Test E cycle question

  1. Test E cycle question

    Hello board.

    Starting a test e only cycle in a couple of weeks ran at 500mg per week, 250 monday 250 thursday. Just wanted to clear something up. This will be my 2nd cycle.
    I have clomid on hand for pct. My pct will be starting two weeks after my last shot and will be 150mg day1/100 mg next 7days/50mg next 14days.

    My question is this, during my cycle would i be better off having arimidex on hand in case of gyno, or nolvadex? From researching it seems like arimidex is the better choice. If so would the correct dosage be .5mg eod?
    And if all that is correct, my final question is, if i have arimidex on hand for during, and i have my clomid ready for pct, do i still need nolvadex for pct? If so what is the correct dosage for nolva (for pct)

    Stats - 5' 10in 185lb 28yrs old training hard for the past 4 years.
    past cycle - test cyp 500mg a week
    ** first cycle experienced gyno so i think im prone to it.


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  3. everybody has a diff opinion when i comes to pct, id say you dont need both nolva and clomid because the both pretty much mirror one another in their effects, ive heard nolva is better at stimulating the output of the LH so id use that to be honest. for the aramidex, not sure on the dose, but i would only resort to that if you develop gyno since its main purpose is to break up estrogen deposits, but i hear letro may be even better. again, i would use nolva and only use the aramidex if you start even slightly dev. gyno. one thing to be aware of is that a serm does not eliminate estrogen, it maintains your levels without allowing it to bind to a receptor, so when you finish PCT your estro levels could possibly spike when you stop taking the nolva (or clomid), so thats where the aramidex comes in handy, cause rebound gyno is what gets a lot of guys.

  4. okay. during my first cycle i did get some gyno. so i figure having the adex on hand would be a good idea this time around. and as for the pct i thought clomid was for "keep gains" and the nolva was to boost your natural test levels back up. not sure if im getting that mixed up tho.

  5. ive had better experience with clomid, with nolva i did notice i hadnt retained as many gains, but this could have been my fault. and yea it is a good idea to keep the AI on hand just incase. Good luck bro

  6. First of all when you get gyno in cycle serm's mechanism of action is quicker (especially nolva which is used for the same reason in medicine) when it comes to reducing gyno.

    Second of all, when you run an aromatizable compound like Test always use an AI throughout the whole cycle. Considering that Test should(!) the base to any kind of cycle, you pretty much should always run an AI too. I would suggest when you start your cycle run Arimidex at 0,50mg EOD OR Aromasin at 12,5mg ED.

    Third and final, i would suggest always run PCT with both Nolva and Clomid for at least 4 weeks, dosing maybe be slightly different depending on the variables but imho that's should always be your base. In your case i would suggest the following:

    Weeks 1-4 --> Clomid 100 | 50 | 50 | 25mg ED
    Weeks 1-4 --> Nolva 20 | 20 | 20 | 10mg ED

    PS 1) If you have any trouble or think feel you should about have a little bit easier start of HPTA recovery i would suggest you to use an good Test booster. It is more than optional in this cycle but everybody's different, so i just put it out there.
    2) The fact that in your first cycle you did not use an AI while using 500mg/week of Test cyp and you got gyno doesn't mean you are prone to it. In that dose pretty much everyone will experience similar situation because if you consider that the average physiological testosterone production in men 18-35 is approximately 25-50mg/week, it's pretty natural for the body to respond like this.
    3) Congrats on the fact that even it's only your second cycle you still use test only, in comparison to some other people who by then they jump to 2-3 orals and/or tren etc.
    All information provided by me is for research & entertainment purposes only.
    REP ME !!!


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