Looking to run very first cycle. Please help.

  1. Looking to run very first cycle. Please help.

    I'm looking to start running my very first cycle and was wanting some input on a good PH to take as well as PCT. I've been running your normal supplements: Jack3d, SizeOn, ON 100% Whey. I've had good success with these so far but seem to have hit a plateau. I want something that's gonna add some good mass that I can maintain once the cycle is finished. Any input is appreciated.

  2. My personal favorite is IBE Epistane, you just have to know where to find it. It puts on good gains, makes you more cut and has lower side effects. For any PH you take your going to need a SERM i.e. nolvadex(tamox), Torem, Clomi. Make sure you have your SERM before you start your cycle just incase there are some unwanted side effects you can end you cycle and stop the sides (gyno).

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