The Return of the Dragon: 11-Spray/7-Spray Log (Sponsored)

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  1. The Return of the Dragon: 11-Spray/7-Spray Log (Sponsored)

    First off, a quick thanks to henryv for selecting me to run this. This will be the first product I’ve logged in quite a while on this board. A little background on me:


    266 lbs

    Age: 33

    Stats: 575ish/455/655 PRs, current maybe 500/425ish/615ish

    - Squat is down significantly because of a 2010 injury, after which I didn’t squat for quite some time (10 months). In fact, I only started squatting again within the last few weeks; I had used machines in the interim. Other lifts decreased because I have been slowly dieting since January 3.

    BF: ?? Mid-teens… but still too fat. As described above, I have been sloooowwwwly dieting for almost 2 months. January was more of a recomp effort, very small caloric deficit M – F, maintenance Saturday, and surplus/refeed watching football on Sundays. February has been similar, but a larger deficit, now M – Sat, and only a slight surplus on Sunday refeeds, as well as adding in a small amount of cardio. This method has taken me from 284 lbs on New Year’s Day, to 266 as of this morning, so 18 lbs over 8 weeks.


    I have a hard time even calling this a cycle, as 11-KT is supposed to be so mild on the HPTA, but here they are:

    1) Drop another 10+ lbs, with help in midsection.

    - Yes, this is aggressive. I will be attempting to shed 10 or more lbs using 11-Spray over 4 weeks, hoping the great majority of it is fat. This is 2.5 lbs per week, too high a rate to not expect muscle loss… but that’s where the spray comes in. I also understand the cortisol-suppressing properties of 11-KT will aid in midsection fat loss. This, of course, is good news.

    2) Maintain strength.

    - If I can accelerate the rate at which I lose fat, while halting the slow slide of my big 3 numbers (always happens when I diet), I will be as happy as a pig in ****.


    Where 7-spray fits in

    The tentative plan is to use the 7-spray in PCT next time I’m on, which, if all goes well, will be after the 11-Spray. This is subject to change – I may end up running them back-to-back - so my plans for the 7-spray will be finalized as the first stage of this log winds down.


    Will be more or less daily. I won’t be updating on Sundays for sure, but other than that I should be posting pretty much daily. As far as pics, I plan to do beginning (going up tomorrow), middle (2 weeks in), and end.

    Diet & Training

    Will be detailed in the log, but due to work this time of the year (accountant), I only lift 3x a week right now, so this split is not my normal split. Cardio will also be detailed when done as well (currently 2-3x per week, may increase).


    Will be about 50 sprays/day, which appears to work out to roughly the suggested 240 mg/day. This should run me 30 days. Sprays will be applied post-shower, sometimes in AM, sometimes in PM, sometimes both (if dividing daily dose).

    That should do it for the basic outline. Starting pics up tomorrow, and I kicked it off with a partial application this morning, so first post covering 02/25 will be up tomorrow too.


  2. Day 1

    Day 1: February 25

    Dosing: 50 sprays post-shower, split 20 AM, 30 PM.

    Workout: None, off day.

    Cardio: 30 minute fasted AM cardio on the elliptical. 11-Spray was applied after this.

    Thoughts: Nothing much to report, it's just Day 1. Will take a few pics this afternoon and tonight, when I can get in front of a mirror.

    - Dragon

  3. Reserved for pics.

    Here's the before pics:
    Attached Images Attached Images     

  4. Sub'd .

  5. Sub'd. Will be starting this in a couple months. Looking forward to the log. Good luck!

  6. Down for a Dragon log. I miss your past logs with all the details!

  7. subbed.
    Comic Sans makes me feel gangsta

  8. ^^^Wow those pics came out big.

    @Silver: Good to see you here man! How have you been? I'm afraid this is my busy season, so this won't be quite as detailed as the previous logs, lol.

  9. Day 2: February 26

    Dosing: 50 sprays post-shower, all PM.

    Workout: Shoulders and arms.

