40 yr old Hdrol cycle. Any interest?

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  1. ^Lol. I have been doing more stair climber, I'll give the old elliptical another try.

  2. Ok so just over 2 weeks in. On my 3rd week i've upped the dose to 100mg a day. According to skin fold i'm down to 13% but weigh the same. I knew something was wrong when I looked in the mirror and saw the old 4 pack coming out but step on the scale and there was no weight loss on a strict diet. DOH!! So if the calipers are right i've lost about 5 lbs and gained 4lb of muscle. Everyobdy at work is noticing without me mentioning anything. he girls say i look more muscular while doing a most muscular and a few guys are mentioning my waist doesn't look bloated anymore. LOL.

  3. I know this an old post, but how did things turn out at the end of the cyle.....and PCT??



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