Nolvadex dosing

  1. Nolvadex dosing

    I was wondering how liquid Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) should/can be consumed. I've heard that the taste is *HORRIBLE*. Is it possible to mix it with something like lemonade or even just to dilute it with a lot of water and then drink it? I've also heard that the recommended dose for getting rid of a pre-existing case of gyno is 75mg/day. Is this the correct dose? What are the side-effects of Nolvadex? How long should I take the dose of 75mg? Til the gyno goes away? A recommended Nolvadex cycle (doses/days) would be great! Thanks for the help!

  2. Liquid Nolva is not that bad. If you have ever had any VPX products, you have tasted the same tastes. Just squirt some in your mouth and drink or eat something afterwards. I have no comments regarding the dosages for gyno, although it has been discussed in these boards. A search may help.

  3. Tamox is nasty and will leave a after taste in your mouth as well. I know of one guy that use to sell his oral ancillaries in flavors like black cherry and others. I made my own with flavor but it still had an strong after taste though.

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