. Calories were too high today. That partly explains the weight jump. Holding a lot of water.

    *Waiting anxiously. T minus three days and counting until I expect to start noticing major strength gains.

  4. Day 4
    October 17, 2004

    Bodyweight: 211 (+6 lbs)
    Blood Pressure P W/O: 125/67*

    *Had some difficulty getting my arm down in the cuff. This will get interesting as I try it at heavier bodyweights. That damn thing says its made for 9-13 inch biceps.

    HS Dips
    290x3x8(felt solid)
    JM Press
    35x8(-2 off best)
    EZ Bar Triceps
    70x2x10(no change)
    DB Bench
    Pulldown Abs
    95x30 (+8 could have kept going)
    95x26 (easy, hip flexors gave out)
    Weighted Crunches


    *Water retention and bloat feels like it is maximal at this point. May have to adjust 4AD dosage at some point down the line. For now, I slightly increased nolvadex dosing as all the extra water made for a little puffiness.

    *Chest cramped up on me today as I started to warm up for CGBP. From past experience I knew to move on to dips then come back for a few flat presses. The strategy worked and the cramps aren't yet as bad as they were last cycle. Still having odd stomach cramps, but again more under control. I was even able to continue training abs today.

    *Strength levels the same. Minor but not major strength increases yet. This is one way I know I am really just retaining water at this point. Strength hasn't shot up but bodyweight has.

  5. Nice log card. I was going to run somethign similar on my next cycle (just a little higher on androgen doses). I'll be 2-3 weeks behind you so I'll read along. Certainly, the M1T changed your BP pretty fast. How high has your BP gone on previous cycles?

    FYI....I use the wrist BP monitor. Costco has them for $60 and it matches my Docs pretty good. Gives you the convenience of not having to roll up a sleeve or buy a larger cuff.

  6. On average, I'd say I got measurements of about 117/65 which is par for me. On M1T, I got one reading that was 139/70, the rest of the time it hovered in the mid 120's/70.

    So it never even got past borderline high. I am interested to see if doubling the dose or running 4 weeks will change that this time around. I'll check into the wrist cuffs. My dad has a bp monitor as well, so I have several places I can get it checked while on now.

    Best of luck on your coming cycle. I figured there would be quite a few people running M1T bulkers this winters, especially giving the impending ban. I am really hoping I can get bloodwork done this time around. Haven't got my results back from my last test though, so I don't know yet.
  7. Bloodwork

    As promised here is my bloodwork taken fifth week post cycle (October 7, 2004), about a week or so after stopping nolvadex. I was using about 10g/day creatine at the time. Liver values slightly elevated. Check out the cholesterol numbers as well.

    A/G Ratio 1.4 1.1-2.5
    Albumin, Serum 4.2 3.5-5.5 g/dL
    Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum 78 25-150 IU/L

    ALT (SGPT) 43 0-40 IU/L
    AST (SGOT) 52 0-40 IU/L

    Bilirubin, Total 0.5 0.1-1.2 mg/dL
    BUN 30 5-26 mg/dL
    BUN/Creatinine Ratio 19 8-27

    Calcium, Serum 9.6 8.5-10.6 mg/dL
    Chloride, Serum 105 96-109 mmol/L

    Cholesterol, Total 95 100-199 mg/dL
    Creatinine, Serum1.6 0.5-1.5 mg/dL
    Estimated CHD Risk < 0.5 0.0-1.0 times avg.
    GGT 12 0-65 IU/L
    Globulin, Total 3.0 1.5-4.5 g/dL
    Glucose, Serum 75 65-99 mg/dL

    HDL Cholesterol 52 40-59 mg/dL
    Iron, Serum 141 40-155 ug/dL
    LDH 191 100-250 IU/L

    LDL Cholesterol Calc 37 0-99 mg/dL

    Phosphorus, Serum 3.4 2.5-4.5 mg/dL
    Potassium, Serum 5.1 3.5-5.5 mmol/L
    Protein, Total, Serum 7.2 6.0-8.5 g/dL
    Sodium, Serum 136 135-148 mmol/L

    T. Chol/HDL Ratio 1.8 0.0-5.0 ratio units
    Triglycerides 31 0-149 mg/dL

    Uric Acid, Serum 4.0 2.4-8.2 mg/dL
    VLDL Cholesterol Cal 6 5-40 mg/dL
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  8. Did you make sure that you didn't gobble a protein shake prior to this? Did you fast?

  9. I fasted about 7 hours. Had it drawn first thing in the morning. I used

  10. That is crazy with the protein & your heart. Given that you are a man and we men tend to die of heart problems, I might visit a cardiologist. (but also being a man means not going to the doctor, funny how that works out).

    Thanks for giving us all the updates.

  11. You are right. I probably should get checkups with a cardiologist every so often in addition to standard physical (which I am overdue for!) When I went in to the emergency room spring '03, the diagnosis was that it was a benign arrhythmia and that I was experiencing benign heart wall discomfort. Both my mother had and grandmother has a similar condition with a noticeable arrhythmia. Neither had problems with protein so far as I can tell though. But they weren't as carnivorous as I am. Other than the arrhythmia, that side of my family had clean and clear arteries, always showing good test results. In her life my mother was very obese, yet her bloodwork always came back impeccable. My readings seem to mimic hers.

    I think in this case recognition and prevention may be the best route to take. I know what causes the problem and what symptoms to watch out for. Without avoiding those, tests, drugs/supplements etc. might not be all that helpful. I am glad I recognized the problem when I did. Best to remove the cause of the problem directly when possible imo. Bye bye whey!

