Ostarine - MK 2866 questions

  1. Ostarine - MK 2866 questions

    Can you take OStarine while on PCT or even after PCT ? Does it shut you down ?

    I wanna take this stuff 15mg a day for 6 weeks, I dont wanna go too high, is that good for a cycle ?

  2. Why would you order and want to use this if you have no idea what to use it for?

  3. because im retarded ! so help a retard and god will love you

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Markusrulezzz View Post
    because im retarded ! so help a retard and god will love you
    How old are you and what gym do you train in?

    I at times visit the 24 on wilshire, its close to wilshire and western if your familiar.

  5. I live in Irvine ! but I know what sarms are but I have heard people getting their test suppressed by these stuff

  6. if i was a jerk I'd tell you to search.

    there are various threads on it. for some people, yes. for others no. I ran it during pct and I was fine afterwards. Some people have been shut down for running it for 8 weeks at a time.
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  7. A lot of people use SARMS in their PCT and has helped to hold gains and even add more. Just keep the dose moderate and only run it for 4-6 weeks and that should work good in addition to a SERM
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  8. I ran it during PCT and was happy with keeping the strength gains I made longer. Since stopping the strength has dipped some.

  9. Osta will not shut you down, run it at 12,5 during PCT for 4-5 weeks.

  10. Osta really propped up my strength after SD/Epi. However, I have lost a little more since coming off it. I could have already rolled onto another cycle, though.
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