Do I need an AI on this dose of test??

  1. Do I need an AI on this dose of test??

    I'm doing 200mg of Test cypionate every five days stacked on top of daily TRT testim gel. Do you think I'll need an aromitase inhibitor (AI) with this low dosage of test cyp. or only if I exhibit the first signs of any gyno type side effects?

  2. hard to say bro; I think it would be best to have your AI on hand and Nolva too just in case. you could get away with Aromasin at 12.5 mg every 3rd or even 4th day and be good at that dose.

    But it all comes down to how each person responds
    PM me about my peptide research findings

  3. Do you have bad joints?? If you can handle being a little dryer while on go for it. But if causes other issues go with a very low dose

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