Post cycle question -- Clomafen???

  1. Post cycle question -- Clomafen???

    Has anyone out there in Anabolic-land ever tried Clomafen? It's a legal supplement that's supposed to be as effective as clomid. Any advice or results would be GREATLY appreciated. I usually use ZMA w/trib post cycle, which I will use after this current T-1 Pro cycle; however, I was thinking of throwing some clomafen into the mix...if it's worth the $$$.

  2. i've used 6-oxo and it helped me out A LOT... came off a T1-PRO and T4 cycle; and it was pretty heavy... 300mg per day until the bottle was gone (20 days) made my balls grow back and natural test produciton kickstart back to normal (almost there anyway)

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