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  1. Exclamation H DROL HELP WITH CYCLE / SERM

    I will be using h-drol for the first time...was going to go with m-drol but alot of guys on here told me to go with h-drol for my first pro hormone cycle...will be doing as follows:

    cycle phase:
    1. 10/10/10/10 (playing it safe) 4 week cycle of HDROL
    2. will be running organ shield (from puris labs) while taking HDROL
    3. multi vitamin including osteochondrotin

    post cycle:
    1. recycle (from puris labs)
    2. liquid TAMOX (NOLVADEX) for my SERM

    just wanted input if that seems good to go before i start it...did some research and came up with this cycle. thnks for your input. Was going to go without a SERM and just go with the recycle (test booster) but decided to do both.

  2. Um hdrol comes in 25 mg pills. Not sure if 25 mg would do much. Def bump it to 50. But I think 75 is a sweet spot for most. Looks like you did a bunch of research today. Good sh*t man!!!



  3. thnks i ordered hdrol and TAMOX today..i figured it came in 10mg like the mdrol since it s from the same company...was just gna take one pill to play it safe...would u do one pill the first week and two the second?

  4. Well. If you want to play it safe. Take 1 pill for a couple days to see how your body reacts to it. If you feel ok, then bump it up. If you still feel ok then maybe up to 75.But just know how your body is. like me . I can take 30 mg of super. But at week 3 back pumps are crazy and week 4 full blown lethargic!!!


  5. what do u take for energy..is the multi vitamin sufficient or should i go another route?

  6. I never got lethargic from H-drol. But you can take like b-12. Most people suggest not to take stims on cycle, but....if your Blood Pressure is under control. A stim here and there may not hurt.



  8. If the h-drol goes fine , would u go with m-drol for your next cycle?

  9. LOL...Stim is Stimulant. I dunno Depends how your h-drol cycle goes. There are so many options. I mean Superdrol(m-drol) is a great product but its also got the most sides(well for me and alot of people) If your cycle goes well. You could try maybe Epi, or I dunno there are still a bunch of "milder" things you can take before jumping into m-drol.


  10. i just have four bottles of the mdrol...bout ten of my buds took it with just otc ptc which i was gna do until i went on this site lol

  11. I mean. You can and will do whatever you want. You know what I mean. If you run m-drol. Just make sure your prepared for anything. Like have Taurine on hand for pumps(cuz they hurt) have a serm and whatever other info you can gather. Thats all Im saying. Say you run m-drol at your 10 mg dose and it was amazing. Maybe next time you can bump it up, but there may be a point where you get more sides than gains, you know. And also dont expect the same gains everytime you run it.


  12. i have percoet for the pumps lol jk....with the liquid tamox (SERM) do u usually mix it with something or do u just squirt it down ur throat?

  13. Well I just recently squirting it down. I was mixing it in a small cup of water and slammin it down, then filling the cup back up(to make sure I didnt waste any).



  15. Wel the tamox I took tasted like straight rubbing alcohol....not so fun. But the clomid I got, is like , I dunno. Not bad



  17. LOL...I hate you..LOL Damn you people with "GOOD" genes. Im a fatty with not so good genes. If you got your diet in check you caould see some good gains on hdrol. Prolly lean you up a bit more and look swole.


  18. well my outside looks good but i know my insides prob suck the dong...lol..my eating habbits are bad....the main reason i wna do hdrol is that i have a torn medial meniscus and trying to go without the surgery...its feeln better but just wna really strengthen my muscles esp my quad (VMO) and hopefully it will protect my joint and let it heal.

  19. Hey bro, def don't start a cycle if you're not 100%. First h drol could dry the **** outta your joints, and second your muscle strength will probably surpass your ligament and tendon strength; leading to further injuries. If you don't wanna have surgery, take the time to go to physical therapy, and then hit a cycle.

  20. im not going to be doing extremely heavy weights with my legs...i doing lighter weight...even open kinetic chain exercises....i dont really like going heavy with legs anyways.

  21. You plan on cleaning up your diet during your cycle, because you can easily ruin those good genes when you start playin with your hormones. lol How old are you?

  22. yea i know...definately gna clean it up...thnk God my genes are good ha..im 36

  23. You sound pretty dead set on doing a cycle then huh? Is it strictly for the injury? and What exactly are you looking for help with?

  24. its for both the knee and personally wna see the results i can acheive from a pro hormone...no im not set..just getting alot of info off here...im getting all the necessary items i will need but still debating...knee is getting better...im not a 100%..pain level low...will not be trying any impact exercises on the knee until week 10 at least...im only on week 4 post injury...duno even know how i injured the knee...prob had a slight tear in the meniscus and just got worse...but its slowly improving..im just babying it alot...ice and heat im using...mostly open kinetic chain strength exercises and ismoetrics multi angles....still working upper body the same with no effect on the knee...will advance to closed kinetic chain exercises this week to see how knee responds.

  25. Thats cool. At first it seemed as if you just wanted to try to get super swoll no matter the cost to your body. I'm glad to see you actually are knowledgeable about how to come back from an injury. I'm think that, when you start closed kinetic chains, deadlifts would build your quad and have less impact than say lunges or squats. I'm not real sure though. Well glad to see that you are researching and if you have any questions about the cycle just shoot, i'll be happy to help.

  26. getn guys on here saying i want spoon fed about dosages and stuff...all i wna do is make sure im doing it correctly....u seem pretty cool i appreciate u takn the time out to help me out...actually going to do more maching work for legs like leg press and knee extensions (moderate weight)...squats are like the worst thing for u due to ur knee actually distracts as you go into a squat...kness should never go over your toes which basically is impossible unless doing wall squats....after few weeks of machines i l move into more agressive movements like the eliptical esp before treadmill...impact is where im probly gna feel most the symptoms since the meniscus act like a shock absorber...few weeks ago i could hardly walk and now i have no pain with walking so getn there slowly

  27. No prob bro. We are all here because we are guys that like to take care of ourselves, and are sharing our collective gained knowledge on how to do this. I hate when people say just search. Why even take the time to post that? just move on to the next if you don't like the thread. Yea it's always a good idea to do an extensive search before starting a cycle, but hell sometimes you can't get all the info from searching.

    Anyways yea squats are the worst when injured, but i would think leg press would be pretty harsh too. I'm really just thinking in terms of actual knee movement. I was thinking that deadlifts with light weight would have little knee movement and be able to hit your quads. Sticking to machines is probably a good idea though. Don't know much about recovering from a knee injury. Do you still have questions about your cycle? (sorry kind of forgot what people posted on the 1st page)

  28. I l let u knw when all of it comes in and i l go over it with u one more time bfore i start it. Ty bro

  29. No problem bro. Good luck with the knee, and pm me when it comes time.

  30. Yeah man. Get that knee better, so you can SMASH SOME WEIGHTS!!!!




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