  12. Day 6
    October 19, 2004

    Bodyweight: 212(+1 lb)
    BP: 117/56

    SLDL (mid-shin) 5x5
    Timed Holds
    315x2 sets
    High Rows
    55x7 (-1 off best)
    DB Rows
    110'sx7(4 off best)
    #1 COC Grippers
    Best effort 18 right hand, 14 lefthand, gain of 6 reps right


    *Cramping was slightly worse. I believe it is likely due to an increase in polyols over the last fews days which may have had a slight dehydration effect and might have effected nutrient absorption.

    *Strength gains kicked in yesterday, day 5 of cycle. Got 6 more reps than expected with the grippers. Today, the deads felt light.

    *Had to make an adjustment to training. Couldn't train box squats or any type of quad workout today due to excess joint pain. It is a new pain on the front of both knee caps. Unfortunately I think it is due to box squatting. Usually my left knee never gives me ****. New plan is to revert back to regular squatting until I resolve form issue with knees.

    *I am trying planning on training calfs 3+ times per week. No problems with calf cramping from the M1T. Didn't notice much/any of that last cycle either.

    *Doing the deads first in routine sapped some of my strength on the rows/curls. I was weaker than I expected. Forearm strength noticeably improved already. I have a lot of motivation to do some serious grip/forearm work this cycle for some reason.

    *Mood good. Felt warm all day. No pressure in head laying down to go to sleep the last few nights. Groin pain actually improving rather than disproving like on last cycle.

  13. Day 8
    October 21, 2004

    Bodyweight: 218(+6 lbs)
    BP: 132/71

    ME Incline
    225x0 (few pounds worth of help)

    A little ambitious with the 225. Should have just gone with 220, a more sure bet. Switching exercises next week to pure overhead work for Max Effort.

    Push Press

    Great sets. 135x10 previous best. So slightly stronger.

    DB Push Press
    EZ Bar Extensions
    80x2x8(max from last cycle)
    Weighted Situps
    Calf Work


    * Looking like I may very well explode. This is awesome! Definitely resembling goodyear blimp. Pump lasts 24 hours/day.

    * I am definitely stronger in the gym but at day 8, size gains greatly overmatching strength gains by a long shot. Waist maxes out over 39 inches bloated already. Up 17.5 lbs. Caloric intake has been around 4500. Plan to continue this at least through end of second week and may lower to 4000 if gaining too much fat. Instinct and experience is telling me that the size gains are occuring mostly now and this is the time to push calories, not later.

    * Highest blood pressure reading to date and I felt it. Felt hot all day long. Middle of the afternoon, I noticed increased pressure in my head, some lethargy and appetite suppression. Same exact side effect noticed last cycle. Today, I started feeling much better after drinking a few more liters water. Perhaps was dehyrated.

    * If all go as predicted, I should get some mild M1T flulike symptoms within the next week. Not all together different from how I felt today.

    * When I layed down on the bench to do tricep extensions, I came a hairs breath away from an ab cramp. Recognized it in time luckily and was able to avert it by getting up slowly and switching to pushdowns instead, staying upright for a few minutes. Cramping much worse in all muscles today. Ab work went okay, but I have to be careful. Couldn't bench press at all. Took 20 lb DB's to do flies and couldn't spread arms more than about 20 inches apart before bad cramping would start. Inclines okay though. Chest training may be done for the cycle, lol.

    *Still noticing a lot of shedding of hair, so I am going to take action to try and slow it down. Dosage of finasteride has been 1.25mg/ED. I am going to double to the dose to 2.5mg/ED. Will bump more if needed. I am going to try to cut back on the nolvadex I am using now as I think it could be part of the problem. I need it though to keep the puffiness and tenderness down from 4AD. So I will lower dosage of 4AD temporarily to maintain balance. I don't want to stop 4AD unless absolutely necessary. It has kept libido very strong and counters M1T sides nicely.

  14. Day 9
    October 22, 2004

    Bodyweight: 221 (+3 lbs)
    BP: 137/70
    Max Waist Measurement: 39.25"

    HS Pulldowns
    290x3x3(+1 rep)
    55x6 (2 off best, still weak on these)
    110'sx2x16(+5 reps)
    High Rows
    200x13(+1 rep)
    Wrist Curls
    50x2x14 (+5 lbs, not as many reps)
    Hammer Forearms
    Reverse Wrist Curls


    Was able to add weight to all forearm exercises. Grip/forearm strength really taking off. Modest gain on pulldowns. Curls are gonna get some work Sunday all by themselves.

    Felt large amount of pressure in head just like yesterday. Whole body swollen. Felt flush/hot all day. Took 400 mg caffeine spread throughout day. Lethargy hit around 12-2 pm, had to take short rest again. Felt a little tightness in lower back. Not unpleasant at all. Cramping a little better today.

    Its awesome walking around with a constant M1T pump. Regardless of how much extra muscle I am actually carrying now, it feels like and looks like a lot. I am not a particularly vain person but ****...I do a shrug and look in the mirror wondering if I am wearing frigging shoulder pads. Gotta keep training those deadlifts.

  15. Day 10
    October 23, 2004

    Bodyweight: 221.5 (+.5 lbs)
    BP: 135/69

    245x5 (10 lb PR!)
    255x3 (10 lb PR!)
    Back Extensions
    45x10 (easy)
    70x2x8 (a little too heavy)


    *I spent a good 20-30 minutes trying to warm up my legs for squats. Right knee was giving me a lot of trouble. Pain right in center of patella. Bunch of warmups didn't do anything for it. The only thing that finally worked was adding weight to the bar and doing lower reps. Pain was virtually gone by the time I got up to 235lbs. Hit a big 10 lb PR after that breaking a long stall on that lift. In fact weights shot up in all movements. I feel comfortable that I will be able to add weight to the goodmornings more regularly now. Form has improved.

    *Sleep hasn't been great on this cycle. I probably averaged more like 6-7 hours or a bit more.

