Test Prop, Tren Ace, Dbol

  1. Test Prop, Tren Ace, Dbol

    Just asking for a little feedback on my 4th cycle.

    Test prop week 1-14 100mg/day
    Tren ace week 4-14 50mg/day
    Dbol week 1-4 30-40mg/day
    HCG week 2-14 500iu/week mon/thurs
    Adex week 1-14 .5m EOD
    Caber week 3-14 .5m E3D

    My goal is to add a some strength and some lean mass while cleaning up for summer. My stats are 23 years old training for 7 years. 195lb 5'10" 13%bf. This would be my first time with tren as well. PCT will include osterine, igf, toremifene and I have nolva and clomid on hand. DO you think if postponing the tren after the dbol is better than just running them all from day 1. Also I have T3 and clen any ideas about mixing that in? Thanks guys

  2. You would likely do just as well skipping the dbol. Not sure you will need the caber, but better to have it on hand.

    Pin cushion cycle too.
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  3. looks nice man. Id love to try Dbol next run. Id probably go for 40-50mg. I think the adex might be a bit high but you can feel it out based on sides and how your joints feel. Have you run tren before? ive run it twice and find the sweet spot to be 500/wk

  4. You think the dbol would be counter productive, and the tren and prop would be enough? Yeah I've been told to embrace the idea of becoming a pin cushion the first couple weeks will be rough. This is my first time with tren so I'm going to see how I react to it and dose accordingly.

  5. Also since I'm trying to put on lean mass and gain some strength does my routine look decent. My main three strength builders (Bar bench, deadlift, and squat) will be around 3-5 reps for 6 sets very heavy and all other exercises at 15 reps for 5 sets light weight. Cardio 4x a week at 30min in the mornings and Abs E3D.



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