    I won't be listing every set I do like as it just takes too much time, but I think a brief breakdown of movements and top work sets is in order.

    A) Close-grip bench: worked up to 315 for reps.

    B) Hammer Strength 1-arm Dips: worked up to 3 plates + 35 lb chains

    C) Rope Extensions: worked up to 200 lbs (stack) for lots

    A) Barbell curls: worked up to 135

    B) DB Board curls: worked up to 50s

    C) Cable "Superman" curls: Worked up to 70 each side

    D) Concentration Curls: burn-out

    A) SHIPs: wut 275 (equivalent on the Smith, i.e. 2 plates and a 25 per side)

    B) Cable lateral raises/Real delt flyes: lots of reps.

    It was an OK workout. Had one of those great days in the gym last week when doing shoulders/arms, so I didn't expect to have another. Had another shoulder movement on the schedule that I skipped as the R one was a little balky after the last set of SHIPs. Unusual for me, will keep an eye on it.

    Cardio: None.

    Thoughts: Again, nothing much to report. I would expect to start noticing the effects of the product as I get into week 2.

    - Dragon

  10. Day 3: February 27

    Dosing: 50 sprays post-shower, all PM.

    Workout: Off day.

    Cardio: None specifically, but I was outside most of the day running around with the kids.

    Thoughts: Same as before: I would expect to start noticing the effects of the product as I get into week 2.

    - Dragon

  11. Day 4: February 28

    Dosing: 50 sprays post-shower, all AM.

    Workout: Off day.

    Cardio: 30 minutes fasted AM cardio on the elliptical.

    Diet: 1,753 kcals, 65g fat, 94g carbs, 195g protein. Awful diet today, I didn't come close to my 300g daily protein goal. On the bright side, that is a significant deficit, and I am dieting.

    Thoughts: I was still sweating a bit after my AM shower. I remember thinking that I hope it doesn't interfere with the absorption. In hindsight, I think that's pretty ridiculous. Training tomorrow, so hitting my diet goals will be automatic.

    - Dragon

  12. Hmm, I just realized I've forgotten to log my diet. I'm not going to tell you every damn thing I eat, but a kcal total and macro breakdown should be helpful.

    Previous post edited, and this will continue going forward.

  13. Hmmm, I haven't seen the write ups on this yet, i may have forgotten though if i did being that I have not really been active since November.

    What exactly is either of these sprays? Pat makes it right?

  14. 11-spray is 11-ketotestosterone. If I remember correctly, and I could be wrong, it's what 11-OXO converts to. So with the spray you get better absorption and no need for any conversion. I just ordered some, will be running it in about two months.

  15. ^^^ Correct. Mild anabolic, great cortisol blocker. Ideal for dieting, IMO.

  16. Are you doing a PCT for the 11 spray?

  17. Day 5: March 1

    Dosing: 50 sprays post-shower, all AM post-workout.

    Workout: Chest/back

    Bench: worked up to 355 for reps (5 total sets)
    DB Incline: 110s for high reps, straight sets (4 total sets)

    Lat pulls: worked up to 250 for reps (5 sets)
    Seated row (straight bar): worked up to 280 for reps (4 sets)

    - Workout was pretty good, although I kept it to 2 exercises due to time contraints. I was very rushed this morning, which probably contributed to me pulling/injuring my R trap somehow. I still don't know how it happened, but it's sore as hell today. Squats tomorrow may be a challenge; at least it's not deadlift day. Will also probably canel trap exercises (i.e. shrugs). Overall though, decent day. Could it be the 11-kt starting to work?

    Cardio: None, but all sets above done superset fashion, with minimal rest. Was soaked and sucking wind by the end.

    Diet: 2,680 kcals, 81g fat, 178g carbs, 296g protein. Hit my protein goal, and only 106 of the 296 g were from powders.