    *I noticed a definite lower back pump on warmups today. Wasn't unpleasant really, but you can add that to my list of side effects. Of the commonly reported sides, I have experienced all of them now pretty much. Blood hasn't been shooting out of my nose yet though, so I guess I haven't experienced all of them =D

    *Looks like my blood pressure is stabilizing. Bodyweight didn't jump much either. Sort of glad about that one as I have a nice jelly roll going around midsection.

    *Calf work was very loose in form, but I was able to continually add weight and maintain the same ROM and degree of control as always, so I am stronger. I never really hit a top yet, just quit putting plates on and moved to somehing else after 5 sets.

    *Recovery obviously is improving somewhat. Did a quick set of shoulder presses and felt strong on them.

    *Appetite today and yesterday quite strong. No problems overeating on plain casein powder, oatmeal at 60kcals/cup, and my usual salad mix. Still hit 4500-5000 kcals both days. Protein intake through the roof. Probably 500 minimum.

    *Haven't had one single episode of post-prandial hypoglycemia. Taking whey out of diet was a huge call methinks. I am also eating way more than 30g protein per meal again with no negative ramifications. Casein treating me well.

  16. Day 11
    October 24, 2004

    Bodyweight: 222
    BP: 133/65

    HS Dips
    300x9 (15 lb PR!)
    310x8 (20 lb PR!)
    320x5 (a bit heavy)
    EZ Bar Triceps
    Weighted Situps Decline Bench
    35x20 (easy)
    50x10 (hit failure)

    *Nearly got ab cramp starting third set. Quit at that point.
    + Laterals, CG Incline, Flies all done half-assed b/c of cramping.

    *Spent a good half hour warming up for dips. It paid off though as I hit my largest PR to date. I am learning more how to deal with the constant cramping. Patience is key. Normally today I would throw in something like CGBP/JMPress and more horizontal work, but adjustments were needed and I didn't want to do too much on triceps alone. EZ Bar was tough on elbow joint. Gonna switch to pushdowns or maybe Tate Presses from here on out for isolation work.

    *I have been gaining right at my expected rate based on caloric surplus the last few days. So I think the major weight jump due to M1t is finished. Now I should be able to control weight gain by adjusting calories/cho at this point.

    *Right now I would have to say pushing calories on day 6-10 was a good call. Seems like I get one major window where weight just skyrockets and mass gain is unreal. I think the initial jump from days 1-5 was mainly from the 4AD.

  17. Day 13
    October 26, 2004

    Bodyweight: 222 (no change!)
    BP: 128/61

    SLDL (to mid-shin)
    350x5 (10 lb PR)
    HS High Rows
    210x3x9(+3 reps each set)
    Neutral Chins
    50x2x12(-2 reps)
    25x12 (+3 reps)
    25x10 (+1 rep)
    110x20(easy, DB's only go to 110)
    Pulldown Abs
    95x2x30 (max weight on machine)


    *I was shaking like a leaf on the DL's with 350, still a 10 lb PR though. Added three easy reps to my High Rows. Didn't manage a very good showing with forearms today though. Maybe tired from deadlifting. Since pct last cycle, I have doubled my reps on shrugs with the 110's. Can do full rom shrugs now with that weight.

    *Bodyweight rather stagnant the last several days in fact. Calories >= 4500. I added beef and turkey on top of what I was already eating. Protein intake through the roof.

    *Recurrent daily theme...I feel like a blast furnace all day long. Sweating more at night and during day. Head feel flush/hot quite often.

    *I am beginning to put some thoughts together on M1T lethargy. To me it seems like a scaled up version of 1-T lethargy. The side effects are not sporadic but rather seem to be somewhat predictable based on when I take the M1T. Lethargy seems to be strongest 1-2 hours after taking it.

  18. Day 15
    October 28, 2004

    Bodyweight: 228
    BP: 132/68

    Military Press
    175x1 (5lb PR)
    180x1 (10lb PR!)
    Push Presses
    DB Push Presses
    70x7 (- 1 rep)
    70x6 (-1 rep)
    Incline Bench
    80x11(+3 reps)
    80x11(+3 reps)
    80x10(+2 reps)
    Tate Presses
    Machine Shoulder Press
    Weighted Situps
    50x14(+4 reps)
    50x14(+4 reps)
    50x12(+2 reps)


    *Workout started out sluggish. Tried 175 on military presses and failed miserably. Focused more on second effort and tried to generate some momentum from bottom position and got it cleanly. Also hit 180. In general the barbell work is doing a number on my wrists and shoulder joints. Plan to switch more to DB work soon.

    *Cramping was a real issue. Seems to be getting a bit worse. It took me a good half hour before I was able to get in position to do 3 sets of weighted crunches sans ab cramping. Persistence paid off though as I was much stronger on the movement.

    *6 pound jump in bodyweight. Once my waist measurement exceeds 40" I am going to slow it down on the calories. Hopefully I'll make it to the end of the 3rd week before that occurs. That should put me a little over 230 for a top weight this cycle. That will be 20 pounds over my old max weight of 210 and 40 over my old minimum (depleted) weight of 190.5. I am curious to see how the partitioning ends up working out. Diet has been 4500-5000+ calories/day. Fat ~50grams, Protein > 500grams/day and rest cho. Mainly salad, oatmeal, casein, tuna and other lean protein. So clean as clean gets. If I end up with way more fat than I would like, the two modifications I would make for an identical cycle in the future would be to add femara to keep bloat down from 4AD (and to limit estrogen as I will obviously never have trouble gaining weight) and also to reduce calories a bit if I see weight jumping too fast.
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  19. Day 16
    October 29, 2004

    Bodyweight: 223
    BP: 128/63

    HS Pulldown
    300x3(10lb PR)
    285x5(10lb PR)
    DB Shrugs
    110x2x23 (+3 reps)
    Wrist Curls
    50x16(+2 reps)
    25x14(+2 reps)
    45x10(+1 rep)
    HS High Row



  20. Day 17
    October 30, 2004

    Bodyweight: 216
    BP: 132/70

    255x5 (10 lb PR)
    265x3 (10 lb PR)
    225x10 (+20 lbs)

    Definitely happy about hitting 225x10, probably even moreso than getting the triple with 265. Right kneecap still bothering me. Oddly feels good only when weights get heavy.

