Hey guys. Just finishing up a 10 week 500mg/wk Test E cycle (3rd cycle). I incorporated some T3s, Clen, and Anavar for short intervals throughout. I made some good gains here, although I'm not quite where I want to be for summer. The problem is I have a Houseboating trip planned for early July, and then a Mexico trip planned for early August, so unless I start my PCT now it'll hit during one of those trips. As such, extending my cycle is not an option.

So what can I do during my PCT in terms of cardio? Should I still be carb cycling, doing cardio, trying to cut fat etc.? Or, should I increase my carbs/cals for those few weeks to help reduce muscle loss.

I'm on a low cal, low carb diet.. Maybe 2500cal/day, with max. 1 carb meal in the morning. I don't currently eat for 3 hours before my workout, I consume a large amount of BCAAs during that time though.

What about ECA? I was going to introduce that... Should I save that for later on I guess?