so i started a cycle of test e 250 at 500mg a week mon and thurs, currently day 12 and ive had 3 injections, Ive been consuming between 3500 to 4000 calories dalie with at least 250 grams protein, about 350 grams carbs, and my morning weight has increased by roughly 2.5 to 3lbs. I guess i may be anxious but I should i be getting heavier, quicker? I am almost sure that the gear is real but I second guessed it initially because it came in a clear vial with no pharmacutical label on it, it was just a white label which read Test E. I asked him why it was like that and he said its because he buys in bulk so he distributes them out in the clear vials. Then it looked better when I got the Nolva from him, it was completly sealed in the packages and was labeled from a company in new zeland. I have had no acne on my back but a couple did pop up on my face but went away in a couple of days, and another reason I was second guessing it was because I didnt really have a big increase in libido like some people say they have. should I be gaining faster or am I jumping the gun?