    Calves on Leg Press

    This was too heavy and hurt my achilles heel. Switch to smith from now on.

    Standing Calf Raises on Smith
    295x20 (+ 7 reps)

    Back Extensions
    35x9 (+1 rep)
    35x10 (+2 reps)

    Really felt these in the hamstrings.


    Dropped carbs. That explains the loss of bloat. Feel better. Focusing on doing less volume but getting good strength increases. Long rest breaks b/w working sets. This cycle has been and continues to be a real learning experience for me. I feel like I am learning a lot more about productive training. Given that I know to expect strength increases from one workout to the next I can really tell if a movement is effective or not and can judge carryover to other lifts better.

    Still feel like human blast furnace. Its great. Really getting fond of living with a constant pump.

  21. Day 18
    October 31, 2004

    Bodyweight: 213
    BP: 130/56

    HS Dips
    320x7(+2 reps)

    Tate Presses
    35x14 (+4 reps)

    Weighted Situps



    Stronger in all movements. Best way I have found to deal with annoying M1T cramps is to take a long time stretching the muscle doing the movement I want to perform with really light weights. Flies helped with chest cramping. Tate presses enjoyable change from usual pushdowns/extensions. Weighted situps, ridiculously effective once my lazy ass finally used enough weight to really work the abs. Had been using 50lbs until now. 70 much better.

  22. Day 20
    November 2, 2004

    Bodyweight: 211.5

    HS Kneeling Leg Curl
    100x6 (-2 off best)
    100x7 (-1 off best)

    This is sort of interesting. I hit 100x8 last cycle. Didn't train this consistently this time around but I have put up considerable increases in squat/dl. No carryover, in fact I am weaker in this. I got huge strength increases last cycle in this movement b/c I trained it every four days. Just goes to show that often carryover just doesn't occur. Learned something new today as I expcected squat improvement to improve this lift. No dice.

    HS High Row
    220x2x11 (+2 reps)
    220x10 (+ 1 rep)

    Very predictable strength increase here. Like clockwork. Almost could hit 12 reps on first set. Slight drop off of strength on third. I know what to exptect well enough to put some money on it lol. Learning M1T is fun.

    Standing Calf
    315x10 (easy)
    365x7 (not easy)
    345x10 (sweet spot)

    Knew to expect a lot of strength gain here. Took me until 3rd set to nail down my 10RM though. Prediction for next week is to hit a 15lb gain on this one.

    55x10(+2 reps)

    This is my first strength gain on curls this cycle b/c I really haven't trained them hardly at all. When I did it was in a fatigued state. Another example of crappy carryover when I expected to get quite a bit from getting so much stronger on pulldowns and high rows. Specificity should be ascribed more importance than I previously thought. Nuff said.

    Wrist Curl 55x15
    Reverse Wrist Curl 30x5
    Hammer Wrist 50x7

    Slight surprise on the forearm work. Much much stronger than I should have been. Reason = no deadlifting today beforehand. Pretty soon I am going to call it quits on the direct forearm work and make an attempt at the #2 gripper. Should have just stuck to training it all along in retrospect but they bother my joints to work with and the wrist curls, though wimpy were fun.


    Working back down in volume even more in prep for PCT. Want to have decently productive PCT routine in the bag. I still feel pretty strongly that most the muscle gains occurred in the first ten days and from then on out, strength gains were where its at. Adding further weight was easy, but didn't seem to be coming cleanly at all (read not much extra muscle).

    Sleep has been off a little. Androgen insomnia I think it is called. Has plagued me quite a bit this cycle. Haven't found anything super effective and it isn't hurting strength so...

  23. GEEZUS...I come by to see what's new and you went up 30 freaking pounds!!! I see that it has dropped down slightly...but it certainly inspired me since I just started my M1T/4AD/3-alpha cycle two days ago. I'll be following along. So how large are you going to get my friend?

  24. but it certainly inspired me since I just started my M1T/4AD/3-alpha cycle two days ago.
    Well, it's about damn time! =D You got a log of this one up anywhere? Good heavens, I can only imagine adding yet another strength compound to the mix. Gains are gonna be awesome on that one!

    GEEZUS...I come by to see what's new and you went up 30 freaking pounds!!! I see that it has dropped down slightly...So how large are you going to get my friend?
    Definitely could have hit somewhere b/w 240 and 250 with no problem at all. Drop down was definitely intentional! With the 4AD and protein intake I can pretty effortlessly maintain over 210 right now. There seems to be some limiting factors effecting mass gains past day 10 or so. Happened both cycles. Beyond that strength gains literally skyrocket. I think I am going to use an AI like femara with most 4AD cycles in the future. I think the excessive aromatization was promoting fat gain too much and I can eliminate that variable forthwith and still push the boundaries with caloric intake. Rate of strength accreation is totally unaffected by the drop in weight. I find that kind of neat. Also, seems not to matter that many time I have only been able to hit 5-6 hours sleep. I am doing a lot better now with a more effective program for my body. So training variables seem like a huge predictor of how fast I gain strength and on what lifts.

  25. Day 22
    November 4, 2004

    Bodyweight: 211.5
    BP: 125/56 (lower b/c of lower training volume, I ran out of Hawthorne and haven't bought more, so far no difference).

