4 or 5 week cycle of Epi-Strong? (higher dose that Epistane)

  1. 4 or 5 week cycle of Epi-Strong? (higher dose that Epistane)

    Hey guys, appreciate everyones time that reads this whether you can help or not.

    I've got several questions before beginning my first cycle.

    Running my first cycle soon. Diet and routine will be on spot, just looking for some lean, slower but more keepable gains.

    Since Epi-Strong is higher dosed the Epistane (15mg per capsule), and I'll also be running Katanadrol 2.0, how would you attack this?

    The three most common cycles / dosing I've got back were:

    Weeks 1-5:
    Epi 2 caps ED (30 mg)
    Katanadrol 4 caps ED


    Weeks 1-4
    Epi 3 caps ED (45 mg)
    Kat 5 caps ED


    Weeks 1-2
    Kat 4 caps ED
    Epi 2 caps ED (30 mg)

    Weeks 3-5
    Kat 5 caps ED
    Epi 3 caps ED (45 mg)

    I'll be running Forma Stanzol, Bridge, and N2Guard throughout, as well as Opti-Men and EFAs.

    I just finished 4 weeks of Activate Xtreme (nat test booster) and Triazole (estro reducer). I have a new bottle of both as well as a bottle of Lean Xtreme (cortisol blocker). Should I run these all for another month before stating my cycle? Could / should they be ran during a cycle? Should I add them into PCT or after? Just wondering how they could be usefully added to my cycle.


  2. Epi

    This will be one good cutting/recomp stack bro

    U will want a serm for pct tho, OTC wil not allow u to keep all the mucscle gains and fat loss

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