Epistane Cycle Recommendations

  1. Epistane Cycle Recommendations

    I am about to start a 4 week cycle of epistane 30/40/40/40. I am looking for only moderate gains but to become more cut.

    I currently have some gyno from my last cycle because i took the cheap route of taking formadrol as my pct.(stupid/lazy i know)

    I was planning on taking liquid tamox or liqiud letro as my pct this time. Should I go with a different product or add anything else during the cycle or post cycle to battle the gyno?

  2. anyone?

  3. If you currently have gyno and have your mind set on doing a cycle (probably not the best idea until you have your gyno under control) i would suggest you take a low dose AI during your cycle to keep estrogen at bay, although epistane already supposedly doesn't aromatize very much, you cant be too safe. The last thing you want is your boobs swelling up, i usually take about .25 mgs of letro everyday during a cycle, this keeps estrogen sides at bay, when pct comes around discontinue letro and do a 40/40/20/20 tamox pct.

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