Deca/test/dbol cycle need help

  1. Deca/test/dbol cycle need help

    I've done one previous cycle before of just test, I wanted to gain at least 25 more lbs from my current weight of 175. I was wondering if this cycle would be alright:

    Week 1-4 Dbol 40 mg ed
    Week 1-15 Deca 200mg ew
    Week 1-17 Test E 350mg ew
    Week 1-17 HCG 300iu ew

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

  2. Dbol and hcg dose ok but up the deca to at least 300mg and test e to 500mg. You will love the effect! Have fun!

  3. thanks... what about the length of the cycle? should i shorten it, or is that a good length?

  4. sorry, also i wanted to gain good solid weight over time i was wondering if lower doses and longer cycle would be alright for that. i only wanted to gain 25 to 30 lbs of solid muscle that i will keep after the cycle. thanks for any feedback.

  5. Personally I have never gone that long (12 wk at most). By 12 wk I get tired of sticking myself and ready to get to static state. Also tired of eating such high calorie and large amount of food. If you can stick it there shouldn't be a problem just have to do a longer PCT i.e. 6wk.

  6. alright then thanks for the advice.


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