    Dumbbell Overhead Press
    70x3x9(+1 rep on all)

    This is an interesting one. Haven't trained this lift appreciably this cycle. Did push presses and military press for limit single several times intstead along with inclines. Some carryover but not a lot. One extra rep at most. I will implement DE work for the overhead press and incline starting Sunday. I expect that to produce good results.

    Weighted Situps
    70x12(+3 reps)

    Iron addict was spot on when he said weighted situps were an untapped strength potential. Jumps have been humongous in this lift compared to others. 30 lbs in less than 2 weeks ain't bad at all, working through ab cramping to boot.

    Tate Presses
    40x2x11 (+2 reps)


    Standing Calf Raise Smith
    355x11 (+10 lbs since two days ago!)

    Yes, I have even more to jabber about

    To wrap this cycle up over the next week, I am going to increase frequency and intensity, keep volume incredibly low. Attitude is going to be to go to the gym, warmup, hopefully hit a PR or two in each lift in a safe manner, then leave. Come back next day, repeat with different lift.

  26. Day 23
    November 5, 2004

    Bodyweight: 210
    BP: 139/64

    Hammer Strength Pulldowns
    310x3 (10 lb PR)
    320x2 (PR)

    I felt like I had a little more in me after doing 310x3, so I decided to do a quick double with 320 to finish it off. So slightly more than the predicted 10lb increase in one week.

    Seated Dumbell Curls
    55x7 (-3 reps)

    I felt like strength was reduced here somewhat from doing a maximal effort on pulldowns. When I got 10 reps it was done standing so probably with a tad bit more momentum as well. Otherwise no way to explain change in strength. I did rows before hitting 55x10 last time I trained curls but not rows with maximal weight. Wimpy high reps sets instead.

    Wrist Curls
    55x18 (+3 reps)
    30x7 (+2 reps)

    Got a little frustrated the last day or two trying to close the number two gripper and failing so I decided to keep increasing strength on the wrist curls for awhile longer and am going to take a day or two off from training COC's. I figured I might could close it by making one daily maximal attempt. I think instead I'll try once every two days and see if I can here that little click once before end of cycle. If not, something to work for next go round.

    Neutral Chins

    Done with perfect for and a full bordering on excessive ROM. I'll use this effort as an indicator for future strength in this rep range.

    Calf Raises
    365x11 (10 lb PR)

    I guess I'll just keep doing a daily set of these and adding weight every day until end of cycle dropping reps in linear periodized fashion if need be. I seem to be recovering from it just fine after 24 hours and progress might not really stall.

    Just going in gym and working up to a PR*is lots of fun. Totally different mindset doing more pure strength training. Getting a lot of wierd looks b/c I take such long rest breaks and don't do much work overall.

    Until tomorrow....

  27. Day 24
    November 6, 2004

    Bodyweight: 213

    A bit higher than expected. Chalk it up to a full stomach.

    275x3 (10 lb PR)

    225x12 (PR +2 reps)

    Smith Calf Raises

    Still adding 10lbs per day no trouble to this one. Maybe go for 20lb jump tomorrow or Monday.


    Certainly seems easier to add weight to the bar at maximal effort than it did to add even one rep down at 225. That'll be the strategy for strength gains in pct. My abs and lowerback started to give on the last rep with 225 pretty much simultaneously. Abs so much stronger it was truly surprising how it felt when I focused on breathing air into gut and not chest and pushing out.

    Yesterday, a massive forearm pump doing wrist curls somewhat surprised me as it always seems to and I wasn't paying attention. Rammed my left knee cap right into the bar on leg curl machine. They need to get rid of that damn thing! Fortunately that was my good knee and it was but a tiny little bruise. My right knee felt so much better after having a full week off from squatting.

    If the box and rack is unoccupied Tuesday I will add in Dynamic effort work to develop more speed. Will do this on box squats pulldowns and incline/oh press.

    Blood pressure felt like it was a little high last night, but I think that was due to having a ****ton of salt.

    You would also think that with all this writing I would have done more than 3 sets today. Only the high rep squats resembled normal workout. Kept wanting to go and do a bunch of other work, but my laziness came through for me and I was able to stick the plan. Took a 30 minute walk outside afterwards then went to shovel down more protein and veggies.

  28. Thanks for the effort in your posting. Looks like you have had some good results. Good luck with continued progress and / or retention.

  29. You are most welcome. I am glad the log is proving useful feedback for you. As long as I don't do anything retarded I shouldn't have any problem keeping what muscle I have built. I am most curious now how much I will end up with once the Nolva starts to work its magic in pct and I lose some water weight. Assuming 5lbs muscle gain from last cycle, I want to compare this longer cycle with more calories early on and fewer toward the end and see if I end up with more. Hoping for at most a couple lbs more lean tissue. That would be nice. Strength gains are already beyond what I achieved last go round. Chalk it up to better training program. Still can't believe I managed to plateau in strength toward the end of last cycle. Must have been overtrained.

  30. Day 25
    November 7, 2004

    I am implementing the full extent of my Westside plan starting today by adding dynamic effort work. Only other modification that remains to be made is to choose more effective assitance work and gauge volume tolerance to a degree.

    Bodyweight: 215
    BP: 125/65

    Again, a slightly higher bodyweight reading than expected given that I have been roughly eucaloric give or take a little. I am not complaining. Morning waist measurement seems to have dropped about a quarter inch, down to 36.75" since last week.

    Dynamic Effort Military Press
    105x8x3 @ 58 1/3% of max (105lb/180lb)

    I gave these an honest effort and my best shot. I really want to see if I can put up more than 180 for my max effort this coming Thursday. My velocity was good for the first few sets but lagged toward the end. Glad I didn't go heavier for the first time. This definitely felt like hard work despite low weight.

