Ostarine/erase log

  1. Ostarine/erase log

    Height- 6'3
    bodyfat-? guesstimate 20%

    Goals- Lean out to 10%,and maintain all muscle. not sure if i can get this low in 8wks but im going to try.

    Calories will be at 2700 workout days, and 2500 rest/cardio days

    Weight lifting 4 times a week and cardio twice a week

    Wk1 osta-50mg ED
    wk2-8 osta-12.5mg ED

    wk1-8 erase at 1 pill ED(decided to take it to 2 ED)
    wk4-8 admantium at 1 scoop ED
    wk9-12 erase 2ed, and fadogia500 (a mild pct)
    I will update with info only once a week, unless i notice something worth sharing.

  2. In... Have you tried Erase before? I think it would be best to start at 2 caps, can't see 1 cap doing much at all.

  3. no, i havent used erase before, i wanted to make it last for 90 days, but i have thought of bumping it up to 2. I only want it to keep estro at bay, not actually lower it. I still have another bottle of nolvadex xt, so maybe ill increase the erase, and use the nolvadex after the 8wks

  4. Nolvadex XT - does that contain ATD? If so, then I would not touch that during cycle as it acts as a anti-androgen, so from my understanding it would hinder your results. I maybe talking out my ass so see what other members make of this...

  5. i dont think it has atd, label has a proprietary blend, sorry its NOVEDEX xt not nolvadex
    3,5,7, trihyfroxy-4-methoxyflavone

  6. The main ingredient in nolva xt is atd. And atd does act as an anti androgen thus hindering the effect of other compounds on cycle. AIs are a better anti e choice during a cycle. I would definitely go with erase.

  7. ok, then im just going to stick with 1 cap of erase, i think that will be enough to keep e2 from going higher than where it is now. Thanks for the info guys.

  8. subbed bro

  9. im thinking about bumping up my dose to 25mg, after the first week instead of 12.5 or adding in s4 at 25mg, and keeping the osta at 12.5

  10. bumped my erase up to 2 caps ED, im now taking osta at 12.5 mgs, Weight is at 253. Nothing really noticeable in the gym.

  11. Today was chest and tris, and i definelty had an increased pump.

  12. weight is at 249, ive started S4 at 50mg split in the morning and pm. Ive noticed a really small lump on my right nipple, hopefully it will go away, ive started taking vit b6. Im not sure if it would be from the osta, or the mdrol cycle i ran 1month before this. Id imagine a combination of both.

  13. ive been on s4 for 6 days today, and im noticing a yellow tint, and im sensitve to changes in light. I will not take the s4 this weekend and see if it goes away.


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