Liquid Letro for gyno reversal

  1. Liquid Letro for gyno reversal

    hey guys i know theres probably a ton of forums on this site about this already so just starting another lol... anyway heres my story in a nutshell, took m drol when i was a little younger and stupid, didnt pct so in result of my stupidity and lack of research i ended up with bit of gyno. So now after doing mucho research i want to try and reverse it by following c binos plan. basically im going to start letro at 1.25mg and bump up to 2.5 till it clears then taper down. after that nolva at 20mg for the first week and 10mg for the secound week. will be taking hcg during the entire cycle to help with libido. any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Also when this is said in done and everything goes away, which i am praying, i want to do a cycle of epi- strong. i was wondering how long after i should wait before starting another cycle and if i should run nolva throughout the cycle because of the gyno issue. i know epi works as an AI as well so thats a plus.

  2. Letro worked for me. I don't think i wouldn't take Hcg during your Letro run, i don't see the point.

  3. OP did the letro reverse it?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jtcastro1 View Post
    OP did the letro reverse it?
    He posted once, and then never posted again.

  5. yeah mine made it go from the size of a quarter to like 3 lumps the size of a pea with no sensitivity. im running a log right now of epi/sd. i dropped the SD because it ****ed with my gyno and made it swell up again so now im just running epi and the lumps went back down but i just noticed today that my nip if squeezed had some liquid come out so i started prami today. Nipple was really puffy. gonna see if the puffiness will go away with the use of prami.

  6. I'm on letro along with Epi right now. I'm trying to reverse my gyno from lmg/SD and I'm also lactating. I'm taking vitb6 and hopefully the letro will reverse it

  7. will b6 only work for lactating gyno or the gyno with the hard lump??


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