Test E or P with Epistane

  1. Test E or P with Epistane

    Hi guys.
    I have been running Test only cycle in the past.
    I was wondering if its good to add Epistane 30mg/day for the first 6 weeks alongside with Test.. will I benefit more from that?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you guys.

  2. if you have access to test, why not go straight for Dbol

    4 week kickstart and run test for 10-12 weeks at 400-500/wk and call it a day
    PM me about my peptide research findings

  3. Tried Dbol but it bloat me up alot. But I do like the strength gained from Dbol. I'm just thinking of lean bulking so was thinking if Epi can make a dryer gain instead.

  4. You could do somehing like the below:

    Example 1:
    Weeks 1-6/7/8 -->
    Test P. 50-100mg EOD
    Weeks 1-4/5/6 --> Epistane 20-40mg ED

    Example 2:
    Weeks 1-10/11/12 -->
    Test E. 400-500mg/week
    Weeks 1-4/5/6 --> Epistane 20-40 ED

    Example 3:
    Weeks 1-10/11/12 -->
    Test E. 400-500mg/week
    Weeks 1-4/5/6 --> D-bol 20-40mg ED (Optional)
    Weeks 8-12 -->
    Epistane 20-40mg ED

    PS I would also suggest a AI throughout the cycle, Arimidex at 0,50mg EOD OR Aromasin at 12,5-25mg ED. If you choose to do Test E. cycle run it also in the 2 week gap between the last injection and the start of PCT.
    All information provided by me is for research & entertainment purposes only.
    REP ME !!!

  5. Thanks for the info.. Probably will run test p instead of e for less water retention. Thank you.



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