waz up guys:

Im about to start a 12 or 14 weeks cycle , have enough gear for 16 weeks .
just wanna make sure I got everything right , this will be my 2nd cycle ,
the 1st one was test e and dbol 10weeks , kept 12lbs , I'm 33yrs old, 6ft, 195lbs, bf 12% work out 4 times a week.

week 1--12 test e 600 mg (weekly)
1--10 deca 300 mg (weekly)
1---5 d-bol 30mg (daily)
will be taking arimidex 0.5mg e o d
and dostinex dosage ?? to minimize deca sides ( gyno prone)

pct --2 weeks after last test pin
clomid 4 weeks
** please feel free to flame me if im doing something wrong ***
question should i also run some hcg throught out the cycle or jsut for pct ??