    Thoughts: Good day in the gym, good day diet-wise, all would have been great if not for the ****ing trap. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

    - Dragon

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Silver3CSRT8 View Post
    Are you doing a PCT for the 11 spray?
    No. I will either hit up a cycle directly after the 11-spray (which would continue the cut for 3-4 weeks, then ease back into higher calories for the last 6 weeks of the run) or, if I am not satisfied with my weight loss, continue to diet and use the 7-spray with a test booster. The cycle would then come after the 7-spray run.

    11-kt is supposed to be pretty mild on the HPTA, I don't feel a traditional SERM PCT is warranted.

  19. Im following. big weights man. sucks you have an issue only 5 days in. good luck

  20. Nice, I'm running this same combo (as you know).

    I look forward to following your results as were running our's a little different.

  21. Day 6: March 2

    Dosing: 50 sprays post-shower, all AM post-workout.

    - One note: I've more or less stopped counting sprays, as I'm now just trying to cover my torso, upper arms, upper legs, and tops of feet. I've counted using this method, and I end up between 50 and 60 sprays.

    Workout: Off day.

    Cardio: None.

    Diet: 2,424 kcals, 100g fat, 107g carbs, 239g protein. Reasonable diet, and only 50 g of protein from powders. Good deficit day.

    Thoughts: Trap was real sore today, had doubts about even RDLs for Thursday's workout.

    - Dragon

  22. Day 6: March 3

    Dosing: 50-odd sprays post-shower, all AM post-workout (enough to cover torso, upper arms/legs, and feet).

    Workout: Legs/Traps

    Squat: worked up to 365 for high reps (double-digit reps), followed by immediate strip sets with 315 and 225. 5 total sets.
    Cybex Calf Raises: Worked to 160 for double-digit reps.
    RDLs: Worked up to 315 for 8-10 (depending on sets). 4 total sets.
    Leg Extensions: Stack for d-d reps
    Leg Curls: Worked to 120 for 8-10, depending.

    Shrugs: kept it real light, using perfect form and slow rep tempo. 4 sets, worked up to only 315.

    - Workout was mostly solid, the pump in my quads after the second back-off set was ridiculous. This may be b/c of the type of training (high reps followed by real high reps lol), the fact that I am quite out of shape squatting, the 11-spray kicking in a bit, or a combination of all 3. I think the latter sounds best, TBH.

    I was also pleasantly surprised by how well my trap felt when I woke up Thursday morning, b/c it was hurting all throughout the previous day. Don't know if cortisol suppression has anything to do with aiding healing, but I was able to do some super slow, super light shrugs, just to get the kinks out, and they were pain-free. RDLs were also kept slightly lighter than usual to avoid aggravating trap.

    Cardio: None, but all sets save squats were done as supersets, and rest breaks were kept short. Was drenched and spent at the end. Cardio weight training FTW!

    Diet: 3,087 kcals, 103g fat, 250g carbs, 286g protein. When I first looked at this, my thought was funny how calories go up almost inadvertantly after a tough leg session. Then I realized I broke my diet and ate a bag of microwave popcorn while I watched a movie last night, and that accounted for 450 kcals and 50+ g carbs. **** was good, too. Oh well, back on it tomorrow, and I was still in a deficit.

    Thoughts: Good day in the gym, reasonably good day diet-wise, and the trap is feeling better. Pumps might be setting on, and I seem to be visually leaning up a little. I'm pleased with progress so far.

    - Dragon

  23. Day 7: March 4

    Dosing: 50-odd sprays post-shower, all AM post-cardio (enough to cover torso, upper arms/legs, and feet). I think it's more than 50 sprays.

    Workout: Off day.

    Cardio: 30 minutes fasted AM cardio on elliptical.

    Diet: 1,916 kcals, 78g fat, 93g carbs, 200g protein. Solid deficit, ideally I'd like protein higher, but hoping the 11-spray can help me hold muscle.

    Thoughts: It might be placebo, but I'm starting to think I'm getting some mild pumps from this stuff. You know on-cycle how your arms pump up from just shaving or something similar? I think I may be seeing a very little bit of that. Or my delts were just unusually tired.

