1. Andropen

    has anyone used this blend by B.Dragon?Thinking about using it in a cycle of Deca and DBol kickstart.

    Andropen275 2x week
    Deca 200 2x week
    DBol 50 mg day 2 doses of 25 first 4 weeks

    i know everyone loves all info; so my diet

    10am rise from slumber to eat
    5-1 scrambled eggs cooked in evoo
    1 cup oatmealx and banana

    12:30pm syntha six and handful of almonds

    3pm 16oz grilled chicken breast
    asparagus and 1 cup brown rice

    6pm syntha 6 and handful of almonds
    pre workout

    post workout hydro whey blended with 2 tblspoon PB

    9pm 16 oz tuna or salmon and cup brown rice

    12am casien shake

    5 am same as 12am

  2. i ran out of room so now

    im 6 1

    265 lbs at 18%bf

    been working out for a year now

    went from 330 lbs at 36% bf to what i am today
    i train every day except Sunday


    Monday chest
    Tuesday Back
    Wedn Arms
    Thurs legs
    Fri shoulders
    Sat Arms light

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