Sustanon Trenbolone Equipoise HGH Cycle

  1. Sustanon Trenbolone Equipoise HGH Cycle

    Ok, time to pull out the big guns...I'm not screwing around anymore.

    I just started a cycle consisting of Sustanon, Trenbolone, Equipoise, and HGH.

    Taking CEL cycle assist during cycle and will take Clomid for PCT.

    Also taking creatine, glutamine, animal pak, and extremely clean diet. While on cycle I will be foregoing my Vegan ways and will be consuming meat to ensure I hit my protein quotas. I'll be shooting for 1800-2600 calories a day. My main goal is to cut down. I am at about 14% body fat, might even be lower by now.

    I lift 5 days a week for about 2 hours followed by about an hour of cardio.

    Do I need an AI for this cycle such as arimidex?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Oops, forgot to include dosing...

    Riptropin HGH 2 iu's every other day

    Sustanon = 250 a week

    Equipoise = 300 a week

    Trenbolone = 100 a week

  3. This is all sorts of dumb....
    The dosing on everything is so low I would actually consider it a complete waste of time and money. might as well just go natural, with only 1800 cals and an hour of cardio your diet would have to be pretty poor to not shed fat.

  4. This is my first cycle on injectables hence the low dosage. Should I upp the Equipoise?

  5. So I guess I don't need arimidex.

    Also, is it normal for my appetite to become suppressed? Lately I just don't feel hungry at all.

  6. Mate, if this is your your first cycle then scrap the Boldenone and Tren. Stick with 500-600mg of testosterone a week for 10-12 weeks. I have no idea why you're taking some cycle assist product. That crap's for your liver and you're not even taking any methylated orals. Don't take any AIs or SERMs unless you need them. I think it's time for you to do some more reading.

  7. wow

    send your gear to me i will run it

    sens youve already started with eq which is a long ester( you do know what that is right?)

    i will help you

    up your sust to 500mgs
    up your eq to 500mgs
    and when is your tren?

    if its tren ace u; to 300mgs
    if its eneth up to 500 mgs

    You really ****ed up for your first cycle though
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  8. Very gent-like Schwellington.
    Nice on the 'I will help you'. very encouraging to newbies like myself.

    So, I am curious about this cycle as well. I definitely have more mgs on my cycle than VeganMike.
    Since I am not that tall (5'8) and my body bulks up easily, I dont want to put on too much additional muscle.
    I want to maintain, add some, harden, and get a cut/lean look on my muscles.

    I am thinking:
    - Sustanon 300mg: 1ml every 3 days (meaning, some weeks will be 600mg some others 900mg)
    - Trenbolone eneth 250mg: 1 ml mixed with Sustanon in same syringe. every 3 days (some weeks 500mg, others 750mg)
    - EQ 250: never done it. so dont know how to combine it with the other 2.
    - PCT: aromasin for testosterone aromitized and clomyd to end the PCT.

    My previous cycle was Test Cypionate 250, tren eneth 250 and Anavar 50mg oral with same PCT.

    As I read and learn more from these and other forums, I found that:
    - 500-600 mg a week of testosterone should be enough
    - Trenbolone might be more effective is cycled earlier since it is a long-acting ester.
    - EQ might not be worth the price? what is the actual benefit of EQ on this cycle? I selected it due to the buzz about hardening muscles and strength... but for my purposes, test should do that already.

    What is your advice?


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