Test Prop, Epistane and Winstrol

  1. Test Prop, Epistane and Winstrol

    Hello, I was looking if someone could point me in the right direction. I am 27 yrs. old, been lifting for 5 years. My previous cycle history consist of test/deca, superdrol / tren, and my last was prop/anadrol. I currently have a bottle of epistane (havoc) 1 vial of prop and 30 50mg winstrol tabs. From my experience and research I should run the epistane first followed by the winstrol and prop.
    Something like:

    week 1-4 30mg ed epistane
    week 5-8 50mg winny ed and 125 prop eod
    week 9-10 clomid and nolva
    week 11-12 nolva only

    and of course the all the cycle supports to go along with it.

    Now my question is, will taking all this together diminish the effects of the epistane? Should I run the epistane alone with a natural test booster followed by a pct and months down the road run the winny/prop?

    I would like to gain on lbm, Which my diet is strict for it. Just not sure if it would be wise to create one cycle, or split this into two. I know everyone has there differences about short cycles, but with the prop and winny I think 4 1/2 weeks would be a nice one. Any input is greatly appreciated. Whatever I decide I will make sure to log it as this will be something to model others by.

    Thanks again

  2. you need to be on test from wks 1-8, and being on orals for 8 wks isnt going to be too good either. 8wks of orals is not a good, id stop at 6wks. Maybe run the winny after the test ends and get on something like HCGenerate, it will like with production like HCGenerate and keep the gains coming. GL

  3. Prop NEEDS to be used through out the whole cycle. Just because you have a few bottles or vials of this and that doesn't mean you should run a cycle. Save up for a cycle that you can be proud of and get better/safer results from. If you MUST run something i'd say stick to the epi and follow with proper pct. Should get some nice dry gains from it alone and a fairly easy bounce back. Save the prop and winni for starting and finishing (respectively) off your next cycle

  4. I agree that test is and always should be the base but that is all i can get. I tried. I figured since most everyone runs epistane without it, it wouldn't be that bad to start this way. So thank you for answering my question, I will run the epistane with a natural test booster(which probably wont do anything but give me boners) followed by a pct and look ahead later on. Any other replies welcome.

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