Opinions on this cycle

  1. Opinions on this cycle

    Well, my vacation has fallen through so I've revised my cycle and plan on starting it next weekend. Just wanted everyone's opinion of it.

    M4OHN at 30mg/day : Weeks 1-6
    1-Test Cyp at 600mg/weekly: Weeks 1-8
    Test Cyp at 600mg/weekly: Weeks 1-10

    I also have enough D-Bol to throw in at 50mg/day for 4 weeks but I'm not sure if I want to do 2 methyls or even if the D-Bol is necessary.

  2. looks like a killer lean mass stack.

  3. Truthfully, I think the DBOL sounds like a better addition than the MOHN, but if you want to try out the mohn go for it!

  4. Well, I've got a lot of M4OHN so I thought I would give it a shot. I might even increase the dose to 40mg/day. I'll see how things go with at 30mg/day then re-evaluate after 3 weeks.

  5. Just incase you haven't seen this yet:

    Do you like m4ohn?
    Post #48

    You may be able to get good results using less M4OHN and thus easing the strain on your liver by spreading the doses out in 4 hour incriments.

    Just a thought, good luck on the cycle.




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