Just started..........

  1. Just started..........

    For the past week have taken:
    1,4-Diol 500mg/day
    Aromazap 100mg/day
    NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 500mg/day
    Multi vit/mineral

    This week was to increase strength and give me a kick up the backside, in order to prepare me for the real cycle to come.

    I took a few pictures to analyse, and came to the following conclusions:
    I'm a bloater
    I seriously need to make my calves grow.

    My next two weeks are going to be the above cycle, plus:
    ECA (Dymetadrine Extreme) 2 caps/day
    Usnic Acid 500mg/day
    ALA 500mg/day

    I need to lose a bit of fat (well, ok - I need to lose about 20 lb, but that isn't going to happen straight away!)

    My strength has increased this last week - whether that is psychological, the PHs, or the fact that I haven't trained for a while and am returning to anything like my former strength is difficult to gauge.

    I'm introducing some cardio, but as my back and leg problem limits this, it's only up to 12 minutes at present - I'll try increasing it by two minutes each time, to a total of 30 minutes if possible.

    Unfortunately the bodypart that really needs the work is calves - and they grow slow anyway, and as my right fibula is busted, I have to be careful.

    Following the two weeks of eca/usnic, I plan to start a 4 week of T1-Pro, so I'll let you all know how things go.
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  2. Not measured any stats yet - still too early.
    Strength however, is increasing. My main chest exercise is incline dumbell press.
    Just over a week ago I was using 28KG (don't laugh!) dumbells. Even at a strong point a few years back I would struggle picking up 40KG DBs, but today, I did two sets with the 40 KGs - one of 7 and one of 6. After each set I immediately repped out with 18KG DBs.
    Dropped to 36 KGs and did roughly the same, then down to 32 KGs - I was pretty stuffed after that, but did one set at 24KGs.

    Next was Flat Barbell benching - 80KGs, 70 Kgs and stripping to 60 KGs. A few 'decline presses' on a seated bench press, then did delts & Quads (only doing extensions for quads at the minute - lateralis was growing way in excess of medialis with squats)
    Triceps using heavy pushdowns (the other machinery was in constant use) then 20 minutes cardio.

  3. Finished the first part of this cycle. Didn't do any measurements other than weight at the end - overall weight was virtually identical. The mirror tells me I've lost some fat, so presumably I've put some muscle on as well. At this degree of body-fat, it's not really worth bothering measuring on a weekly basis - the degree of accuracy would negate any loss (unless it was massive!)
    Suffice to say this cycle did what it was supposed to do - kick me up the backside.

    Now started (as of Sunday) a T1-Pro cycle (My DMSO accidentally spilled into the bottle) have to say that this stuff seems pretty damn good.
    There's a bit of precipitation in the mix, but I'll heat it and give it a good shake to sort that out. Strength is excellent - my main chest exercise (dumbell incline press) has gone up big time. Am now using 42KG (around 90 lb) dumbells for my first set - getting six good reps. back seems stronger, as does, well everything!
    I can see the difference in the mirror. I'll not bother measuring until the full cycle (4, 2, 4) is over. Suffice to say I think that I may need a new jacket........

    No problems with side effects - apart from getting a bit perky at the slightest sight of a woman!
    Oh, and of course the 'do once' effect of getting the damn stuff in my eye!.
    And it makes me hungry as hell!
    Dosage is 1-1/2 squirts, twice daily. Aromazap 3 times daily, NAC and ALA 500mg each, plus the usual multivit/mineral.

  4. OK, I'm reporting in. End of week one.
    Not much progress really, unless you consider:
    Incline Dumbell Pressing - 2 sets of 42, 38, 34 KG all at six and 5 good reps.
    Feel a damn site stronger on everything - hard to pull the weight stack downon the high-pulley row, as it weighs more than I do
    Put on just over 3 lb since the beginning of the week - I'll try and post some BF measurements later.

