pulsing megavol ?s

  1. pulsing megavol ?s

    Hello all

    When pulsing megavol what doses do you run nolva aka tamoxifin on your off days 20mg?

    I will be pulsing 3 days a week for a month first week 10mg an hour before workout and on weeks 2-4 10mg pre workout and then 10mg post workout.

    After a month of doing the above cycle what are the chances of rebound gyno.

    Is it worth me doing a proper pct of 3 weeks nolva or is this not needed?

    I am split between doing the above cycle or just 3 weeks straight of 10-20mgs everday,ive been reading up allot on here about pulsing and it does seem very appealing.

    Any commments from people's previouse experiance welcome thanks ;_)

  2. BUMP

    Anyone no what dose to run nolva when pulsing on days off?

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