Halovar PTC Help.

  1. Halovar PTC Help.

    Okay so before I begin this I will give you the details.

    24 Years old
    Will be doing 50/50/75/75/75/(75 maybe)
    CEL Cycle Assist
    Superpump 250
    Fish Oil
    For during should I add a natural test booster or is Cycle Assist enough? And if so please recommend a few.

    For PCT I plan on doing
    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    PL Recycle
    Superpump 250

    I have done my research and I am fairly content with that lineup of products. The only problem I am having is finding nolva. Even liquidNolva. Can someone PM me and point me in the right direction to finding this product? Would be greatly appreciated thanks. PS. I live in Canada. Would be willing to order from the U.S. but if anyone knows of a Canadian source point me there first.

    BTW any input on the cycle would be great thanks.

  2. bump* anyone?

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