Hey guys! Im new to AM but have been reading and researching via the forums for 8 months or more now....I just started my first cycle, Test Enth. 300mg a week, and Stanozolol 50mg ed, its depo, but im taking it orally, heard its way too painful IM ed. Im 5'11", 215lbs at 17% bf, huge arms, and chest, but a little chub on the love handles and belly. I have been working out for 2 years on and off, but have been very consistent for the past 6 months, have lost alot of bf and gained alot of muscle, but I am at a plateau and decided to turn to the dark side I am on an excellent diet, pre-cook my meals every week, All chicken and dark greens, rice and sweet pot. for starch, eat 6 times a day, egg whites in the am w/reg oatmeal(2 cups), prot. bar mid day, chicken and raw brocolli/spinach for lunch, sweet pot. and chicken for early dinner, whey after workout, and chciken and green beans for dinner. maybe some raw sunflower seeds(2oz. at a time) for snacks in between or fruit (apples/melon). I work out 7 days a week, sometimes 6, and hit AT LEAST 35 minutes of intense cardio a day. And I work with a trainer. I am very worried about aromatization, I have some tamosolut(liquid nolva) on hand, but no arimidex, I can get it but just dont know if its necessary????? Just some advice on my cycle and what i really need to watch, I have been taking the winny for 4 days now and did my first prick of the test enth. last night.