hey members,

new to the site never posted anything so i beleive im in the right spot. i have a problem with my chest read alot of thread on hear about gyno and stuff. I dont have gyno(i dont think).no real fiberous tissue or knots, does itch, justpuffyness under
my areolas more than nipples, mainly left more than right. not very noticeable but cant get them to go away and it pushes my nipple out a little when relaxed. need help to solve this problem. here is a quick background.

age 29
w 175
h 5,9
bf% 12

i have been working out for 7 years diet is decent really starting to work on it. dont drink alot of caffine just energy drink 2 to 3 times a week. cardio 2 to 3 times a week and workout 4 to 5 days

i did h drol for my first time last year at the beginning of the year ot great results. but i did lactate a small bit with the cycle did not know much about the stuff did not research it just took some advice so pct was just over the counter stuff. my cycle was (the only ph or cycle i have done)

weeks 1-2 50mg
weeks 3-4-5 75mg
weeks 6 100mg

pct not much but

pct assist
inhibit e
liver assist
supression c creme

now a year later puffyness and sometimes i get itchy nipples and their is still some discharge from my areola not the actual nipple so if i could be lead towards the right direction to get this sorted out would really appreciated it.
(the discharge is only when i squeeze on it. i know your not supposed to but it hard not to) would prefer otc if poss all opoins needed thanks