    HS Dips
    340x5 (PR)
    330x7 (10 lb PR)

    It was a little tougher for me to hit the 10 lb PR today, presumably since I did such a heavy set of five right beforehand. Still loving the dips though. Good range of motion and my shoulder joint has held up well throughout the cycle despite comparatively huge weight jumps in this exercise.

    Weighted Situps
    80x11 (+ 3 reps)
    80x10 (+ 2 reps)

    I was able to add the predicted three reps on this exercise but my form wasn't perfect. I think maybe the heavy squats yesterday fatigued my abs a little going into this. I'll keep the weight the same and nail a ton of these to finish off cycle on Thursday. Last time I did these, I had a very minor strain in my obliques that bothered me a lot (probably just too much weight). The muscle injury completely healed and recovered in only 72 hours time. I was impressed.

    Low Incline DB Press
    90x5 (PR)

    Never worked with 90's to date and could handle them with ease. Finally found a viable way to train chest on M1T. Cramping has been reduced the past several days and I didn't notice a problem today at all.

    90x8 (PR)

    The stack goes to 95 lbs. After that I will have to switch to doing it with one arm. This exercise is a bit tricky with two arms as my dominant left arm tends to overpower right and do too much of the work.

    Calf Raises

    Finally got to a weight I couldn't do for 10 clean reps! Doing these every day is starting to mildly bother my achilles heel. I am finding this to be true with virtually all lifts I train too frequently. Its the joints that give out and start bothering me. Otherwise I could train all muscle groups much more frequently than 2x per week I think. So I am going to look into the effectiveness of plyometrics and isometrics at some point and see if they help. For now I will just keep frequency and volume low enough to avoid all problems. Simple solution!

    Came a hair's breath away from closing the #2 COC gripper. I am thinking of ending this cycle right at the 30 day mark, so I have a few more major attempts to close that sucker.

    Back tomorrow for some lat work...

  31. Day 26
    November 8, 2004

    Bodyweight: 211.5

    Dynamic Effort Pulldowns

    These felt pretty good overall. Minor chest cramping trying to go ballistic. I didn't break the machine though. Those hammerstrength are pretty stout. Did manage to get the back half of it to lift off the ground on a couple of those sets. I think I may just use neutral chins for my speed work in the future, assuming I am not too heavy. Would be cool to try and launch myself into the air eventually.

    HS High Rows

    Holy moly. Definitely a lot stronger than expected on this one. I went ahead and made a 20 lb jump from 220x11reps to 240x9. Expected to get 6 maybe 7. As a general note I am hoping that my training of pulldowns/pullups/chins westside style will match nicely with training for overhead pressing strength much like a powerlifter finds advantage in training barbell rows to aid in benching. Doing less deadlifting should reduce cns strain and allow me to make nice progress on the lat work without worrying about overlapping bodypart training.


    Glad I made the jump here too. 60's felt really manageable. Added a couple of reps, up from 4 since late August.

    Neutral Chins

    30x9 (+2 reps)

    The 65 lbers on regular horizontal wrist curls was just plain heavy. Got overambitious and tried to make the jump straight up from 55's. The technique I use makes it pretty safe. I just hold my wrist about where you would wear a watch palm facing up and forearm resting on bench pad. Allows me to work the wrist through full range of motion without the pain that extra torque applied along length of forearm used to bring.

    Tried again to close the #2 gripper. Failed miserably. Whatever =D

  32. Day 27
    November 9, 2004

    Bodyweight: 214
    BP: 125/64

    Arched Back Goodmornings (5x5)

    I am about 25 lbs stronger on these since my last effort. Completely skipped training them last week also. My intent was to do DE Squats, but my right knee was not at 100% and I flat out don't have proper box squatting form yet either. So I did a couple easy sets of pause squats instead. Got in a good 3-5 second pause on those at full depth.

    Pause Squats

    Calf Raises
    395x2x8 (+1 rep)

    Newbie gains are gone now on this exercise. Finally hit my limit on making big weight jumps every day. Just 10 lbs off being able to work with 4 plates. ROM good as I am standing on two 10lb dumbbells stacked under smith machine.

    110x26(+3 reps)

    This is the kind of stuff that will get cut out when I start pct. No real point to these. I just grabbed heaviest dumbbells available and did a set until I couldn't get good ROM.

    Still feel a fair amount of pressure in my head when I bend over but no further blood pressure increases. Been off of hawthorne berry for a good while now. I started a good 7 days + before my cycle to give it time to kick in. So far as I can tell it has no beneficial effect whatsoever on blood pressure. I probably won't repurchase more. Would be better off spending even more money on liver supps (to add to the 1050mg milk thistle I take per day).

    As a general note my knees are feeling much better squatting less frequently. Didn't realize what a pain they had become until I lowered the volume to an appropriate level. I am actually already looking forward to Saturday for another heavy triple attempt.

  33. Day 29
    November 11, 2004

    Bodyweight: 210

    ME Military Press
    185x1 (5 lb PR)
    195x0 (not even close)

    DB OH Press

    40x9 (-2 reps)

    Couldn't figure out why I wasn't stronger on this lift. Then looking back at my log, I took a long break last week between overhead pressing and tricep work. That pretty much explains it.

    Weighted Situps

    80x11 (+3 reps)
    80x10 (+2 reps)
    80x9 (+1 rep)

    Clear strength increase but these reps felt tougher. Seems like newbies strength gains are slowing to a more normal rate on this lift.


    Just wanted to work out with the stack fully loaded once this cycle. Hopefully can work up to 8 reps on this.

    DB Laterals

    Did this set after plenty of rest on shoulders. Still showed zilch as far as strength gains go compared to last cycle. Yet another instance of getting absolutely no carryover whatsoever from training other heavy overhead work (military, push press, ME work, DB etc.). Made nice overall gains on overhead pressing and am pleased but no carryover to this lift. Shows me just how much time I have wasted on movements that don't produce the results I am looking for over the years.

