1st EQ Cycle: NEED INPUT

  1. 1st EQ Cycle: NEED INPUT

    Im getting ready to start my 1st equipoise cycle and want some input on how to really maximize my 16 weeks. Im kick starting with dbol and running test c. with eq. I really want a strong finish! Any advice on what to throw in with the last 4-6 weeks? Could I add dbol back in?

    Equipoise (400mg/week): 1-16
    Test C. (500 mg/week): 1-16
    Dianabol (50 mg/day): 1-6
    ????: 10-16

    Post Cycle
    HCG (2000 IU every 5 days): 17-19
    Nolvadex (40/40/20/20): 19-22
    Clenbuterol (2 weeks on/off): 17-22

  2. I don't think you need anything at the end, I would only run anavar if anything, by that time you'll be making nice steady gains

    Also I would be in favor or running HCG the whole time, 250iu twice a week, and then run a 6 week PCT with NO HCG

    I have heard of your method of running HCG at the end before PCT, just don't know enough about it to says yay or nay, but never seen anyone have a crappy pct if the run it though the whole cycle

  3. Yeah, I'm gonna try the HCG at the end only bc I've heard it recommended that u not stay on it for much longer than 3-4 weeks.

  4. Dude the last few wks of EQ are going to be fun regardless of what you stack in there. it takes 6wks really to kick in, and when it does your going to be cool. The Anavar would be nice and also help with a little fat burning. 60-70mg would be like the cherry on top.

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