first time around have a few question

  1. first time around have a few question

    Hey everyone my first post on here have been reading quite a bit of good information on here. This is my first time around with a cycle. Im 23 5'7"
    160lbs. I've been working out for five years havnt been able to gain any real size currently before I started I was intaking 3000 calories per day atleast and around 200g of protein. I'm on my third week of sust 250 1ml every third day. also taking nolvadex 20 mg per day. I am pre disposed to gyno. Got a little lump from an 8 week cycle of nano-drol pills. So i wanted to keep it off this time. My question is when I go to aspirate how far should i draw back. I got a littl bubble in there but then drew back a little further then ended up with blood in the gear so I pulled out and blood came oozing out now the spot is purplish all around the siteonly maybe a pea size round. Almost everytime I do it there is a little blood that come out after i pull out. Is this normal or something I should be worried about? any info would help thanks.

  2. Also for more info it was a glute injection. after I just relocated the injections site to a different spot on the same glute was this a bad idea?

  3. from what i remember a lil blood is normal...and changing the injection sites is a good idea

  4. thanks for the reply much appreciated

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