Dieselbolan V2.0 to AMS Anabolic Growth Kit ??

  1. Dieselbolan V2.0 to AMS Anabolic Growth Kit ??

    Looking for some thoughts....


    31 years old
    5' 10"
    195 pounds

    OK, so I eat well (5-6 meals per day) with a goal of 175 - 225 g. of protein per day (in the form of whey powder, milk, cottage cheese, eggs, more egg whites, quinao, salmon, tuna, and lots of chicken) I try to keep overall calories in the mid 2,000 range and fat as low as possible. I'm trying to put on some muscle, but I've got a little bit of a belly (Not too much). I also get roughly 7 hours of sleep per night. Overall health is very good.

    My workout routine is typically 5 days a week. Four of those days are weight training days (rotating muscle groups) with a couple light cardio sessions worked in and for sure one or two heavier intensity cardio days.

    So all that, to get to this.

    I'm currently running a cycle of Dieselbolan V2.0 (Mr. Supps). I'm almost two weeks into a planned four week cycle. While on cycle, I'm taking Fish Oil, liver tabs, milk thistle, a B vitamin complex, a multivitamin, saw palmetto, and Forma Stanzol (Mr. Supps) that'll I'll also run through as a PCT support.

    I started running two diesels per day and have gone to three for the last few days. It seems to be going well. Good gains in strength and body composition. I was planning on running three per day through the end of my cycle.

    Now the question. I just bought the Anabolic Growth Kit RD from AMS. I was thinking about stacking this in since none of the compounds are methylated like the Dieselbolan.

    OK, so............ your thoughts would be appreciated. I'd like to stagger in the 1-Androsterone first, while tapering off the Diesel. Then adding in the Decavol when the Diesel is done and then tapering in the 4-AD and finishing the cycle on the 4-AD and then rolling into PCT mode.

    Yes.........No...........Tweak s??

    Thanks for your time!!

  2. Is this your first cycle? Deiselbolan followed by 1-androsterone/Decavol will be fairly suppressive. So have a good pct. Otherwise there are no issues with this cycle.
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