M4OHN/M5AA cutting cycle

  1. M4OHN/M5AA cutting cycle

    Week 1: 8mg/day M4OHN | 20mg/day M5AA
    Week 2: 12mg/day M4OHN | 20mg/day M5AA
    Week 3: 16mg/day M4OHN | 20mg/day M5AA

    Starting weight: 170lb
    Starting BF: 14%

    Sunday weight (end of 2nd week): 168
    no measurement of BF, but i sure look the same.

    No increase in strength or vascularity either. It's a cutting cycle, and my diet hasn't changed for weeks (it's been a cutting diet for months), but neither has my weight or bf.

    I had much better results with S1+ (1test/4ad for 4 weeks) as a cutting agent.

    Here's how my summer cutting went/goes:

    4 weeks of CKD diet that brought me from 190lbs and 20% bf to about 175lbs and 17%.
    4 weeks of S1+ with still the same diet and it brought me down to 170lbs and 14-15% bf. So definitely some lean muscle gain while losing some fat at the same time.
    4 weeks of PCT where i pretty much stayed at these numbers.
    Into the 3rd week of M4OHN/M5AA at the above dosages, and i don't see much change.

    I was only going to make the M4OHN/M5AA a 4 week cycle, but i'm going to up the dosage again to 20mg/day of M4OHN next week and extend it for a total of 6 weeks and see how it goes (my clen won't be here for another couple of weeks anyways).

    I'm thinking either it's too early to tell (but heck, my strength and vascularity hasn't increased), or i'm just a non responder to methyls. I had very good results with S1+, but i found that i hated transdermals with a passion.

  2. Keep us posted on your progress. I believe others have said in took over two weeks for m4ohn to kick in. I'm considering a similar cycle in about a month, so I'm interested in your progress/results. If you have the stuff, it may be a wise desciaion to keep the cycle going for more than 4 weeks. Six sounds about right based on some other posts I've seen. Are you seeing any of the focus/strength improvements from the m5aa? What brands are you using? Hopefully you'll start seeing results by the end of this (3rd) week.


  3. I'm using DS M5AA and M4OHN. I measured myself again today, and i'm down to 165, so it looks like i am starting to get results now. But i've also upped the dosage of M5AA to 30mg/day and M4OHN to 20mg/day (2 in the morning, 1 after workout, 1 in the evening).... and have also started taking it with grapefruit juice since i've heard that helps.

    I've also cut back on my calories a little more... i was hoping to maintain the calories the same as i've been for the last few months, so i can properly attribute my performance on the stuff rather than the diet/training, but it's July now, and i want the fat loss for the summer.

    As for the focus of M5AA and M4OHN, that's hard for me to quantify or qualify, since it could entirely be placebo. I do notice a focus and motivation in the gym, but that could be a number of things... the dozens of people i've read that said they got focus of M5AA could have gotten to me, the months of work showing and motivating me more, it's summer and i'm motivated to look better, there's A LOT more hot looking girls in skimpy outfits in the gym, i'm going to the gym at a much better time now, etc, etc.

    But i can you tell that the other claims, such as increased vascularity, pumps, strength i haven't noticed yet.

    As you can see, i stocked up on a bit of the stuff, so i'm really hoping this is as good as everybody says it is (even though i've had to double the recommended dosage already).

  4. OK, thanks for the info. Post back occassionally and keep us updated on progress (or lack of). With all the money you obviously have invested in that stash, I hope it works well for you over the next couple of weeks.


  5. Sounds like a good cutter chem. Hope you start seeing results soon. The more I read these cycle threads the more I think that these methyls should be used as stacking agents along with transdermals or cyps.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SCORPIO
    Sounds like a good cutter chem. Hope you start seeing results soon. The more I read these cycle threads the more I think that these methyls should be used as stacking agents along with transdermals or cyps.
    I agree...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by chemicaldreamer
    M4OHN to 20mg/day (2 in the morning, 1 after workout, 1 in the evening
    Actually, that is 16mg you are taking, each tab from DS is 4mg.

    Good luck.


  8. Just to update, since it's been a couple of weeks since the last time i post. I'm still at 20mg/day M4OHN, and have lost only a couple of pounds since, but my bf is 12% now, and i've still more or less kept my size. I had to cut my calories by another 30-40%, but like i said, i've kept most of my size.

    Still no noticeable increase in strength, but i think that's because i'm cutting.

    Vascularity is better, but that could be because of my lower bf. I'll know for sure when i'm off the stuff, which is another week or so.

    So in conclusion, it is working. It takes a few weeks to kick in, and i'm sure the dosages have to be higher than what's recommended, but for the price, it's pretty damn cheap.

    I think the next time, i'll combine the M4OHN with 1test/4ad.

    M5AA is crap imo. I'm not getting the focus, and i stopped taking it well over a week ago, and i didn't lose any vascularity, and infact gained (to lower bf). I didn't feel anything while on it, and i'm losing/missing anything while off it.

    I plan on starting Swole tomorrow in preparating of stopping M4OHN.

  9. Dude, You've been dieting for an long time. Your metabolism must have slowed a lot if you cut calories by 30-40%.

    Are you doing carb loads/refeeds?

    If I were you, I'd work back up towards maintenece cals for a few a week, then resume your CKD.


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