gen x ultimate stack?

  1. gen x ultimate stack?

    Just wondering if anyone has taken or is currently taking the gen x labs ultimate stack that's being sold? I'm looking to put together another cycle to be started in June and the pickings seem slim. Anybody know of a solid bulking stack (10-15 pounds) out right now.

  2. wow dude, i wouldnt do that stack at all. superdrol, halodrol, pheraplex, and furuza. seems like way too much at once.

    how much you gain is going to be determined with diet. but you could gain 10lbs of lean mass from SD alone. if you wanted to go one step further you could bridge into something else after the SD, such as epi. or you could stack a non-methyl with the SD like m-lmg.

    just trying to help your liver out a bit man. making your own stack is a much better way to go than buying these pre-made stacks that usually have underdosed amounts of certain ingredients.

  3. yeah I thought that it was a bit harsh myself but I was just wondering if maybe anyone had some good experiences with it. I ran a tren/epi (gen x JACKED) stack last spring and I was beyond pleased with the results and I'd love to run another tren epi cycle but it's just a matter of finding it.

  4. finding which one? both are pretty easy to find on the interwebz. just look for dienolone (trenazone) instead of pro-dienolone.

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