    Today (Friday) is my last day on. pct starts tomorrow!

  34. Final Day 30!
    November 12, 2004

    Bodyweight: 212
    BP: 117/56

    Max Effort HS Pulldown
    320x2 (failed on third, no PR)

    Neutral Chins



    Wrist Curls
    30x10 (+1 rep)


    Wanted to end this one on a bang, but I just didn't have it for the ME work today. I knew there was trouble when 290 felt heavy as a warmup. Stonger but not a full 10 lbs stronger like normal. Very slightly stronger on the other lifts. Did extra curls to watch bicep explode one last time. M1T is cool!

    I am starting nolvadex tonight along with my last dose of M1T. I'll give a report on how my lifts have changed updated for my previous two cycles as well as weight measurements when the water from 4AD leaves.

    A couple of quick androgen related notes. My muscle seem to have acclimated a tad bit to the M1T and cramping hasn't been as bad. I feel safer doing heavy ab work now and have learned how not to move chest muscles. Shedding of hair in shower has stopped entirely but I am still getting a good 10-15 hairs out when I comb through it. My only conclusion to date is that the spiro/finasteride/nizoral combo had some beneficial effect. Will update on this matter as pct progresses.

  35. Day 1 PCT
    November 13, 2004

    Bodyweight: 213
    BP: Normal (117/56)

    Max Effort Squat
    285x2 (PR)

    Weight felt incredibly light on these. Couldn't quite manage a full 10lb PR though. Needed help to complete a third rep with 285 so I count it as two. This is the first time I have worked with a spotter on squats and it threw my concentration off a bit. Not sure if I would have made the triple or not without help. If I had it would have been tough as hell!

    Back Squat
    225x13 (+1 rep)

    I really enjoy doing backoff sets like this after maximal work. I am going to move toward a more traditional westside squat workout now though so I may ditch this set for a while and put my limited energy into doing GM's and box squats etc.

    Box Squat, 12" box

    These are all PRs since I haven't trained the box squat in quite a while. I am hoping the pain in right kneecap doesn't return tomorrow as a result of these sets. If it does, I know for sure the cause here. I hope to be able to include DE box squats Tuesday as I know how important they are! Secondary plan will be to do speed squats without the box until I can figure out the form issue. Gonna do a ton of re-reading over on elite fitness systems to make sure I am at least making an effort to do everything right to improve my squat performance.

    Smith Machine Standing Calf Raises
    405x2x8 (10 lb PR!)

    So much for the gains slowing on this one. I just needed some rest after doing them for consecutive days. For lack of better ideas I'll do a little wave periodization or straight linear periodization work on this so long as I can progress. Want strong calves!

  36. kickass log..loving it as usual

  37. Day 2 PCT
    November 14, 2004

    Dynamic Effort Military Press

    Until I get some feedback on how this is working through ME work, I am not going to switch the weight I am using. Just focusing on speed and form here. Did switch to doubles though and it felt better. My second rep usually feels best.

    Military Press

    None of these sets were to failure, stopping 1-2 reps shy as planned. Last set was a bit tiring but not too bad.

    HS Dips
    345x5 (5 lb PR)

    Miscalculated the weight thinking 340 was 350 and thought man that was easy as hell. So I just went for a 5 lbs PR after that and nailed it cleanly. Most of my other top lifts were up closer to 5 lbs this week than 10, so I think I made the right call. That weight is lifting me off the seat and am anchored by bar supporting quads and feet on ground. I always start this movement from top position so that the weight is already loaded on my joints. Haven't had a single shoulder problem from it yet this cycle.

    Weighted Incline Situps
    90x10 (+10 lbs)

    I do these holding two dumbbells (50's for instance) placed on the upper part of my chest (dumbbells are perpendicular to chest). This is the easiest way I have found to load a lot of weight. Less cumbersome than trying to work with 45 lb plates and I can put the weight closer to my throat to get more torque of out the lift. Adding weight seems to be the way to go here also. Last time I said I hit a 3 rep, PR but looking at my log, I actually didn't. Same reps/weight. This time was different however since I just decided to pick up heavier dumbbells and give it a go. No ab cramps to speak of.

    Low Incline Dumbbell Press

    Barely got this, probably will have to drop to 4 reps next week as my shoulders and triceps were already too tired. Didn't panic though and got the 90's to ******* alright. Just needed to fight to get the left arm up.

    Bodyweight holding steady at 213 still. Nothing more than daily flucuations thus far since day 16 or so of my cycle. Surprised somewhat that strength is still heading upward but that is what I had hoped would happen by implementing Westside ideas to a more full extent and really focusing on strength.

  38. Day 4, PCT
    November 16, 2004

    Bodyweight: 203

    Bodyweight finally starting to drop considerably. I dropped a lot of the excess sodium out of my diet and I think that and the high dose of nolva are contributing. Still up 13 lbs from minimum measurement (by all means not all muscle!). Really getting curious about how much muscle tissue resulted from this cycle. Should have a better idea by weeks end.

    225x5 (+1 rep)

    Knees didn't feel up to speed box squatting again so I decided to skip it this week again and just do an ME move on Saturday again. Might do a little form work on the box squat with superlight weight later today. Gotta give the old body some reason to warrant getting stronger if that is what I want to achieve. One good top set of GM's was a start!

    DE Chinups

    Just did some doubles here focusing on getting as much momentum going as I could to work on speed. Not sure how effective they will be as my bodyweight may still be too high for effective speed work. Speed really dropped off by just the third set. Will test max on chins Friday or Saturday. Damn curious how pulldown strength will carryover since I haven't really maxed on chins or pullups during my cycle and added so incredibly much to the old hammerstrength machine in comparison. My pullup rep strength doesn't seem to have gone up that much as a result, so it should be interesting. I am going to pull like hell on Friday though and give it my best effort! If HS machines won't carryover, I doubt any other pulldown machine would do that much better!

