my epi/11oxo/1ad cycle

  1. my epi/11oxo/1ad cycle

    So im going to be starting this cycle soon...gotta wait for everything to arrive.
    Will look something like this:

    2 week pre-load of cycle assist

    epi: 30/30/30/30
    11oxo: 300/300/300/300
    1ad: 300/300/300/300
    *all are in mg

    I will also being running liver longer, cycle assist, and animal pak throughout the cycle.

    PCT will consist of nolva and formadrol

    Tell me what ya think.

  2. before and after will come once im done

  3. bump...anybody? whatcha think?

  4. just got everything in the mail...starting the pre-load with the assist today. i got the 1ad from bismarck labs (clone). will start the cycle next week. heard good things, looking forward to results.

  5. bump...anybody whadda think?

  6. Interested and watching, no real commentary however. Please keep updating!

  7. i took 1ad and 6 oxo together back when it was legal and i had amazing results however instead of the 1 pill 3 x a day I progress up to 3 pills 3 x a day and got all kind of pr from it

  8. The epi needs to be ran at a higher dose (45mg all 4 weeks) or for a longer period of time like 6wks starting at 30mg bumping to 40-50mg by the end to get better results. The 11-oxo should also be ran much much higher like 600mg minimum-1000mg daily for 6-8wks for better results. No comment on the 1AD since i dont know too much about it. And i dont think i would persoanlly run an AI in PCT of epi or any non-aromatizing compound since estrogen rebound could possibly become and issue and cause rebound gyno. Nolva a good idea at 20/20/10/10 though and then maybe a natty T-booster.

  9. I think that bismark labs did a good job on the 1AD remake. I'm keeping my dose to 2 per day because I have been out of the gym for about 6 months. I'm about 3-4 weeks into it and I'm extremely pleased. The Bismark 1AD seems to be just as good as the old. I feel and look great for 3 weeks worth of hard work!!


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