M-Drol questions

  1. M-Drol questions

    Nevermind, got some great help via PM.
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  2. 1. Milk thistle atleast 1000mg/day for liver. Pick up some saw palmetto for your blood pressure too. Double your regular fish oil amount. Over all cycle assist does a pretty good job.

    2. I can't comment on this as I have never experienced it.

    3. My libido goes through the roof every time im on SD. Others have dropped, so i guess it varies.

    4. Roid rage? no lol. However i do have an overall well being while on cycle.

    5. No concern here. SD does not aromatize. However there is always caution for delayed gyno after the cycle. I have never had any issues. a SERM such as Nolva is mandatory after your cycle.

    good luck man.

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