Adderall dangerous with a Test/EQ stack?

  1. Exclamation Adderall dangerous with a Test/EQ stack?

    Running a 12 week cycle with Test 400 and EQ 400 per week. (PCT Clomid)

    Heres the Kicker... I take 20mg of Adderall in the morning and 20mg more in the afternoon for my studies.

    Anybody know of any complications?

  2. you're going be charged up and ready to kick ass, thats for sure!!! i take amphetamines also and i notice when im on a cycle of something sometimes i get more rapid heartbeat but there isnt a contracindication like cocaine and alcohol. also, everyone reacts differently so you really never can tell. just be prepared to adjust any dosage if you notice anything out of the ordinary. be careful, ya know
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  3. Sweet. did you ever get hot flashes and the sweats all over your body?

  4. um.. i get those but i cant really say how much it has to do with the stimulants i take. i also take a large dose of methadone every day and that makes you sweat and get really hot so i really cant say. but since ive been taking the stimulants with it, i would say i have noticed more hot flashes/sweats as opposed to less..

    but obviously everyone is different and any chemical you introduce to your body is going to stress it in some ways. just be careful and if you notice something like a really rapid heartbeat all the time. then either cut your doses or stop one of the drugs. its hard to say without knowing what may or may not happen. keep me posted of any side effects that you get though, id be interested to see if you'll get any or not
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  5. SO i got some sick hot flashes!!! I felt like a ****ing animal. Last time I took this cycle I was out of my prescription for Adderall so I didnt get any. I had to cut down to 10mg of Adderall in the morning and then another in the afternoon. I still get the sweats pretty good once the pill kick in but no hot flashes. Also a major increase in heart rate. My resting heart rate was 155 ( with the full 40mg of Adderall)!!!!! and when working out 179 high. I f**k*** lost 10 lbs of fat in the past couple weeks and gained 6 lbs of muscle.

    Now since I lowered my dose the resting was 142 (still high for resting) and high when working out was 172. I



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