things you change when on cycle

  1. things you change when on cycle

    just thought id make a thread so people, can put a list of stuff, they changes
    like ie,,
    time spent in gym,

    food intake,

    macro, ie pro/carb/fats

    what do you change when on a cycle,, if anything,
    hope i dont get in trouble,4 starting a bit of a stupit thread,, im in work and very bored

  2. Ya time is a major one and intensity and heavy lifting are major factors.

    Higher protein I like to take more then I need while on cycle and in PCT mode.

    I am also changing some support supplements last minute in hopes not to fry my liver.

  3. more of everything, really!!

    as in food, water, lifting, support supps, sleeping....everything!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  4. Basically the next few weeks or however long the cycle is, you have OCDx10

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