    Damn Jacket is still shrinking - either that, or the feeling that my lats are exploding is something to do with it!

    I'm looking forward to the next few weeks!

    Food intake is excellent-good (a few bits of fat here and there, but mostly saintly foods!)

    VP2 Protein in apple juice 5 times daily,
    Porridge oats/skimmed milk/honey at breakfast
    Chicken salad sandwich mid-day
    various dinners - chicken mostly
    Chicken/turkey sandwiches evening
    milk and a couple of biscuits (that's cookies to our US friends) and maybe a chicken sandwich late evening.
    Protein bar (Myoplex lite) if I'm out and about and can't grab anything decent to eat.
    Fruit here and there during the day (mostly apples and monkey fruit)
    Enough water to float an aircraft carrier.

  5. Good to hear that your gains are starting to come...if the lethargy hasn't got you by now you should do fine. The most gains, as reported from users/members, come in weeks 2-4 so let the growing begin. Keep us updated!


  6. End of week 2.
    Err...I lost the 3 lb!!
    At the end of last week I had a stomach bug which messed me up for a couple of days, so that could account for the loss. I feel stronger, and look bigger, so perhaps I dropped a few pounds of fat.

    The strength increase from this stuff is excellent - incline dumbell press was up to 44KG for 5 reps, then 2 sets of 7 and 6 reps at 40KG.
    Leg extensions (my primary quads exercise at the minute) are going well - with a bit of luck, my patella will start staying where it is supposed to now!

    Unfortunately I need an elephant to sit on my lap to do my lat exercises. I just ain't heavy enough to pull the stack down.

  7. yeah keep us updated and let me know how the aromazap works (if you can tell)

  8. A couple of days into my third week. weight is 198, and skinfold readings indicate a drop in bodyfat of around 2% since the start of the program.

    It actually works out in the region of:
    2lb overall weight gain.
    lean weight gain around 7lb
    fat weight loss around 5lb.

    these figures are bound to change, but they certainly reflect (no pun intended) what I see in the mirror.

  9. A bit late checking in - things went a little haywire.
    I finished the routine a few days short, due to a shoulder injury (an old problem which decided to flare up)
    Current weight is down 3 lb on my last post, but as I haven't made it to the gym much, this is acceptable.

    Only needed one bottle of 6-oxo post cycle, I guess the aromazap worked well.

    I had a bit of time off due to the injury, and getting prepped for my college stuff; As well as a few days of just feeling like **** (the SS are trying their best to take my benefit off me) to top it all, the damn gym have taken away the ability to use the best bit of lats equipment - I could strangle someone!!!!
    Anyway, the injury is subsiding, so I should hopefully get back into the swing of things in a couple of days (just training REALLY light at the minute)

    Another point - I sent some T1 Pro up to a friend of mine, who started to use it, and has gone ape**** over it! One of his benching exercises using dumbells went from 20KG to 40KG in 3 days. His training partner is gutted!
    He's hitting the ephedrine at the same time, and says he is burning fat and piling the muscle on like no one's business. One thing he has noticed is that the T1 PRO seems to be SITE SPECIFIC to some extent - his weaker areas have been biceps and shoulders, and this is where he has been applying it. They have advanced further than the rest of his body - he's well pleased.

  10. Shoulder still giving me problems, so can only lift light. Right leg still a problem, so I can't do any heavy legs either!!!!!! this is a major pain in the butt (quite literally with the sciatica )
    I'm using this time to do a bit of cutting - Just started back on the T1 Pro, NAC, ALA and Aromazap; also including 750mg of Usnic acid now. Losing a bit of weight - looks like around 2 lb in the last few days.
    I'll carry this on for two weeks, and hopefully my damn shoulder will be sufficiently ok for me to hit the weights again.
    Routine is pretty sparse at the minute - a bit of everything just to keep things going, the T1 Pro helps to ensure that I don't lose what I gained.


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