Phantom Labs Phreak Log

  1. Phantom Labs Phreak Log

    Phantom Labs recently released Phreak which is a Halodrol/Superdrol stack. I am 27 years old have done two CEL Hdrol cycles. First one 2/2/2/2 for a month for my first Ph. Then a second one for 2/3/3/3/3/3. And a CEL MDrol cycle for 1/2/2/2. Used Nolva for PCT on the MDrol Cycle, and Clomid for the two HDrol Cycles.

    I Will now be running Phreak for 4 weeks which contains 25mg of Halodrol and 15mg of superdrol per a capsule. I will be running 1 capsule for the first three days to introduce my body, then 2 capsules for the remainder of the time.

    Supports sups: Multi Vitamin, CEL Cycle Assists, Extra Milk Thistle and Hawthorne Berry, Fish Oil, 3g taurine a day incase of back pumps.

    Height and Initial Weight: 5'9 161 lbs about 8-9% body fat

    PCT: Clomid 105mg/70mg/70mg/30mg/17.5mg/ 0
    Letro 0 / 0 /.25mg/.5mg/ .5mg / .25 mg-Slowly taper down
    As well as: Cycle Assist, PCT Assist, Multi V, Fish Oil, Tribulus Terrestris, and KreAlkalyn Creatine

    Day 1: Chest day, did not notice any difference. Im assuming it will take about 4 days til the pump kicks in, and about a week and a half for noticeable strength.

  2. Forgot to include diet, i will give a brief summary

    Aiming for about 3,000 Calories a day

    I am eating all complex carbohydrates, whole wheat bread, pasta, etc.
    Only small amount of simple carbs post workout to induce immediate insulin levels, with 6 egg whites post, Then a small meal of complex carbs to keep insulin levels steady. Other then that diet will consist of 5-6 small to moderate size meals (400-500 calories per meal) aiming to reach 30g of protein per meal. Diet will mainly be consisting of Oatmeal, Cheerios, 2%Milk, PB and J, Egg Whites, Lean Chicken, Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Pasta, Tuna, Turkey Sandwhiches, with possibly a random semi cheat meal once a week ex) moes or maybe some chipotle

  3. Day 2: Back and Tris, don't think i have began to feel it. Worked a bit harder today possibly due to placebo effect. Pump was good but don't know whether to attribute it to Phreak just yet. Getting a bit excited to start feeling it so i have decided to just go to 2 capsules a day from now on.

  4. Day 3: Shoulder and Traps. Weight is up to 166 (+5), Felt a decent shoulder pump but nothing quite like what i am expecting.Not too many sides, very minimal back pumps, and a bit of high blood pressure (high diastolic systolic was normal). Did a few more reps than usual but no significant increase in strength. I have heard of disrupted sleep patterns on Phreak but sleep has been normal for me thus far.

  5. Day 4: Chest and Bis, was suppose to do legs but I cant stand doing legs in the afternoon so I postponed it til tomorrow morning. WOW is all i can say. Felt a bit of extra strength in the gym, felt more aggressive, more control over the weight, and the pump was absolutely AMAZING. Weight is the same 166. Have had minimal sides no acne, random minor back pumps, can't tell if I have lethargy since i am kinda lazy anyway, sleep has been fine. Can't believe its only day 4 can see the size coming on and the pump is great, excited to see where i am in a few weeks.

  6. I am very interested in your log. I am considering running phreak in the near future

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  7. Thanks, I am not going to post the weight and reps because I want to remain as anonymous as possible. But I will begin to post increases in weight for certain exercises or when i reach PR's. For example) Bench Press (+10 from initial).

  8. Quote Originally Posted by sockskat7 View Post
    Thanks, I am not going to post the weight and reps because I want to remain as anonymous as possible. But I will begin to post increases in weight for certain exercises or when i reach PR's. For example) Bench Press (+10 from initial).
    That's cool with me. Just make mention when you actually feel the strength gains. Good luck and stay dedicated.

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  9. Day 5: Leg Day, Strength was about the same maybe a few extra reps on my squat. By the time i got to Romanian Deadlift the back pumps were getting very intense borderline miserable, contemplated stopping the workout midway but I pushed through it. I took 3g Taurine before the workout so I might increase to 5g next time. Weight is up to 169 (+8). As far as sides go, no acne, back pumps were only bad during workout after they went away, had a bit of restless sleep last night possibly due to taking a nap earlier in the day. Other than that so far so good weight has been increasing more dramatically then expected and feeling stronger pumps by the day.

