IBE Protomax 6 week cycle

  1. IBE Protomax 6 week cycle

    I'm new here. I am running a 6 week cycle of Protomax. I havent seen many logs about this but I have a detailed log about my cycle on another forum. I am 27 days in and seeing results. Id be happy to post the log on here if anyone is interested

  2. Does anyone want to see a log on this? If not ill just keep it on the other board

  3. I'm interested, would appreciate you posting the log here.
  4. Proto Log this far

    I will not go through the trouble of reposting my day by day logs so far on this but I will do a brief summary and will post day by day progress throughout the rest of cycle and pct. Currently this cycle has been a little up and down. Initially started out wiith 50 mg for week 1 and felt nothing, bumped up to 75 mg in week 2 and felt good but got sick. Was fullly recovered and good to go by week 3 and have been at 75 mg since. So far in the cycle I have had a few occasional days wehre I feel exceptionally good and have set a few PRs but for the most part Ive been pretty unimpressed with the proto. In all honesty I feel like I could have made similar gains just using my normal preworkout protocol. the only thing I can attribute to the proto is that I gained 2 pounds while reducing calories by 1200 per week and have leaned out.

    My notable PRs:

    bench: went from 290 x 6 to 295 x 6 and have been stuck here since week 2
    squat: 365 x 4 to 375 x 4, have not pushed it since then, knees hurt, doing slower squats since then
    sumo deadlift: went from 335 x 3 to 365 x 3 (i think this is more of a combination of just not doing this exercise for awhile prior to the cycle though)

    tomorrow I am bumping the dosage up to 125 mg and will run it like that for the next 6 days, lets hope i see something finally

  5. Day 33: Beast Mode

    75 mg am, 50 mg pm

    -went ahead and bumped the dose up to 125 mg today, i literally noticed an immediate difference
    -i do not necessarily feel more aggressive, i actually feel very euphoric, but i have a strong drive to workout and i did not want to leave the gym this morning
    - i felt gigantic throughout the whole workout, the workout was about 20 minutes shorter than usual because i barely rested between sets, i PR'd on deadlifts but i think i burnt myself out for the rest of the workout with those because i did 3 additional heavy sets

    -jump rope 5 mins
    -shoulder warm ups

    *PR-explosive deadlift to shrug with hold at the top: 155 x 3, 205 x 3, 255 x 3, 305 x 3, 355 x 3 (PR of + 40 pounds!!!)
    *PR-heavy dead lifts max outs: 405 x 3 (at this point i knew i was gonna break my pr by a big time), 475 x 1 ( PR = 40 pounds), and then the big one: 505 x 1 (**** yeah PR + 75 pounds)
    -1 leg RDLs: 30, 40, 50, 50 x 6
    -Pull ups: 4 x 6 plyometric pull ups
    1 arm db row: 60 x 6, 75 x 6, 90 x 6, 100 x 7
    -machine shrugs: 180 x 14, 13, 14
    -forearm wrist curl burnout: 25 reps each x 1 set
    -plank: 4 x 60 seconds
    -medicine ball twist: 4 x 8 each side

  6. Day 35:

    -75 mg 1030 am, 50 mg 5 pm

    -following day 33 I had pronounded pains in my shoulder, likely from adding 75 pounds to my deadlift

    -this morning i saw my doctor about my shoulder and i was diagnosed with a small strain in my ac joint, not really that big of a deal, will just have to take it easy on shoulders and chest for awhile, i guess thats what i get for going up 75 pounds on dead lifts

    -today I did back, mainly did my reps with a 3 second concentric motion and 5 second eccentric motion. I also paused at the top and bottom of my reps and aimed for 10-15 reps per set. I did this so i could use lighter weight but still have a solid workout, i did not want to aggrivate the shoulder. Surprisingly this may have been one of the best workouts of the cycle, I was rediculously pumped and excessiively more veiny than usual, maybe this rehab process wont be so bad afterall.

    -with regards to bumping up the dose from 75 to 125 there is a huge difference, its just not very cost efficient. My body actually looks different in the 3 days I have dosed higher. I may actually consider running this compound again but it would be somethign in the range of 100/100/125/125/150/150 maybe higher. Hdrol is probably a better alternative

    Workout looked like this:

    -Reverse chest flye machine: 70 x 15 for 3 sets
    -hammer grip lat pull down: 100 x 12 for 3 sets
    -straight arm pull down with hammer grip: 55 x 12 for 3 sets
    -face pulls: 55 x 15 for 3 sets
    -one arm machine rows: 55s x 12 for 3 sets
    -middle back row machine: 70 x 12 for 3 sets
    -reverse grip cable rows: 45 x 10 for 3 sets
    -bent over rows: 105 x 10 for 3 sets
    -lower back extensions: 3 x 15


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