Hey guys new to the forum wanted to say thanks for having me looks like a great place and I cant wait to look through it some more!

A little info on me I did my first mdrol cycle about a year ago and did a lot of research to make sure everything went right. I preloaded that cycle 2 weeks with fish oil, hawthorn berries, and milk thistle. Then I ran my cycle at 3 weeks of 10/20/20 with cel cycle support and additionally needed supplements. My pct was cel pct support and tamoxifen citrate dosed at 30/20/20/10. I had no problems throughout that cycle except loving it and great gains even after I completed my pct.

Well now I decided a few months ago I wanted to do one more since I had enough left. I did my research and read that you needed to start your second cycle at 20mg of the mdrol. I planned to run the second one 20/20/30. With cel support, fish oil (2-3/day) and the opti-men multi (1-2/day)

As for me I've come across a problem I started preloading 2 weeks prior to this past monday with milk thistle, hawthorn berries, fish oil, and opti-men multi vitamin. Then on monday I took my first 10mg in the am along with support supp. then worked out then took my second 10mg before bed (support supps again). Woke up the next day and felt sick to my stomach and threw up. Just thought it was a coincidence and felt better after throwing up. So then I took my next 10mg and worked out then right before bed took the other. As I was going to bed I felt when I was laying on my back that it became harder to breath in my lower body by kidney/liver. So the next day I woke up feeling sick like the day before but didnt throw up. Took 1 fish oil (1000mg) 1 opti-men vitamin and 4 cel cycle support pills around 8:30am around 10 I noticed it was becoming really hard to breath and by 1130 it became even harder to breath and I could barely swallow. My throat basically closed up. I went to the doctor of course told him about what I was doing, got the talk and he told me just to take benadryl and the swelling will subside. So I did not take any mdrol yesterday or today because I wasnt sure what I wanted to do. Here were some options I was considering and was wondering your opinions!

1. Continue the cycle starting next monday this time at 10/20/20

2.Take my pct (tamox) starting tomorrow. (because even only taking 4 total pills my nuts have shrank some and are a little sore so i feel its already done the damage and I should at least take a week or so of tamox) If this is the option what dosage and how long should I take the tamox.

3. Your suggestion?

Also Im wondering what do you think the throat swelling and hard breathing could have been (im assuming they are related) but the hard breathing when i was laying down on monday night was around my kidney/liver area then the next day (tuesday) my throat swelled up and it was near the top. Also I dont see how I can have this allergic reaction considering ive taken all this stuff before with no problems. Could it be the fish oil?

Sorry if this is all confusing its off the top of my head because idk what to do right now considering I thought this wouldnt have happened because the first cycle went so well.

I GREATLY appreciate everyones help and I also cant wait to use this forum in the future when I move to better things.

Feel free to post any questions and I will gladly answer.

Thanks again!