  10. Sorry to sound ignorant, but what exactly is a back pump and what does it feel like? I believe I would know if I ever experienced one lol.

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  11. A pump is basically the feeling you would get in a muscle after a workout, the feeling of the muscle "being swole" or the fullness you feel in a muscle, and is sometimes associated with an intense burn in the target muscle. Back pump is this same feeling except in your lower back, however "the pump" in this particular area can be very intense and cause standing, sitting, or walking to become difficult borderline painful.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by sockskat7 View Post
    Back pump is this same feeling except in your lower back, however "the pump" in this particular area can be very intense and cause standing, sitting, or walking to become difficult borderline painful.
    Then I have definitely felt a back pump today. I was sitting in my office for about an hour then I couldn't stand for more than 10 minutes without my lower back starting to get sore.

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  13. Day 6: Shoulders, was busy all day and felt kind of lethargic going into the gym, did a quick shoulder workout, pump was insane like someone unloaded a shotgun shell in my shoulder. Strength continuing to climb gradually still throwing the same weight but controlling it way better, doing more reps, and overall feeling like a beast. Didn't get a chance to weight my self today, but I think I may have dropped a pound or two today since I didn't get in as much calories as I have been in the past week. As far as sides, nothing to crazy a bit of headaches from high blood pressure, felt a bit lethargic but I also had a long busy day, sleep is fine, no acne, mild back pumps.

  14. Day 7, 8: Strength has gone up a bit, Max Bench has gone up by 15 lbs. So nothing too drastic yet, the pump is amazing and have been getting compliments on looking bigger. As far as sides go, no acne, mild back pumps, sleep has been fine, however I have been getting random chest pains, and pulsing/dull ache in my right upper quadrant where my liver would be. As well I feel as if my liver is a bit enlarged. I am going to cut the dose back to 1 pill a day and see if the symptoms subside, if not stopping the cycle all together. As far as weight goes i am at 170 (+9)

  15. Are you drinking water. You should be drowning in water with that stuff, its two methyls which is super harsh on the liver. You should go to the doctor and get bloodwork done to know for sure if its affecting your liver. Good luck bro. Keep eating and hitting the gym, you don't want to lose those gains.

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  16. The amount of water being taken in has no effect on hepatoxicity of the two methyls to attempt to dilute blood is futile since the body attempts to maintain blood volume by dilating and constricting the blood vessel, the only organ that can benefit from drinking high water is the kidneys by diluting the amount of toxins in the filtrate. Blood volume is maintained fairly constant throughout the body by constriction and dilation of the blood vessels. I have been taking 8 capsules of cycle assist a day which contains 1000mg milk thistle. I have reduced to one capsule a day and the discomfort in the upper right quadrant abdomen area has dissipated.

    Sorry I have not posted, have been busy with work and lifting.

    (X) is my baseline lift for that exercise

    Day 12: Chest and Bis, Weight is 170lbs (+8) haven't gained possibly to a bit of calorie restriction that was a result of a busy work week and less time to eat as much as I was in the first few days. Strength has been progressively going up I was doing X Amount of weight for 10 reps on dumbbell bench press. I am now doing X+10lbs for 10 reps. As far as flat bench i am doing X+20lbs for 3-4 while before I was doing X for 5 reps. Had a back day yesterday and my lat pull down jumped up about X+40lbs for 6 reps as before i was doing X for 6 reps. Strength gains are very noticeable and I am feeling like I can dominate the weight more, my workout partner was even giving me strange looks throughout the workout from just being completely surprised by the rapid increase in strength. The pump is absolutely amazing and painful at the same time but it is a good pain. As far as sides, abdominal discomfort is gone, no acne, random mild back pumps, sleep has been okay, a bit of lethargy but not anything a strong mind can't over power.

  17. subb'd ...good log so far

  18. What happened to the rest of this log?

  19. He died, pump just made him explode in the gym

    It was on the news
    Always willing to learn :D

  20. Sometimes things go wrong.

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  21. yea what happen am i gona die on phreak or what lol cant decide epi or phreak?


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