    - Dragon

  24. Day 9: March 5

    Dosing: 50-odd sprays post-shower, all AM (enough to cover torso, upper arms/legs, and feet).

    Workout: Arms/Shoulders

    DB Neutral-Grip Press: 120s for for high reps (double-digit reps). 4 sets
    1-arm Hammer Strength Dips: Worked to 320 for reps. 3 sets.
    Overhead Rope Extensions: Worked up to 190 (stack) for reps. Elbows didn't like it, triceps did. 2 total sets.
    Rope Extensions: Worked up to 140 for high (double-digit) reps. 2 sets.

    DB Curls: Worked up to 65s for reps. 4 sets.
    DB Board Curls: Worked to 55s for reps. 3 sets.
    Cable Hammer Curls: 80-90 for reps. 2 sets.
    1-arm "Superman" Curls: 60 for high reps. 2 sets.
    Preacher Curls (top 2/3): 35s (I think) for high reps (finisher). 1 set.

    DB Press: 80s for reps, 4 sets, followed by strip set with 60s.
    DB Laterals: 30-35 for high reps. 3 sets.
    DB Rear Delts: 25-30 for high reps. 3 sets.

    - Great workout on Saturday! Pumps were good, not spectacular, but strength was very solid, much better than last week's arms/shoulder session. Exactly what I was looking for as I deit. I pounded out all my arm work, felt very strong. I got so caught up training arms with a buddy of mine that I completely forgot to work in my shoulders, and trained them at the end. I was going to go light on them anyway (due to trap), and sure enough my stability was compromised, and relatively light weight on shoulder press was harder than it should have been, but otherwise everything was great. My trap is feeling much better and should not impact any future workouts (or so I hope). I definitely think the 11-spray is hitting now.

    Cardio: None. Some super-setting and shorter breaks in second half of session, but not throughout (a buddy of mine I hadn't seen in a while was training at the same time and I spent way too much time bull****ting).

    Diet: 2,975 kcals, 85g fat, 260g carbs, 287g protein. Another solid day here, trying to keep it right around 3k on lifitng days for the time being. Virtually all carbs were consumed within a 6-hour window before/during/after the workout. Happy with this.

    Thoughts: A week and a day in, and I believe I'm starting to see some results. I will get a weigh-in done Tuesday AM and see where I stand.

    - Dragon

  25. ^^^ Yeah, messed up my day count above. The last post is accurate, March 5 is Day 9.

  26. Day 10: March 6

    Dosing: 50-odd sprays post-shower, all PM in the mid-afternoon (enough to cover torso, upper arms/legs, and feet).

    Workout: Off day.

    Cardio: Some light jogging outside. Also, does yard work count? I got tired.

    Diet: Unknown. I avoid the computer like a plague on Sundays, and this serves as my re-feed/leptin/cheat day of sorts. I will guesstimate that my kcal intake was around 5,000, and carb-heavy. For those that think this may stall progress, I balance it out on Mondays, as you'll see.

    Thoughts: So far so good. I think I am starting to see some effects, and workouts have been very good. I'm hoping the next 2-3 weeks will really tell the tale as kclas drop even more on non-liftig days.

    - Dragon

  27. Day 11: March 7

    Dosing: 50-odd sprays post-shower, all AM post-cardio(enough to cover torso, upper arms/legs, and feet).

    Workout: Off day.

    Cardio: 30 minutes fasted AM cardio on elliptical.

    Diet: 1,148 kcals, 52g fat, 45g carbs, 120g protein. Wait, there is a method to the madness. The day after a refeed/cheat day, and being 2 days removed from a lifting session, I believe super-low kcals and fasting can be used without much risk of muscle loss. The leptin recharge from Sunday should keep the metabolism humming, with fat being the preferred fuel source. Plus, it's only 1 day. I fasted until dinner at 8 PM, and basically ate one biggish meal and had a pre-bed shake - that's it. This will be the continued protocol for all Mondays if Sunday kclas exceed maintenance (and they will, unless I stall losing weight).