    HS High Rows
    260x5 (hit failure)


    Wrist Curls
    65x9 (+4 reps)
    30x11(+1 rep)

    Calf Raises
    415x8 (+2 reps)
    425x6 (10 lb PR)

    60x7 (+1 rep, PR)

    Strength up nicely on both wrist curls and calf work. Very pleased with that. The PR on curls is a bit misleading. I got the extra rep clearly but got it because my abs have all but quit cramping from the M1T so I was able to keep them tighter while performing the lift. Hence strength shot up!

    The funky feeling in my abs is such a hard thing to describe. I got quite used to it on cycle though. It is almost like you can feel your intestines moving around when you stand up at first. Muscle will shake more under heavy loading. At first it was painful. Heck all cramps were more painful as I shot my bodyweight up to 230. They seem to be reduced as my bodyweight came back down to a more normal 210-215 for days 16-30 of my cycle. So it wasn't a K+ or Mg+ issue so far as I can tell but more of a growth/stretching/pump sort of issue.

    The massive pumps are now gone so far as I can tell. Libido is starting to diminish somewhat without any 4AD. Mental clarity fairly high right now. Feel kind of normal again.

    Much more excited about checking other peoples cycle logs at the moment for obvious reasons. Really hoping we have a winner with the drol. Couldn't have picked better testers for it! Good diversity.

  39. Day 6, PCT
    November 18, 2004

    Bodyweight: 201

    ME Military Press
    190x1 (5 lb PR)

    Military Press

    Weighted Incline Situps
    100x8 (+2 reps)
    110x6 (10 lb PR)

    40x12 (+1 rep)
    40x13 (+2 reps)
    45x7 (+4 reps)


    Stronger. Way stronger. My max effort press was very tough though. I am as dried out as I am going to be and I lost all stability under the weight that I had while on. I was shaking like a leaf on a tree on all the pressing sets. I think this is the first time I truly had to strain to make a PR on the overhead work. Face turned beat red and I thought I might well bust a blood vessel. Gonna be a bit more prudent next time but I knew I could make the lift.

    Another thing that surprised me is that I was able to use the 55's on weighted situps. Got a 10 lb PR. I would check my form but there isn't really a way to slacken on that movement the way I have it setup. So I was stronger.

    I then went to do pushdowns and could even manage 5 reps with 95 (got 6 last time). That had me a bit scared I was losing strength/muscle in triceps. But I think it was just my lack of stability took the leverage away so I appeared much weaker.

    Cautiously approached doing Tate Presses after that and despite my poor attitude and focus I managed an extra rep, then 2 more on the next set. Final set, huge PR. Pretty much made my day at that point.

    My next post will detail what I measured my results to be this cycle and any hunches I have at this point. Gonna bloat up more now over the next week at least so I can regain some stability that is so important for safety and strength. Starting creatine today (can't believe I forgot from day 1)

  40. Once again, I have erred in being able to calculate how much lean body mass I have gained with any remote degree of accuracy. Not only do I not have measurements from most bodyparts, I don't have/didn't use calipers and just relied on the tape measure, mirror and scale to judge. But I am going to give the best feedback I can nonetheless given my crappy setup.

    Stats Before First Cycle in This Log

    Personal Statistics
    Age: 24
    Height: 6'2"
    Minimum BW: 180 lbs
    Waist: 33.5"
    Arms: 14.6, 14.75" = L,R
    Date Taken: July 22, 2004

    Measurement End pct/start of Cycle

    Minimum BW: 190.5 lbs
    Waist: 34.25"
    Date Taken: October 9, 2004

    Post Cycle Measurements

    Minimum BW: 196 lbs
    Waist: 35.00"
    Arms: L=15.875", R=16 1/16"
    Calves: 15.25"
    Date Taken: November 18, 2004

    Subjective Reasoning

    I think the best comparison can be made between the first and last measurements. Waist increased 1.5 inches. Weight Jumped 16 lbs. Conservative estimeate, maybe 4-5 lbs lean bodymass gain on each cycle based on that alone.

    Arm measurements, most pleasing. Gained roughly a hair under 1.3 inches on both arms since the July reading. These are minimum readings (very dry and similarly depleted at each reading). I got more like 16.75 inches when I was bloated at all just recently.

    So far as I can tell all mass gains essentially came within the first two weeks on M1T on both cycles. I assume they are roughly similarly distributed between the two cycles. I think there is a limiting factor on muscle gains on this compound that is not so simple to figure out.

    Not sure how much muscle 1.3 inches brings, but probably a fair amount and that makes me think that 4lbs per cycle is certainly not too liberal a guess on my part. So I am really hoping my feedback is accurate here. Given a natty avg. 1 lb muscle/2 weeks, I get 4 using M1T. Very pleasing!

    Mirror is treating me nicely and I do look fairly lean. Got a comment today that I looked thinner/had lost weight. Yes I have. Having hit 231lbs as a top weight this cycle, I lost about 35 lbs! No apparent muscle loss thought. Talk about bloat/fat retention.

    Couple points of interest. I really went berserk on a perfectly clean mass diet this time around hitting as mentioned 231 lbs all bloated up. I started out much more cautiously last cycle and didn't bloat as bad with 1/2 dose of M1T (5mg last time, 10mg this time). No noticeable difference in mass gains.

    Strength is another thing though. Got a lot stronger this cycle compared to last. Largely attributable to better training protocol imo! Also possibly attributable to doubling M1T dosage.

    This post is long enough already. I'll post a similar strength comparison soonish like I did after my 1st cycle.


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