ph into ostarine

  1. ph into ostarine

    Hello all

    Ive done a few ph cycles with normal pct nolva + daa etc and looking to incorparate some ostarine for 6 weeks at 12.5mg from begining of pct.

    My question is this does this in effect mean that I will need to add extra time before I can go back on cycle again.

    I normaly go by time on plus pct = time off so maybe an extra 3 weeks ontop of the above or is this not needed as it is not hormonal?


  2. osta is slightly suppressive and raises estrogen a little, im really starting to wonder if its even safe to run within a pct, i think my next cycle im going to use it before my ph run, and that way i fully recover from the ostarine and PH. For your other question, its probably a good idea to take the extra time off to let your receptors get a break. But most people use sarms as a bridge when they're off.

  3. but if you want to run it in your pct, then start about 2-3 weeks into your PH cycle since its takes that long to kick in.

  4. Thanks for the replys Beastybean my ph cycle will only be 4 weeks as its sd before might be more apealing to me actualy.

  5. I'm curious to see more information on how suppressive Ostarine really is... It seems like it may be riskier to run in PCT than was originally believed. Still, if one were very careful it might yield some good gains. I wonder if the suppression is mild enough to be counteracted by some good OTC test boosters?
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  6. from what ive read the suppression is mild and so is the estro rise, and most have the levels bounce back naturally after they stop. It also has an effect on blood lipids and cholesterol, one thing i wish i knew before i currently on s4 and osta. I plan on running an otc pct after.

  7. It also has an effect on blood lipids and cholesterol, one thing i wish i knew before i started.

    Hello Beasty how bad effects are we talking here anything to worry about,this will be my first run with osta thanks.

  8. i couldnt tell you how bad, but before i started i had read on another forum about its negative impact on lipids, and questioned it on here. Now there is a guy on here with blood tests after osta and his were also down. i think his username is lightweight or something like that. I dont think its anything too bad, but i plan on running some coq10 and red yeast rice after my cycle along with Admantium, erase, shift, fadogia 500, Vit B6 and l-dopa.


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