    NEW CATEGORY - Weight: 262 lbs, weighed immediately upon waking Monday AM post-piss. So, down 4 lbs after the refeed, and strength holding up. I will be weighing myself now every Monday and Friday so we get a consistent pattern.

    Thoughts: Pleased to see a tangible weight loss happening here, and strength on Saturday was real solid. Looking forward to really putting this stuff to the test in the coming weeks.

    - Dragon

  28. Day 12: March 8

    Dosing: 50-odd sprays post-shower, all AM post-workout (enough to cover torso, upper arms/legs, and feet).

    Workout: Chest/Back Width

    Hammer Strength Bench: worked to 450 for reps, plus a back-off set. 5 total sets.
    DB Incline: 110s for high reps. 3 sets.
    Cybex Chest Press: worked to 200 (stack) for high reps. 2 sets.

    Wide-grip Pull-ups: Bodyweight for high reps. 3 sets.
    Neutral-grip Pull-ups: BW for high reps. 2 sets.
    Lat Pulls: worked to 250 for reps. 3 sets.
    Face Pulls: worked to 190 for high reps. 2 sets.

    - I was pretty tired coming in to this workout due to lack of sleep for various reasons, so I started with a machine (HS Bench). I very rarely do this and kind of frown upon it. However, despite my fatigue, the session went very well. Strength seems to be 100% maintaining, maybe even ever-so-slightly ticking back up. Either way, this is what I wanted out of 11-spray.

    Cardio: None.

    Diet: 3,041 kcals, 110g fat, 230g carbs, 274g protein.

    Weight: 262 lbs. Next weigh-in 03/11.

    Thoughts: Really liking this run so far. Absolutely zero sides to speak of, as expected.

    - Dragon

  29. Day 13: March 9

    Dosing: 50-odd sprays post-shower in the AM (enough to cover torso, upper arms/legs, and feet).

    Workout: Off day.

    Cardio: None.

    Diet: 800-1200 kcals, 30g fat, 80g carbs, 125g protein.
    I didn't get my food in FitDay this day, so the above is an estimate. It was similar to Monday.

    Weight: 262 lbs. Next weigh-in 03/11.

    Thoughts: I think I'm going to really test this stuff out and stay with the calorie waving approach. Higher on lifting days, maintenance+ on Sunday refeeds, and super low on M, W, and F. I was planning on calorie waving anyway, but I'm noticing visible changes and my strength has been maintained, so why not push the envelope a little? We'll see how it goes.

    - Dragon

  30. Day 14: March 10

    Dosing: 50-odd sprays post-shower, all AM post-workout (enough to cover torso, upper arms/legs, and feet).

    Workout: Legs/traps/Deadlift Day

    Deadlift: worked up to 545 for reps. 4 total sets.

    Leg Press: worked to 830 for high reps, plus a back-off set. 5 total sets.
    Leg Extension: worked to 200 for high reps. 3 sets.
    Leg Curls: worked to 120 for high reps. 3 sets.

    Barbell Shrugs: worked up to 495 for reps, plus a back-off set. 4 total sets.

    - Pretty solid workout. I was pleased with 545x4, although there very likely wasn't another in the tank. Hit a sick pump in my quads after the back-off set, which was 15 reps fairly heavy following 10 reps very heavy. At this point, I do think the pumps are definitely enhanced with the 11-spray.

    Cardio: None.

    Diet: 3,002 kcals, 11g fat, 183g carbs, 294g protein. Right on point.

    Weight: 262 lbs. Next weigh-in 03/11.

    Thoughts: Another good workout. It's rare for me to have good aorkout after good workout; I do think it's the 11-KT helping. One other thing to note: I smashed the **** out of my index finger between 2 plates when I was unloading the leg press. I mean, I samshed it; all black and blue today, and swollen all day yesterday. This after last Thursday's trap tweak (which feels fine now BTW). This 11-spray is damn solid, but it's also cursed.

    - Dragon


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