Clen and T3 4 week cycle advice

  1. Clen and T3 4 week cycle advice

    I am looking for help to get a cycle down for clen and t3
    I have 40mg clen and 100mg t3 I should have enough for 4 weeks I took it before with not success.
    I am current 304 and want to cut to 250. I use prescription androgel my level is 825.
    Everything else is good in my blood I am 37 and found my test level was 70.
    I really need to cut some belly fat. Do you guys have any advice on a cycle. I lift heavy 3 days a week with a trainer.


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    I would not even consider messing with anything when you're looking to cut that much weight. The first thing you need to do is establish your maintenance level for calories and then eat below that level. Add in cardio and some full body weight-training if you'd like.

    I know you probably hear that all the time and don't want to, but it's the truth. If you'd like help figuring any of that out, I'd be happy to help with that, but I'd strongly advise not expecting drugs to help out at this point.
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  3. Actually you are not the first to tell me that... I take in about 2000 calories a day. I dont eat fast food at all. Cant do cardio right not I have a tight TI band that is pulling my knee cap over and it kills me to walk, run or elliptical for any extend period of time. But the knee cap has not stopped me from squats.
    I break my workouts up. Chest and arms , back and shoulders and legs.

    I would welcome any advice that anyone could provide me with.

    I am just getting back in to the gym been back for 2 mths. After been out for 8 mths. I worked out with a trainer before got stronger but never cut the belly. Had to stop when I couldnt breath come to find out it was the test being so low.

  4. If your body fat levels are that high, and by the sounds of things it's over 30%+ then I'd be using the clen and T3 towards the end of a cut. It's the icing on the cake. Alternatively, get more and run it the whole way through. Get Ketotifen/diphenhydramine or a similar antihistamine to keep the receptors clean.

  5. I'd have to agree with what everyone said so far. You're not ready to run a clen/cyt stack yet.

    And I'm hoping you meant 40mcg clen and 100mcg cyt and not mg's?! Is your cyt in a single 100mg tab because I didn't now they came like that. They're usually in 25mcg tabs which is good so you can taper. With 100's you're gonna have to cut them up. I personally don't go over 75mcg myself.



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